Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


23. Chapter 23 - Bluebells


The text tone of my iPhone 5 was what brought me back to my senses. I came out from under the covers reaching over to my phone, checking the time. 

"Holy shit!" I screamed realising that it was 8:00, I was late, I was so so late for work! A pang of sadness rushed through my body, I missed Daniel and I's daily cafe sessions. It would be the only time that we had together throughout the whole day as we were both so busy and what did I waste that time doing? Thinking unfaithful thoughts. God dammit! 

From: Danny <3 Sent: 8:00am

Guess you slept in today, don't worry about missing our morning talks. You've been so busy lately, you need your sleep. Whenever you get this just know that I'm thinking about you curled up in a ball snoring on our bed, just like you always do. Don't be mad at you for not waking you up, I'm off early to prepare something for our wedding. I love you and I can't wait xxx 

Why did he have to be so perfect? Why was I blessed with him? So forgiving, so understand and I, was still undeserving. I gripped my phone furiously texting back Daniel saying:

I am a terrible human being! I'm so sorry! Thinking of you too, heading off to work now. To make it up, I promise I'll cook Chinese, I know you lovee it! 

I sent it off with a smile on my face, somehow just thinking about Danny made my face light up, no matter how shit I was feeling. He had such an energy about him that you were almost compelled to smile, to laugh, to be happy. And I loved him for that. I did. I do love him. He responded back almost instantly.

From: Danny <3 Sent: 8:04am

You know me too well. But don't worry about it, I'll cook dinner tonight. We all know what happens when you try to cook ;)

I laughed at his message remembering the one time, on his birthday, that I tried cooking for him. I was in the middle of stirring the pasta when he came up behind me dipping his finger in the sauce and placing it on my nose. I remember giggling and getting into a pasta sauce fight, within 5 minutes we were both covered with the stuff and I was backed into a corner with his arms over my head on either side of me. Needless to say, we didn't end up eating that night, but I still couldn't go through with anything. I took a  deep breath in feeling pathetic, was I really that girl? That girl in all the fanfictions made about Tomlinson? That girl who never got over him, never gave herself to anybody? That pathetic girl that everybody hated? I sighed knowing full well that I was. But did I want to be anymore? I shook my head taking a moment to rub my temples before responding,

Haha, how about takeaway then? Don't want you to bother cooking tonight, it is me trying to make things up with you! Need to go to work now though. Bye! x P.S I'm soooo sorry!

His response was much quicker than last time, it only contained six words but those six words always reduced me to tears, after what Tomlinson said to me, after what he left me with. Those six words always broke me. 

From Danny: <3 Sent: 8:06am

Don't be sorry, I love you. 

I inhaled deeply expecting the familiar honey scent to fill my nose but instead of smelling honey, I smelled blue bells.


Where was she? Ugh she was going to pay for this. We had both received a stern email from the CEO of the magazine telling us that it was imperative that we were on time to work today. That someone really important was coming in for an interview today. And me, as head of photography for this magazine, was expected to be there and to take photo vigilantly. I rolled my eyes, frantic workers knew about whoever was coming in, I however didn't even bother to ask because I honestly didn't care. 

I don't know why but stupid CEO gave the interview to one of the interns, Lily just had to be there to watch over the interview because she was "Head Editor". But of course, she would choose this day out of all days to be late. I took out my phone and started to write an angry text.

To: Lillian "Ann" Brie 

Where the hell are you? Why would you-

I had to stop texting to respond to a question that was probably asked about 1,000,000 times to me in the 30 minutes I had been here.

"Ms Cherie?" 

"Yes Deena?" I moaned, she was the intern that we were giving the 'important' interview to, I wasn't too happy with her at the moment.

"I was just wondering if we are covering-"

"No Deena, we are not covering the break up of One Direction. I get that you love them and that millions of girls all over the world are depressed about them finally splitting but we're still not covering it." I spat, "Sorry."

"But Ms Cherie they are-"

"I know! They are a world-wide hit but EVERYONE is going to be covering them. Media is just going to be on them, therefore missing what else is happening round that. So we'll be there to publish better stuff!" I shouted shooing her off, "Maybe Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will finally get married!" 

I rolled my eyes before getting back to my text,

To: Lillian "Ann" Brie

Where the hell are you? Why would you choose today to be late for work? Dw, I'll down play it. I'll tell people about your mum being dead or something. But you need to get here. STAT! Because if you don't I will-

I once again had to stop texting when I started to hear people buzz round me saying things like "Oh my god, they're here!" "Ms Brie isn't even here yet!" "Deena you are so lucky" 

"Hey everyone!" I shouted, "Shut it! Deena, come with me to get the door." 

I made my way through the colorful desks and overly painted walls, when we first bought this place Lily had overcompensated for her sadness by making everything much too happy, I straightened out my shirt and fluffed up my blonde hair. I quickly finished the text:

To: Lillian "Ann" Brie

Where the hell are you? Why would you choose today to be later for work? Dw, I'll downplay it. I'll tell people about your mum being dead or something. But you need to get here. STAT! Because if you don't I will - They're here. Get here. Now.

and sent it before opening the door. When I opened the door my eyes widened and my mouth dropped open and all that was running through my mind was. Shit. 


I was about 2 minutes away from work when I got an angry text from Cherie. Shit. I was in big doo doo. I dusted off my purple skirt that I quickly threw on underneath my collared black and white sweater. I adjusted the bun that hung loosely from the back of my head and turned on my phone to check myself in the camera. If I was to look in the mirror 2 years ago I would have seen nothing like this, I wouldn't see the eyeliner, I wouldn't see all that makeup. But I smiled to myself turning off my phone. The taxi stopped right in front of my work, I threw $50 at him before running out of the car and entering the building. 

"Ok my little workers lets get to-"

I froze in my tracks as I saw who was in the building. No. No, no, no. Not again. It can't be, can it? No. They were the special guests? I shook my head as my workers continued to look at me, wondering what had gotten me so tongue tied. My head started spinning, I started hearing the bell tone from the cafe and my world started to spin. It couldn't be could it? Tears started spilling down my face as memories ran into my head. Mixed emotions, anger, sadness, betrayal. Mostly anger. I dropped to the ground my head hitting the floor, it hurt like hell but I was past caring. I heard people run over to me, ask me what was wrong. My face was against the floor but I was quickly turned over so that I was facing a familiar pair of blue eyes.

"Lily tell me you are alright... Lily speak to me!"

"It's Ann you dick!" I heard Cherie scream, Tomlinsons face was soon replaced by hers. She started talking to me, saying things that I couldn't make out. All that I could make out was his voice, he was speaking to me. But his voice started getting blurry, unrecognizable. I felt so light-headed, the pain of my head slowly started to kick in to my senses making me squirm in pain. Everything started feeling a whole lot lighter, the only thing that I remember was the faint smell of bluebells. 

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