My brothes best friend

Emily Nicole Flin is a famous singer who has a past with a certain boy named Justin Bieber. Will Justin confess his love, or get jealous of Emily's celebrity crush. Go back in her past and see what happen to Justin and Emily


1. Your heart was updated

HIIII!!! My name is Emily Nicole Flin. I have a older brother by two minutes named Tyler Jake Flin. Me and Tyler are twins, fraternal twins actually. We are 18 and our birthday is on February 19 1994. 

I have a bubbly personality as people would say, also annoying but I don't care what they say they are just normal nerds I am a cool midget as Tyler would call me  

We live in Canada, Stratford Ontario. 

I have black wavy hair with tanned skin with dark brown eyes  

I am very short for my age but  

I am fun sized !!  

Some people mistake me and Tyler as cousins or even girlfriend and boyfriend, because we look nothing alike. 

He has blonde straight hair, pale skin and about 6 feet. I get my looks from my dad and Tyler takes after our mom.  

Since I am eighteen i live alone in America for my career. I am a profession singer. You can say I worked hard for my job but really I was hooked up by my brothers best friend Justin Bieber.

Three years before...........

Emily's POV

" shhhhhh she is sleep you idiot!"  

I was pretending to sleep as two stupid boys try to wake me up with shaving cream  

"Okay Justin this is your job. Go give her a kiss and get ready for the slap. Okay?" 

"Wait what? Why do I have to get slapped?" 

"Because she hurts!"  

" fine but I won't mind the kiss" he said a little to loud because Tyler heard him. 

"What did you say!" 

"Nothing nothing. Okay ready?"  


"GO GO GO!!!"  

Justin leaned in and kissed me right on the lips. Instead of waking up shocked I pulled him in closer and kissed him harder.  

"JUSTIN GET OFF MY SISTER!!" Tyler screamed and yanked Justin off of me. They started to play fight on my bed until I found the shaving cream on the floor and started to spray them with it.  

" STOP STOP! MY HAIR!!!" Tyler screamed

Justin's POV

When I was kissing Emily I felt sparks but why? I could never like my best friends sister! Could i?  

I was surprised at first that Emily was kissing back because I though she liked someone else? Or is she just playing with my heart for fun. I was nocked out of my thoughts when Tyler threw me on Emily's bed and started to punch me in the stomach, but not really hard so I started to punch back. We were in the middle of a death match when Emily started to spray us with the shaving cream we were going to use. Tyler started to scream about his hair so we stopped the match and attacked Emily. Emily was smart she new what was about to happen. She booked it to her bathroom and locked the door. 


" YOU WOULDN'T !!" she screamed form the other side of the door. 

"Okay Justin when she opens the door get her and bring her to my room that's were I am going to tickle her to death. Okay?" He said in a whisper  


"Okay Emily open the door!"  

She didn't answer but the door was open I went in and found the bathroom window open. She got out.


    Hi everyone I AM NOW A BELIBER !!!!! I am also a directioner but who cares!!!!! Tell me what you think!!!!!!!

                                                                                              -Emily :)

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