My brothes best friend

Emily Nicole Flin is a famous singer who has a past with a certain boy named Justin Bieber. Will Justin confess his love, or get jealous of Emily's celebrity crush. Go back in her past and see what happen to Justin and Emily


2. Frostbite

Emily's POV

I had to get out of this crummy old bathroom!! I was not willing to get out the easy way, but the hard way seemed rick taking. The window. As i opened the window the cold Canadian wind blow into my face bring little snowflakes as well.  It was cold but i am used to it, as i have been living in Canada my whole life.

As Tyler and Justin are still trying to unlock the door i slid down the drain pipe like it was nothing, really i have done it a million times before. Its a good way of getting out of the house with out getting noticed. The thing that i didn't notice at first is that how cold it really was and how i was wearing only a tang-top and short shorts, did i mention that there was at least two feet of snow on the ground, well today was not my day because i wasn't wearing any socks or shoes for that matter. 

As i was trying my hardest not to scream, it literally felt like little needles going onto my feet!! As i ran to the back door of my house i tripped and fell into the snow, witch meaning as of now i  was soaked and probably going to get frost-bite. I opened the door as quietly as i could, and tip-toed up to my parents room.

My parents are not home, they went on a anniversary trip so they wont be back until another two weeks. I made sure my mom and dads bedrooms door was locked before i got into a warm bath that would probably warm me up in no time. I am not surprised if tomorrow i end up with a cold, looks like i will be getting back at Tyler and Justin because we all know how i get when i am ill. 


Emily's POV three years later....

"HARRY STOP!!! THAT TICKLES!!!" I scream at my idiot boyfriend, yes my boyfriend is the one and only Harry Styles. We met at the VMA's and it was like love at first sight. we have now been together for one year and tomorrow is our anniversary and the problem was that i had bad case of strep-throat. I was got it once a month when i was younger i don't know why but i got it! It stop two years ago but now it desisted to come back. I told Harry  to stay away from me because i dont want him getting it himself but of course he doesn't listen. I still don't understand why i had that flashback of the day when i had my first kiss with Justin but i feel like it meant something, is it wrong to love two people at the same time?  





           Hi guys!!! i hope you like this chapter, its been a long time since the last time i wrote that first chapter but i guess i just had some time on my hands i could finish!! lol thank you to the people that have actually read this story and thank you again for waiting for the next chapter!! PLease tell me what you guys think, and should i write the a next chapter?


                                                                                            -Emily :)


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