She's Not Afraid- A Liam Payne Story

A girl named Summer who has a son named Tyler. She is homeless and makes a living by signing on the streets. One day, she meets Liam of one direction. He saves her, but she runs away. Will Liam get the girl and save her from her real fear? And will little two year old Tyler make it to the end?


3. Starbucks

Liam's POV

       It was just a walk in the city. But it turned into the walk that changed my life. No fans or apps were following me and I was alone. But I noticed a crowd that had formed ahead. I could hear  singing, defiantly from a girls mouth. She was singing torn and was doing it beautifully. I tried to catch a glimpse of her by jumping up, but failed until some people moved aside for me. I stood there in awe. She was beautiful. Long blonde hair that she easily sat on. Bright blue eyes full of joy and cheer. She was wearing very worn out jeans full of holes, very dirty boots ,and a thin jacket with a scarf. It was December 1st and I knew she must be cold.       She ended the song and people started to leave as she packed up. I decided to approach her, see if she wanted to go out for coffee. "Hey, you weren't that bad." I said. "Thanks." She replied, still packing up. She then started to leave. "Hey! What's your name?" I called. She was getting on a bus. "Dunno. Bye!" She called, as the bus drove away. I tried running after it but it w a feeble attempt. I quickly lost the bus and the girl who took my heart with her.       I headed back to Louis's flat. That's we're we were all staying for now. The weather in Ireland was the worst so Niall was here until the new year. He's bummed out but will be skyping his family on Christmas. I opened the door to a nearly naked Harry being tackled by the boys.  "Oh my god what in the heavens happened here?" I asked Zayn, who was just standing there laughing his butt off. "Oh Harry just ate all the food, including carrots. Now he is enduring pain and anguish. But also, he is going out to the store. The neighbors have also complained twice now." Zayn said. I sighed and went to go watch T.V. But I couldn't get that girl out of my head.

Summer's POV

I settled into the abandoned bus seat, next to Tyler. Tyler is my two year old son. I had him when I was 16. A boy had "attacked me on the way to school. He was never caught and left me pregnant. My parents were very accepting. I grew to love knowing that I was going to have a cute little baby. But after he was born, there was, um,  "complications". They were doing a check up, and found cancer cells in his feet, around the bones. The doctor said that they were growing fast. I was devastated. And it didn't help that my parents died. His appointments are expensive. I use all the money to pay for his needs and food. Plus he wears hard casts. I eat very little and have formed an eating disorder.
We live an old bus. I moved the seats and made a bed for Tyler. I sleep in the driver seat. We get clothes from a clothes drive. During the day, Tyler either comes with me or stays at the bus.
Tonight was the first of December. The day I count all of Novembers earnings.
Second day of December! Time to start getting the Christmas music out. I know a girl who runs a music shop. She gives me music sheets for a dollar an album.
Tyler is coming with me today. We are going to play outside of a Starbucks. When I set up all of my stuff, I laid down a pillow for my baby. Today I just asked my friend for all the latest music. I got a boy band album and Christmas music. I started with 'Jingle Bells'. People sat at tables and watched me. Tyler clapped and laughed which helped. Some girls started to dance and soon it was like a party. When that was done, I took requests. A teenaged girl asked for 'She's Not Afraid' by One direction. I looked through my sheets and found it. I had to tune my guitar and learn the lyrics, but I managed. "She sneaks out..."

Liam's POV

"Come on! Stop being lazy!" I shouted. We were going to Starbucks but Zayn wasn't hurrying up. "Lets leave. Who's coming?" Niall asked. I followed him out the door,along with Harry, Louis,and a very annoyed looking Zayn. We were headed out the door. We were about a block away from Starbucks when I heard singing...

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