She's Not Afraid- A Liam Payne Story

A girl named Summer who has a son named Tyler. She is homeless and makes a living by signing on the streets. One day, she meets Liam of one direction. He saves her, but she runs away. Will Liam get the girl and save her from her real fear? And will little two year old Tyler make it to the end?


6. Bad News

Summer POV

The door burst open. Five boys and some men in black rushed in. As Some men in black and a few in tacky clothing carried a boy, some men stayed back. I shrugged and went back to writing.

Seconds later, It seemed like I was ambushed by three smiling teenaged boys. I looked up and noticed the smiling faces from the day they sang with me. I felt a mini heart-attack coming on.

"So, Louis, I heard that a video was going viral on YouTube. Its of a girl singing with five boys. Well, four boys and an incredibly handsome boy. And I just so happen to have it pulled up on my phone! You wanna see it?" A deep-voiced boy said. I just flipped the page in my magazine.

As the video started, I stared at my magazine. Five boys were smiling, all looking so familiar. I glanced up at the three that surrounded me. All three were in the picture. Plus the boy that's stalking me. Liam, was what his name was. And Niall, Harry, and Louis were the ones that ambushed me. I heard my voice on the phone and blushed. When the video was done, I confronted them.

"Why are you guys following me? And why are you in this magazine?" I asked.

Niall, I think, answered first. "Well, love, we aren't stalking you. We just seem to always meet up. And we're in the magazine because we're One Direction." That last bit was done in an announcer voice.

"That doesn't explain why you sang with me yesterday." I said.

"Simple. That was our song. Any more questions? Can we start asking ours?"Louis said sassily. I shook my head.

"One more. If your in One Direction, where's Zayn Malek?" I asked, hoping to have caught them in a lie.

"Zayn Malik? He's the reason we are here. He started going crazy. I think he has flu. Or mirror poisoning. Our turn for questions. Why are you going around singing in the streets? You should be singing with a record label." Harry asked.

I sighed. "I need the money. Hospital visits are not cheep."I said.

"My turn. Where the little boy you had with you yesterday? He was so cute!" Niall said. I just noticed he had an Irish accent. Cool.

"His name is Tyler and he is the reason for our visit. A check up. Anymore?"

Louis was just about to say something when the lady at the front desk called my name.

"Summer Dieheart?" Doctor Wilson is ready to see you."

I got up and put the magazine on the rack. Harry moved his chair so I could go forward. I sighed. Finally away from those crazies. The doctor was standing a few feet away from the wall, next to the janitors closet. I joined him, seeing Tyler eating a lollipop. The look on the doctors face made my heart crumble.

Liam POV

After following Zayn to his room, I headed back to the main entrance which was next to the waiting room. Louis and Niall and Harry were walking towards a door. I ran to catch up with them, just as they entered the closet. I gave them a questioning look and they signed to me to put my ear to the door. Just as I did, I heard a mans voice speaking

"He only has six months to live. And it was transmitted through the father, so you have a 65% chance of having it too."

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