She's Not Afraid- A Liam Payne Story

A girl named Summer who has a son named Tyler. She is homeless and makes a living by signing on the streets. One day, she meets Liam of one direction. He saves her, but she runs away. Will Liam get the girl and save her from her real fear? And will little two year old Tyler make it to the end?


5. Appointment

Summer POV

"Hello. Can I have your name? Do you have an appointment?" the lady behind the desk asked. Today was Tyler's appointment. We were at the hospital.
"Yes, I have an appointment. Under Summer Dieheart? For Tyler? One for nine o'clock." I told her. She nodded. I waited.
"Room 256. The doctor wants to see him alone. Nurse Jessica will take him to it." She told me. I nodded as she pulled Jessica aside. "Tyler. You be a good boy for the doctor, okay? And as a reward, on Friday, that's how many days from now?" I asked him. "Four!" He said, holding up four fingers. "Yup! We'll go get hot chocolate and cookies from a bakery. Now go. Be good! And give mommy a kiss!" I asked. He kissed my cheek and I watched him go.
How could this happen to such a sweet little boy? I thought as I made my way to the waiting area. Only I was there today. I picked up one of those teen magazines and started to read about Taylor Swift's new album. I was writing a note to pick up the lyrics when I heard a loud commotion at the door and screaming outside

Liam POV

I doubted I would see her again. But I did. In the strangest of places too.
"Its Monday! Wake up, Liam! We need to take Zayn to the hospital! He has a 105.8 fever! Lets go!" Louis was yelling at me and jumping on my bed.
"I'm up! And what are you saying? Zayn is what?" I asked, getting up. "Zayn is sick. Harry and Niall are getting him dressed. Hurry! I'm gonna bring the car around!" Louis yelled, running out. I sighed.
"Harry! Niall! Are you guys color blind? Or just blind?" They had dressed Zayn in a pink and black striped shirt and a blue plaid over shirt. His pants were bright green and his socks, one was purple stared and one was yellow polka-dot.

"What? This is all the rage!" Harry giggled, taking a picture of poor Zayn. He was passed out on the couch. "C'mon, Niall. You and I will carry him and Harry will open doors. Louis is waiting with the car." I instructed.
By the time we were out by the street, Louis was in the car. "Did Zayn get hit by the ugly stick? Or did he just dress himself again?" He laughed. "Just drive. Go to the hospital." I said. "Hey, look! Our fans-sorry-directioners, found us!" Niall exclaimed. He was waving to a group of girls running after the car. "Don't get hurt, please!" I yelled out the window.
When we got to the hospital, girls were still running after our car, but we had a head start. "Run!"

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