Being young once more

Niall horan and izzy horan are grandparents. They tell their grandchildren the story of their love. 2032 opens a new truth to a famous love story


6. #3 izzy

Niall called up his friends to pick us up. I sort of figured out that they were famous but I couldn't remember where from. They pulled up in a massive bus that looked like a house. I was taken into the lounge and thrown down on the sofa. 'Boys!' Niall called and four boys came in. 'Right Harry, you get the medical box, Louis, go tell the driver to slow down. Liam, you go and get my phone and zayn, can you please put a top on!' I giggled at that last bit of what Niall said. 'Izzy,' Niall began and by the way he stared the sentence, he was going to ask me something. 'We were going to go to a bar tonight because its a Friday and I wanted to know if you wanted to go?' I gave a little smirk and agreed to it. Liam came back in with Niall's blackberry. He gave it to me and I called my mum. The bus stopped outside my house and i ran inside. My mum wasn't in so I didn't stop for long. Louis saw me leave the house and whistled when I came back out the door. He gave me a hand with getting me onto the bus and then we sped off. Niall lead me into a room and he said I could stay in there for the night. I had a look inside and I seem a girl on one of the beds. 'Omg, catlin?' My old BFF from infant school. 'What are you doin here?' I was so happy to see her after all these years. 'I'm engaged to Harry!' I smiled and ran over to give cat a hug. 'So,' I said, 'coming to the bar?' She nodded eagily. 'Look hunny,' cat sat on a stool in the corner of the room. 'In a few days time, I'm going shopping for my wedding dress, but I don't have a maid of honour. Do yo-' I cut her off really exited. 'Yes I'll do it!' I shouted. 'Actually I was going to ask if you knew anyone?' I stopped thinking I'd made a fool of myself. 'Only kidding. So you'd be ok coming next Monday?' I nodded and we did are old little handshake. Suddenly the bus pulled up and we all stepped out and went into the bar. I knew this place so well! I began to walk into the main bar, when Niall hauled me into another room. The VIP room!
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