Being young once more

Niall horan and izzy horan are grandparents. They tell their grandchildren the story of their love. 2032 opens a new truth to a famous love story


4. #2 izzy

I began to edge away from the tree. 'Hi.' I said nervously. 'How do you know about this place?' 'I could ask the same question you know!' The man was Irish and his accent was very strong. 'I found this place on a field trip. By myself. 2005.' I waked to the bridge and threw some more stones in the water. 'Same. I found this place on a field trip. 2004.' He also came over to the bridge. 'Im Niall by the way!' He said in a more calm voice this time. 'Izzy.' I said a little less shy. 'Well a very pretty name for a very pretty girl!' That set me off blushing. But I stopped and thought about my ex. 'Ive just split up with my boyfriend so don't flirt with me niall.' I rubbed my eyes to clear the remaining tears. 'Im so sorry.' He said a little shocked and I could tell he felt guilty. I looked at the time and I seen that it was time for me to go back to school. 'Look I got to go, but here's my number. Ok?' I wrote my number down on Niall's hand and I set off down the pathway in a rush. Suddenly I tripped over a tree root and I fell, with a twisted ankle. 'Ahhhhh!' I screamed and Niall came around immediately. He felt my ankle. 'It's twisted.' He said lifting me up In his arms. 'Come on. Come back to my'n.'
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