Being young once more

Niall horan and izzy horan are grandparents. They tell their grandchildren the story of their love. 2032 opens a new truth to a famous love story


3. #1 Niall

I was 17.

I stormed through the lane behind the recording studio. I was so angry that I couldn't have the day off tomorrow even though I felt so ill. I never liked the band manager. It has to be his way and we don't get a say. Ever! I had to get away, somewhere quiet where I could just clear my head for a while. I came down to the muddy pathway leading onto the river bridge. I knew that I would be alone because it was a secret place. A place where only I knew. Even the band didn't know and that proves how desperate I was to keep it to myself. On the way down I stopped at a big twig. I put all my thoughts into my movement and I stomped on the twig. Really hard. I heard someone run. And as I came around the corner to the bridge, I seen a girl. She was very pretty! She pinned herself against the tree and looked really scared. I didn't want her to e afraid of me so I put my hand up. I gently said something so she wasn't to alarmed 'don't be afraid of me!'
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