Being young once more

Niall horan and izzy horan are grandparents. They tell their grandchildren the story of their love. 2032 opens a new truth to a famous love story


2. #1 izzy

I was 16.

I was walking through the park one evening, devastated. My boyfriend had split up with me and I really couldn't be handling problems like that during tough situations. When my dad died I said that if someone left me, I wouldn't cope. I just didn't know what to do. I kept walking through, crying silently. I soon came down to the river. It was so pretty and I gleamed beautifully in the sunlight. I threw a few stones in the water, dangling my feet over the bridge. I was out of the way of things at last. Nobody knew this place as far as I was concerned. I thought back to memories of my father, being such a kind man. He helped me with every struggle, the highs and the lows. My tears began to dry but some stayed and stung my eyes. Suddenly I heard something; a footstep on a twig. I backed away into a tree whilst the shadow appeared. A mans shadow. I began to pant, really scared almost screaming. Then, the man came out - he seemed nice, but I couldn't quite tell. He put up his hands and seemed like he was confused why I was down at this place. 'I won't hurt you, don't be afraid of me!' He said gently.
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