I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



8. You Knew I Was Trouble?

(Harry's POV)

I got up and showered and dressed I had heard a certain person was talking bad stuff about me since we had a separation... I walked down the stairs
"Where are you going?" Niall asked taking a blood bag out of the fridge I walk up and take it out of his hand
"Do you wanna do something with me today?" I asked
"Sure, but what?" He asked
"You have to keep it a secret" I whispered he nodded I grabbed his arm and brought him outside and drove around the corner
"It involves feeing on someone" I said
"So?." He says
"You can't tell ANYONE" I said
"I won't let's to it" he said I nodded I drove to a familiar address she was staying in England, I got out of the car and Niall followed I looked around it was an empty street
She didnt have any neighbors for a mile or so good I wanted to make sure she screamed. We walked up the long gravel driveway
"Why are we at HER house" Niall said, I looked at him
"It's about the song and the things she's said isn't it?" He asks
"I wanna make her suffer" I said
"Harry she's a pop idol you can't just kill her"
"Who says I can't and come on Niall you can't tell me you like that blood bags only shit rule Louis put down on us since Olivia's pregnant" he nodded
"True, thanks or bringing me it's been a while nice we hung out just us" he says
"I have a feeling were going yo do it a lot more often" I said as we smiled at each other
We reached her door I knocked she opened the stain glass door and I saw her stupid red lipstick right away
"Hello Taylor" I said
"Um hey Harry...and Niall" she said
"I just wanted to pay a visit and you know chat" I said
"Well I'm kinda busy and last time I checked I dumped you" she says trying to slam the door when I pushed it open and went inside the house I pushed her down to the ground and straddled her and put her in a bare naked choke
"You knew I was trouble huh? Well your just about to find out" I said
"Help!" She screamed I slapped her a scratch forming on her face I heard Niall's face crackle I stood her up and pinned her against the wall
"You haven't even seen trouble yet" I said and let the crackles happen and my fangs came out she screamed
"Your a vampire?!" She asked scared
"No I'm a werewolf obviously!"I yelled and grabbed her wrist and bit it being sloppy and drank I held it out up Niall who dove forward and drank
"Hey!" A manly voice yelled I looked over and saw a man about 30
"Who the hell is that?" I asked her
"My manager" she said scared
"Niall have fun but keep him alive" I said he let go of Taylor's wrist and lounged forward towards the man biting down on his neck getting him to the ground Taylor got out of my grip and made a run for it she tried her door but I locked it when I came in I grabbed her waist and pulled her back and threw her through the stain glass it shattered pieces sticking in her arms and back she got up and still tried to run when I grabbed her waist and she started to scream I straddled her on the ground again holding her arms above her head she was crying now
"Give me Mercy please!" She begged I went down in her face
"I don't do Mercy" I said she glared at me
"And to think we dated you monster" she said in my face I grinned
"You humans are so adorable when your angry, it makes me wanna~" I kneeled down and pecked her lips
"Kiss~" I kneeled down again
"You" I said she glared at me again
"Don't ever kiss me again you-you crazy~" I cut her off kissing her roughly biting her lower lip and tasting her blood I pulled away from the kiss keeping her lower lip in my mouth and then letting it go
"I knew you were trouble!" She yells
"Yeah yeah sing it to me" I said she shook her head
"Never" she said
"We are what?" I asked
"Go to hell!" She yelled
"Well I'm certainly not going to heaven so yeah I guess I'll go there but I'll meet you there as well you heartless bitch" I said she squirmed under me I got off of her and took her by her feet and dragged her n the house kicking the door open seeing Niall sitting with the manager under his spell I get her on the kitchen table and pull her close to me standing in between her legs and laying her down I lay myself on top of her and kiss her neck and them bite she screams end I drink and drink I take my teeth out
"Niall grab a bottle" I said he grabs a plastic Nike bottle I un screw the cap and bite her wrist and let her wrist drain blood into the bottle and let her fill it almost all the way and then I bite my wrist and put them together and hers heals so does mine I screw the cap back on
"Don't drink it I have something planned" I command him he nods
I lay myself on top of her again and drink until she's dead her lifeless body laying limp on her kitchen table I grab a knife out of the knife block and command the manager to do the exact same thing as the other girl but I don't tell him to kill himself I tell him to surrender to the cop after killing his "Girlfriend" for sleeping with me and I made her out to be even worse.
Me and Niall left as we had him call the cops saying he had just done something horrible we quickly drove away going to Nando's to get every one food and we said it was very busy that's why we were gone for so long but they have no clue that we actually just murdered Taylor Swift.
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