I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



25. You Just Let It Happen?

(Louis' POV)

I felt the wind threw my hair as I landed hard on the dirt ground. I listened fir any sign if wolves I didn't even hear Harry. He was gone. My best friend and my first fledging died protecting me. I stood up brushing the dirt off of myself and took of my shoe emptying the dirt from it.
I looked around I was surrounded by giant pine trees I took in a deep breath inhaling the pine I also caught something Harry's colonge I ran in the direction no way in hell was I going to let him die a wolf came at me I punched it in the throat I wasn't string enough to shatter anything. It changed back into a human a guy about 23 I smirked I bit into his neck the taste of fresh warm blood felt great. It warmed up my body I drank until there was nothing left I felt stronger I took in another breath I got Harry's scent again I ran forwards another wolf jumped for me I ducked and broke its leg it turned into a human I took it by the throat and pinned it against a tree.
"Who leads you?!" I asked
"Go to hell vampire!" He yelled I growled at him I took his wrist and bit it he screamed at the pain
"If you don't tell me I'll turn you and lock you in a room with nothing but a pile of hay for you to sleep on" I said
"Go ahead, I'm not telling you shit" he said I shook my head
"Pity" I said and took him and lifted him up and broke his back over my knee he yelled in pain. I broke both of his legs and left him against the tree after breaking one if his arms.
"I'll be back for you sweetheart" I said and got up and ran through the woods I couldn't find Harry. I heard a growling sound I was in an open area. I spun around but I couldn't see this wolf
"Where are you!" I growled
I turned around just in time for the wolf to pounce. It used its paws to pin down my shoulders I desperately tried to get at it's rib cage but I couldn't he was trying to snap at my head but I kept dodging I wasn't going to let Harry's sacrifice be worthless it went down for my neck when I used vampire strength to head butt it he jumped back off of me shaking his head. I smirked
"So weak" I said it growled and snarled at me. I smirked
"Come at me bro." I said he snarled and launched at me I dodged and kicked its rib a snapping sound echoed as I snapped it's neck.
"Rest in peace asshole." I said as I brushed myself off. I spit on the dead human body and took in another sniff I couldn't smell Harry anymore. Another growl sounded as another wolf pounced on me he clawed at me getting a nice scratch down my back I yelled in pain I quickly turned and grabbed the wolf by its neck and it growled I put a hand on its bottom jaw and the top and bike it. Like King Kong did to that T-Rex in "King Kong" I felt awesome. I felt in pain though I used vampire sped to run but I had to rest on a tree. I saw the house and ran for it. I rested my hands on the door the curtains were drawn I felt weak I heard wolves behind me I tried to tap on the glass but I couldn't.
"I'm coming Harry" I said lowly like a whisper as I slid down on my side I felt on pain must be the big claw mark on my back.


"Come here" I said smiling to Harry he slowly walked over I used strength to pull him against me he smirked. He went down to my neck kissing and nipping he sucked forming a hickey on my neck just below my jawline. I moaned and dragged him back to my bed I pushed him down and straddled him ripping his dry clean off revealing his toned chest I trailed kisses down his stomach he grinded his hips into mine causing me to moan loudly I put my hands in his curls and roughly kissed his lips he put his hands on my back finding a good place and ripped the stripes off of me and throwing the ruined fabric to the floor I reached down with one hand to un buckle his pants I managed to get the button un-done when he pushed me backwards my back landing on the soft cream sheets he put his finger tip in the middle of my bottom lip.
"Not yet Boobear." He said putting his forehead against mine looking into my eyes.
"I'll never let anything happen to you Harry." I said
"I'll die for you Louis" he said I kissed him with passion as I felt the ties if our promises being locked together.
Harry kept his promise. I didn't.


"Stop splashing me Harry!" I said as we swam around the pool.
"Never" he said I caught up to me and tugged him close against my chest I put my hands on his rib cage he put his on mine.
"Forever" we said to each other I kissed him pulling on his lower lip I pushed him up against the pool side our stomachs pressed together as we kissed our wet hair dripping Harry's damp skin making me want him so much more.
I kissed him roughly I let my lips trail down his neck down his chest I stopped just below his belly button at the hem of his swim trunks I came up from under the water, he grabbed my face pulling me n for a rough kiss. I palmed him through his swim trunks he let out a moan onto my lips I smirked against his lips I moved my hand around his magic area. As he moaned everytime he eventually moved my hand away and palmed me the feeling was extraordinary (ExtrodinHARRY)
I out my hands on his hard abs and kissed him roughly I un did Harry's shorts and nt like other times he didn't stop me I put my hand down them and grab him and he let out a loud moan as I worked that sort of area he clawed at my back until he climaxed completely.
"Holy. Fucking. Shit." He breathed out
"Your welcome" I said pecking his lips and turning to walk when Harry pinched my famous bum. I turned
"Did you just pinch THE queen of sass's bum?" I said snapping my fingers in a Z formation
"Maybe" he said I smirked I walked over and grabbed his bum he moaned
"Maybe I did that, maybe I didn't" I said he smirked and shook his hand he pushed me across the pool pinning me now.
"My turn" he said kissing me roughly he palmed me in my shorts I moaned, we continued the process of before. All I know is I've never felt this way about someone before.


"Louis!" It was Zayn he pulled me in and looked at me back he ripped me shirt from my body and examined my wound he shut the door locked it and closed the curtain once again.
"Liam!" He called
"What's going on Daddy?" Delilah says skipping into the room
"No Della leave ok?" Zayn says
"What's wrong with uncle Boo?" She asked her two front teeth missing causing her to have a slight lisp.
"He got in an accident can you quickly go get uncle Liam?" I asked
"Of course" she said pecking me on the cheek Zayn used vampire speed to run to the kitchen and back and gave me three blood bags I took them and drank them eagerly. Zayn looked at me funny
"Hold on look up Louis" he said I did so he looked deep in my eyes
"Louis your eyes are going red" he said
"What do you mean?" I asked
"Their not blue anymore" he said
"What?!" I ask shocked blinking a few times
"Your eyes aren't blue anymore, their blood red."
"Impossible." I said rubbing my eyes
"What is it?" Liam asks walking into the room
"Louis' been scratched" Niall walks into the room after looking around the room
"Where's Harry?" He asked I looked up at him the silence in the room burning into everyone.
My eyes filled with tears
"No, no he can't...No. He can't be dead! No!" Niall yells
"Where is he Louis where is he?!" Niall yells to me
"He died protecting me" I said full of shame
"Whaaaat?!" Niall says
"I can't believe this! It was probably you who killed him your the one who ordered death in his head Mr. Fearless leader!" Niall yelled punching the wall causing a hole to be blown right threw the layers of wood
"I didn't kill him Niall!" I yelled
"Then who did?!" He yelled
"The wolves" I said
"What happened out there Louis?" Liam asks
"Me and Harry were talking and walking when a pc of wolves came at us we ran and jumped up this cliff when my edge broke off instead of letting me fall Harry caught me it was breaking his arms to do so. He pulled me up and before I could tell him No he launched me into the air. He sacrificed himself to save me. If I could take it back I would." I said they all look at me sympathetically.
"And you just let it happen?" Niall said still finding ways to blame me.
"I couldn't really do much when I was flying threw the air Niall" I said he glared at me.
"Boys! Seriously it's not Louis' fault." Liam says I feel a tear roll down my face. I missed Harry so much
"Oh shit guys!" I hear Olivia say from the doorway
"What?" I asked standing up
"I'm having twins" she said I felt my knees buckle as I fell to the floor.
How embarrassing I fainted.

-Authors Noticeee!-

Hey Lusters!

Um, Im starting to think I'm letting y'all down.
I don't want you to be disappointed but my friends read this story and my friend told me if I kill of Liam she'll kill me so yeah, Liams safe.... Or is he?! Haha Cheryl you can't run my story. I do.
I hope you guys like it and ill update soon :)

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