I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



68. Where Is He Now?

(Harry's POV) 

Me and Zayn got to the place his senses were leading him too. Just as I suspected... A cave. 
We found an entrance buried we got in we saw Louis look us over he walked over and looked out side Zayn set me down 
"Where's Niall?" He asked 
"Louis-" Zayn started to say I hugged my stomach and coughed blood came out if my mouth. I'd coughed up my own blood. 
"Harry needs you" Zayn said Louis looked at me 
"Did he get bitten?" He asked I nodded Louis walked over to Harry and lifted up his head blood tears had started to fall from his eyes. He was in serious critical condition. 
I tried to sense Niall but I couldn't darkness had fallen upon that part of me. I just wish I could hold Niall in my arms, I wish I could have just hugged him goodbye. I wish it didn't have to be goodbye. Not that we even had one. 
The last thing Niall told me to do was save Harry. Harry had time I could have saved Niall now Niall and Hailey were dead. 
Louis fed Harry from his wrist after that Harry slept there was sound out side of the cave we all stopped moving when Liam's chocolate brown eyes appeared I craved his compassion.  I ran forwards and hugged him immediately sobbing. 
"Where's Niall?" He asked as I leaned away I just shook my head as more tears fell from my eyes 
"No" Liam said as tears filled his eyes 
"No" he breathed out I hugged him but this time we were both crying. 

(Play Classical Piano and Violin Music - The Secession) 

(Haileys POV) 

I woke up to the feeling of waves washing around me I opened my eyes and saw Niall on his side his back facing me. The pack wasn't on his back anymore. I quickly crawled over to him shaking him 
"Niall, Niall...Niall!" I yelled I yelled the last time I said his name. I started to cry I rolled Niall onto his back and started to do chest compressions I did mouth to mouth and did one more compression and he coughed I smiled he slowly opened his eyes he weakly smiled at me. 
He tried to speak but he couldn't he was in critical starvation I ran around frantically until I found Louis' pack washed up somewhere I ran back to Niall and ripped the corner of a blood bag off and put it to his lip I used my finger to open his mouth I poured some blood in his mouth he licked his lips and sat up groaning I handed him the bag and he drank the rest. His skin looking more livelier his eyes more Niall and his brunette hair shimmered in the light.
"Is there any more in there?" He asked I nodded I handed him another one he started to sip it I stopped him 
"Wait Niall!" I said he stopped 
"What?!" He asked shocked he threw the blood bag it splashed all over my clothes 
"I'm so sorry!" He said I just shook my head smiling at him. 
"I was GOING to tell you your hair is turning blond on the top" I said 
"Is it?" He asked 
"Yeah it looks like you dyed your hair but the roots are coming back" I said he smiled 
"It's usually like that" he said 
"Oh" I said awkwardly 
"So what do you say shall we make a shelter?" Niall asked I nodded we came up with an idea we built a shelter against a tree covering it in bush to make sure if the wolfs came they would find us. 
I looked down at my bloody clothes 
"I'm sorry about that Hailey I could check Louis bag but the stuff probably won't fit you" Niall said I smiled I shrugged 
"No need" I said
"I'll just wash them" I said I grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. 

(Play Stutter by Marianas Trench) 

(Niall's POV) 

My eyes followed her as she walked off wearing noting but her panties and bra my chin had made itself comfortable on the floor she had an amazing body she sat down and started to scrub her clothes the sun was still shining bright. I examined the water fall. 
I took off my shirt and boxers and used vampire speed to climb up to a ledge. I looked down at the water below a light beautiful blue I looked at Hailey washing her clothes on the shore this was the best moment of the whole time being out here, it felt out like I was camping with my girlfriend. 
"Niall? What are to doing?!" Hailey called up 
"Jumping!" I said I smiled down at her 
"CANNONBALL!" I shouted jumping I landed in the cannonball form once I went under the water I swam to the top hailey hung her clothes and went up to the rock I jumped off of. She screamed happily as she jumped off she landed near me she re-surfaced smiling at me I smiled at her 
We swam around for a while until we got tired we stood on a rock near the water fall we were in water up to our chest I smiled at Hailey she smiled back. 
"Your actually so beautiful" I said it literally slipped off my tongue like Louis on ice. She smiled I leaned in and kissed her a heard a wolf whistle followed by laughs I looked up to see the boys and Kelsey and Karleigh. 
"Oohhhh la la" Liam and Zayn sang 
"Bow chicka bow wow" Harry and Louis sang high fiving and laughing after ward the girls giggling 
"Is the water nice?!" Harry called down removing his shirt. 
"It's amazing!" Hailey called up Harry smirked discarding his jeans and white converse and socks and dove in with grace. 
He surfaced and laughed and cheered a loud 
"Wooooo!" That echoed of the stone enclosure. 
Liam discarded his top and jeans and shoes followed by his socks and did I summer salt in the air landing in a perfect cannonball. 
"Show off" Harry said laying back arching himself up on his elbows on a rock Liam wiggled his brows 
"What can I say I'm the best" he said meeting Harry on the rocks I still stood with Hailey in my arms
Louis cleared his throat 
"Excuse me Liam but I still haven't gone yet!" Louis called down  
"We'll hurry up and go then!" Liam called up Louis rubbed his hands together the had already stripped down to nothing but his boxers like the rest of us, well apart from the girls... 
"Prepare to be amazed, I won so much awards for this in school I was in a club you know" he says we all push him on. He claps 
"Cowabunga!" He yelled jumping he tried to do a back flip but landed flat on his back a loud "SLAP" echoed Louis surfaced 
"Ooowwwww!" He stretches it along 

(Play Red Hands by Walk Off The Earth) 

(Niall's POV) 

All of the sudden Liam and Harry broke out singing Red Hands by Walk Off The Earth 
"Oh yeah!" Harry sang 
"Oh yeah!" Liam sang 
They both teamed up for the next line 
"That gun is loaded!" They cheered they stopped and laughed at each other. 
I think it was safe to say this is the most fun we've had in the longest time. 
Karleigh and Kelsey stripped down to their undergarments but sat on the side with Zayn dipping their feet in. 
Louis went under water and came back up with his eyes closed 
"MARKO!!!" He yelled Harry smirked 
"POLO!" Harry yelled back I smiled at my Bestfriends Harry got up Louis came over to the rock Harry dove over him and quickly swam away laughs rang out Harry and Louis' game of Marko-Polo lasted for a while. Karleigh and Kelsey got up they started to walk in 
"Hey!" Louis shouted like a neighbor would yell at you for stepping on their flower. 
"You can't just walk in! You have to jump!" Louis yelled pointing to the rock we all jumped off of. Karleigh and Kelsey rolled their eyes but got up to the rock. Kelsey did a back flip like Liam and Karleigh jumped in yelling "CANNONBALL" she landed splashing Louis he stared at her 
"Oh no you didn't" Louis said snapping his fingers in a Z formation. 
"Oh yes I did" 

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