I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



57. Unexpected Encounters

(Harry's POV) 

(Listen to Pieces by Red (instrumental) *MAKE SURE IT'S INSTRUMENTAL*) 

Me and Kelsey snuck around towards the house like ninjas. I climbed up a tree helping Kelsey up as well we jumped from tree to tree avoiding the wolves that weren't around. It was weird not seeing them 
"Stay here" I instructed Kelsey as I climbed down the tree trunk my feet scrunched on the forest floor. I looked around there was nothing I heard foot steps in the distance running towards me. I stepped forward when a wolf came jumping out at me. An arrow went into the top of its head and came threw the bottom I looked up at Kelsey 
"Thank you" I said she nodded I continued to walk only to be tackled to the ground I yelped in pain. 

-Liam's POV- 

I sat at the fire I was so angry with myself how could I have been so stupid?! I sighed 
"What's going on where's Louis and the others?" Niall asked appearing 
"Niall I fucked up" I said 
"Why what'd you do?" Niall asked panic crossing over him
"I didn't tell Louis that Harry was in danger so he didn't know to stop Harry from leaving on his own and now it's just a big mess." I said 
"We have to find them" Niall said 
"I know wake Zayn and Hailey. I'll prepare" I said he nodded I got all the stuff ready and waited for the others I nodded to them and we left the cave putting out the fire. We headed off towards where Zayn's senses led us. I had a bad feeling in my stomach. I hated knowing when bad things happened. A feeling of joy crossed threw me I don't know why my foot got caught on the log causing me to fall hard onto the ground I groaned I heard a growl I looked over and saw a wolf charging up to me I yelled and Niall came over breaking the log getting my foot out he turned when the wolf jumped on him I saw red. I jumped forward pulling the wolf back by the fur making it yelp I yelled in anger taking its head and smashing it into a tree saving Niall. I was so angry with these fucking wolves Im so fucking over them ruining our lives turning them to shit. I started kicking the human corpse. Angrily till Niall came over pulling me back Zayn stood infront of me soothing me Hailey moved the body off to the side. 
"I'm alright. Lets go." I said still feeling angry. 
We ran off threw the woods when I felt a pain in my stomach I looked down to see a spear. There was some like acid burning my flesh I yelled out. 
Zayn kneeled down beside me he iced take it out when he burned his hand 
"Shit" he cursed Niall gave it a go only to be burned as well. Every time I breathed it hurt. 
Hailey came over and kneeled 
"Niall shield us" she instructed she reached over her shoulder and took out and arrow and ran it along the spear and smelt it. 
"Bloodrose" she whispered 
"Blood what?" Zayn asked 
"Bloodrose it's sort of like a herb and it burns vampires and prevents mind controlling and other gifts. We can't get this spear out with our bare hands..." Hailey said I looked up at her, she's smart. I like that. 
Niall took off his windbreaker 
"On three Liam" Niall said I nodded he put the jacket over the spear and put his hands around getting a good grip. 
"Ready?" Niall asked I nodded 
"1...2-" I was counting when Niall just ripped out the spear I yelp but felt my stomach healing. 
"Ow what the hell?" I asked 
"If we waited till you reached three you would have expected the pain" Niall said I shook my head slightly smiling. Now back to finding the others... 

-Harry's POV- 

I yelped and opened my eyes only to see a smiling Louis hovering over me. 
"What are you doing here?" I asked angrily 
"I'm so glad your ok! I'm so happy I found you" he said sitting up pulling me into a tight bear hug. 
"What?" I asked shoving him away 
"I'm fine." I growled the smile didnt leave Louis' lips he hugged me again pulling me too tight for me to push him away again, he sighed happily into my shoulders 
"I am so happy I found you." He whispered 
"I don't get what's going on..." I said confused 
"Your the wolves' most wanted, a high prize has been placed for the who brings your head to the pack." Louis said
"What why?" I asked 
"For killing chief Galasko" Niall says joining the group Liam, Zayn and Hailey following. 
We stood in a circle actually they all formed a circle around me I slowly turned around looking them all over they had that "No matter what it takes" look on their faces. 
"What?" I asked 
Liam stepped backwards grunting and holding his head. 
"Liam whats wr-" I started to say when I got close I dropped to my knees my hands in my curls the vision hit me 

-Vision start- 

Louis paced infront of our kneeling figures 
"Now when we do this we have to be swift." He instructs 
"Harry since your most wanted your going with Niall, He'll keep you shielded. 
"Liam and Hailey take the west wing" 
"Zayn and Karleigh take north" 
"Me and Kelsey will cover the up grounds while Harry and Niall push forward" Louis instructs 
"We have to do this... To gain back whats ours" Louis says 
"Who raw!" We cheered in harmony throwing our right fists in the air. 
"Good luck everyone" Louis says everything goes silent and then we all take a deep breath and run forwards. 

-End of vision- 

I opened my eyes getting up off my knees I look over at Kelsey 
"Did you see that?" I asked she shook her head 
"No" she replied 
"What was it?" Louis asked 
"War" I said 

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