I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



61. Too Close

(Harry's POV) 

I ran back to the cave panting I tripped before I got into the entrance. 
"Louis Louis" I said shaking him he woke 
"What?" He asked 
"It's Zayn he left" I said Louis sprang up 
"How long ago?" He asked 
"I don't know he took me down and took off." I said 
Louis cursed under his breath. 
"Lets go find him." Louis said 
"Wait Louis Zayn said something about how we stay with you were dead. I need to know what do you have planned?" I asked 
Louis looked in deep thought 
"I can't tell you yet but it's something big" he said 
"You don't have anything do you?" I asked 
"Of course I do. Trust me Harry were gunna be ok." He said I nodded half of me believed Louis and half of me didnt. But, what reason do I have not to trust him? I nodded 
"Wake up the others" he said I did so. They got up gathering their things in minutes we were out of the cave.

We split up in teams, to separate the fact that the others boys may think Louis only cared about me I went with Liam.
"So what exactly did Zayn say to you when he left?" Lim asked as we walked in the woods. 
"He said if we all stay with Louis were dead. He tried to get me to go with him..." I said 
"Really? He said that?" Liam said in disbelief 
"Well I'm a phychic and I know being with Louis is the safest place to be." He adds I nodded 
"This is all so fucked up" I said. 
"None of us better die out here" he says I nodded but thought of the vision I had. Where Liam and Zayn got staked and Niall got decapitated. 
"Yeah, how are we supposed to explain that to the press?" I said 
"I actually have no clue" Liam says we break into an open circle just as the rest of our coven break threw confused looks scattered on all of our faces. 
We all shrugged at each other 
Whn something jumped into the middle if us all I couldn't believe my eyes. 
A big black panther. 
It transformed into a human and pulled on some ratty shorts that were tied to his ankle and looked us ll over we all hissed at him 
"Please there is no time to waste" the guy said 
"Your right leave!" Louis snapped 
"If I leave you'll never find him" he said 
"Find who?" Louis asked 
"The wolves they took one of you, Zayn. They have him!" He said my heart sank 

(Play Epic Score Creator of Worlds (Looped) 

Louis nodded we followed the panther threw the woods sure enough we saw 2 wolves guarding an old big house.
"Why are you taking us here?" Louis whispered 
"Because this is where they are keeping him.." The panther says 
"Wait what are they doing?" Liam asked 
One of them transformed into a human and took out a match book 
I took in a deep breath and knew what they were doing cause I smelt only one thing... Gasoline. The one guy dropped the match and the house ignited Zayn inside Louis went to run when we held him back 
"That's suicide Louis!" I said 
"I don't care!" He yelled he broke free and ran towards the smoking house he quickly killed the wolves and kicked the door down and disappeared inside. 

(Zayn's POV) 

I held my throat as I coughed I stood up, the flames surrounding me sweat coated my forehead I looked around but couldn't see any exits. A post creaked and dropped 
Then I heard it a loud thump. 
"Hello?!" I called I tried to walk forwards when the floor piece broke off. 
I gulped looking down threw the hole 
"Zayn!" I heard the familiar voice 
"Louis!" I called 
"Zayn! Where are you?!" Louis yelled 
"In here!" I yelled the door broke free and I saw Louis we were seperated by a baracade of fire 
"Louis! I'm so sorry!" I yelled 
"It's ok Zayn I'm going to get you out!" Louis called over 
"How?" I asked he looked around he looked up at the beams and jumped up and swung over to me. He grabbed my jacket and threw me threw the window. 
I landed on the grass coughing the house squeaked nod then collapsed
"No!!!" I yelled I crawled forwards but collapse in a heap I cried sobbing loudly shaking violently just then someone crashed landed beside me coughing I looked up to see Louis I fast.y crawled over and hugged him. Happily crying onto his arm. 
"Hey relax Zayn I'm not dead yet" Louis said I chuckled nod hugged him tighter 
"Zayn!!" The other boys and girls yelled coming over to us Liam handed me a bag of blood out of Louis' pack on Harry back. I drank it and took a deep breath. 
"That was close" Niall said
"Too close" 

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