I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



7. Thirst & No Mercy

(Harry's POV)

The girl was on my lap in her bedroom as I finished drinking every drop of blood from her body.
"Sarah I'm home" some one calls
"Sarah?" Another voice says
"Sar this isn't funny!" Another one shouts, Sarah's head slips out of my hands and hits the ground I hear one set of foot steps coming up the steps I stand up from Sarah's body and see the one girls head as she walks into the hall I walk out and she sees me blood around my lips and chin she goes to scream when I quickly use vampire speed and cover her mouth and sink my teeth in her neck she screams into my hand but the other girls couldn't hear it her screams turn into moans and then she goes limp in my hands as I drop her to the ground
"What was that?" The other girls ask each other
"Hannah?!" They call up the steps nothing comes from the lifeless body at my feet, I begin to walk down the stairs
"Hannah?" They say I walk through the door opposite they can't see me. I walk into the room beside them they see me and scream and run for the door I get hold of one girls shirt
"Katelyn Help!" She yells
"I can't!" She yells still running to the door the girl that I had the shirt of slips out of it and begins to run again I grab her hair and lift her off her feet by her hair and slam her head into the door frame knocking her out I then proceed to Katelyn the girl that would abandon her own friend she reached for the door knob and wrenched the door open but I ran forward and slammed the door she kept facing the door and started crying quietly she was wearing a tube top I kissed her shoulder
"I'm not going to hurt you..." I said lieing through my teeth I felt my face crackle but I dismissed it
"You killed all of my friends" she said I kissed up her collar bone to her neck
"That other ones still alive" I said
"Your a vampire" she says I smile against her neck
"Are your other bandmates vampires?" She asked
"Yeah they are" I said
"I'm going to tell everyone" she said hitting my stomach probably hoping I'd all over and she could run but I don't even budge I've had a lot of blood I'm probably stronger than Louis, my own maker.
I grab the back of her neck and spun her around so she's facing me
"If you ever make it out" I said putting my lips on her neck again she wiggled around
"I'm going too I'm going to get away from you and never ever have to see you again" she said confidently I glared at her
"You humans are so stupid" I said she looked at me
"And your crazy" she said angry now she went to knee me whn I caught her knee with my hand I crushed her knee in my hand as she screamed out in pain I bit into her neck and drank as the frenzy began as she went limp in my arms I let her body slide down the door as I walked over to her friends I tore the fancy table cloth out from under vases and picture frames making them shatter and I wiped my mouth and threw it, I walked over and knelt beside the girl that I had knocked out I put my hand on her wound she woke up
"If your going to kill me do it" she said
"I would but I'm not hungry" I said I bit my wrist and put it to her mouth and forced her to drink to heal her. after I made her look into my eyes
"You will cooperate with me" I said she slowly nodded I picked her up and walked to the kitchen I took the biggest knife out of the block
"Take this" I said she did I went over to Katelyn's body and pricked the tip of my finger and wiped at my teeth marks and they faded I stood up and looked into her eyes
"Stab her in the chest and then take the knife out" she bent down did my command and took the knife out and stood back up
"Follow me" I said we walked up the steps and I did the same with the two others and commanded her to do the same but in different places I stood at the front door with her I looked directly into her eyes
"Does Sarah live with her parents?" I asked
"Yes, she lives with both parents" she answered under my spell
"We're are they?" I asked
"Out shopping with her older brother" she said
"Ok when they get home I want you to do something alright?" I said
"Of course anything for you" she said
"I want you to look at them as soon as the walk in the door hold up the bloody knife and say I killed them all and then slit your throat" I said she nodded
"Will do" she says I smirk and walk towards Katelyn and move her near the smash glass and made it look like she tore the table cloth off and put the cloth near her wound. I nodded to the girl one more time
"Good bye" she said
"Thank you for your service" I said kissing her lips gently and walked out of the back door I went to the store and grabbed a few things and went home I put my items in the fridge and brought a wine glass full of heated up blood from a blood bag to the couch where the boys were sat around I sat next to Louis
"What's up?" I asked
"Some girl murdered three of her friends" he says I act shocked
"No" I say
"Yeah and when the parents of the girl who owned the house one of the girls who got murdered came home she told them and slit her throat" he says
"That's horrible" I said
"Imagine all the blood" Liam says everyone's face in the room crackles but mine
"How can you not crackle?" Zayn asked me
"I guess I'm good at controlling it" I said with a shrug Ellie walks into the room I stand and kiss her
"You gotta stop kissing me when you've drank blood" she whines I nudge my glass towards her as if to cheers her
"Soon you won't be able to have enough love"
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