I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



62. The Stars & The Moon (Harleigh)

(Harry's POV ) 

We walked threw the woods. Me and Karleigh walked at the back, my head hung low and my my smile was turned into a frown. I had let Zayn get away from me causing him and Louis to almost get killed. I felt like everyone in the group hated me. Why wouldn't they be angry with me? 
Karleigh was only walking with me because it was formation. 
I felt a hand gently slip into mine. And a kiss was landed on my cheek 
"I don't hate you. And I'm walking with you because I think your cute" she whispered in my ear I smiled her hand was smaller than mine as we kept them held I shifted our hands so our fingers were sewed. I look down at her capturing her beautiful features but then it hit me.
"How'd you know those things?" I asked she leaned up again 
"I'm a mind reader... Sorta" she said I was amazed I've never seen a mind reader before. 
"Really? That's so cool" I said 
"Not as cool as future telling" she said 
"But can't you read my mind while I'm having a vision and see it?" I asked 
"Sometimes, but mostly your visions block me out so I can't see." She says 
"Oh. Maybe I'll try to let you in next time" I said 
"Good idea" she said I smiled at her. 
We stopped me and Karleigh's hand un linked. 
"Why are we stopping?" Hailey asked 
"See for yourself" Louis said. 
Hailey walked up and covered her mouth almost puking 
"What is it?" Karleigh asked trying to go on her tippy toes I smiled and lifted her up by her waist she looked over everyone and covered her mouth 
"What is it?" I asked 
"A deer. It's ripped in pieces" she says I lower her down. As we start moving again I lead karleigh behind everyone holding her hand as she closed her eyes not wanting to see the deer again. 
After we pass it I tug on Karleigh's arm pulling her onto my back. I lock my hands under her knees and she wraps her arms around my neck. I feel her fall asleep on my shoulder her head tucked in by my curls.
I smile. I liked karleigh. She made me happy.
I wish I was a mind reader so I can see what she was dreaming about....
Most likely me....Haha just joking. 
I walked down the path with the others still at the back we came across another I ground cave. I was getting tired of this constant caves. I was starting to feel like a cave man. 
I shift karleigh as gently as I can in my arms cradling her. Getting her in the entrance and then laying her down. Hailey came up to me 
"Why don't you sleep with her. You know keep her safe" she said I nod and return to Karleigh. Niall hands me the blanket with a smile 
"Tonight's your turn" he says I nodded taking the blanket 
"Thanks Niall" I said he smiled returning back to his part of the cave. I laid down under the blanket with Karleigh her facing me I pulled her against my chest her arms held to her chest mi rubbed her back I couldn't sleep so I looked out the entrance at the stars. The moonlight was shining into the cave entrance making a dim light shine. 
"Karleigh" I whispered she lightly groaned beside me
"Kar, wake up I wanna show you something" I said her eyes came open and she cutely yawned 
"Come on" I said 
"Hold on I'm telling Kelsey I left ok?" She said I nodded she went over to Kelsey was woke her and told her 
"Stay safe... Both of you." Se says now it wasn't just Louis as kinda the daddy stay safe guy it was Kelsey the mommy stay safe girl. 
I smiled as Karleigh walked over I guided her out of the cave the forest glowing a blue color from the stars and the moon. 
I pulled her threw the woods I stopped at a creek I had heard the running water. I didn't hear any wolves or panthers around but I wasn't sure if the panthers were the enemy or not still.... I sat down Karleigh sat beside me as well her black leggings and black combat boots and a white kinda stained shirt and a black leather jacket. 
Her long brown hair hanging loose. 
She looked at the stars her eyes flicking between the continents. 
"Beautiful" I said 
"Yeah they are mesmerizing" she said I still kept my eyes on her 
"I wasn't talking about the stars" I said she looked at me and slightly smiled looking down I moved closer to her and stroked her cheek. 
I lifted up her head to face mine 
I rested my forehead on hers 
"How is it possible to love someone as much as I love you in the middle of a war?" I said 
"I could ask the same question" she said I smiled I then and there realized how much I loved her. 
I tilted my head she smiled we leaned in our lips meeting for the first time. My insides exploded. Our lips moving in perfect harmony. 
I slowly laid down she followed me hovering over me as we kissed 
This moment was the best moment of my entire life. And I finally found what I was looking for. Karleigh. 

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