I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



29. Sooner or Later

(Liam's POV)

"Liam?! Niall?!" Louis calls me and Niall use vampire speed to get to him
"Hey, how's Tommy and..Harry Jr.?" Niall says
"Good I guess I need you guys to do something." Louis says I swallow hard
"What do you need?" I asked
"I want you to do a sweep of the woods." He says I look at Niall he looks up at me
"But Louis that's suicide, the wolves will get us before we even get out a mile." Niall said his Irish accent making the words roll off his tongue.
"Liam is strong so are you you guys could make it take Zayn then." Louis says I turn and look at Zayn playing with Delilah
"I couldn't do that to Delilah." I said turning back around
"Then I guess it's just you and Niall." Louis says
"But, can't you come? We'll need your strength we need numbers." Niall said
"I have babies." Louis says
"Zayn is raising a child he didnt even know. He seems to be doing an awesome job as a single parent." I say Louis looks us over.
"Why do you want us to go anyways?"
"I want you to sweep the area I was when me and Harry got attacked see if you can find anything." He says
"Fuck that I'm not hnt anywhere where I can possibly find Harry's remains." Niall says
"Niall." I said griping his wrist.
"What? Do you really wanna go somewhere and trip over Harry pets cause I don't." Niall says I saw tears welling up in Louis' eyes
"Niall stop this is hard for Louis" I said I took Louis' hand and shook it
"I promise I'll sweep the area." I said
"Thank you Liam your very loyal but Niall is right." Louis says
"What do you mean?" I asked
"I should go" Louis says grabbing his denim jacket and putting it over his shoulders and his lack tshirt he rolled up the ankles of his black chinos and tightened the laces of his white vans.
"Be prepared for a fight." Louis said
"I'm ready fir anything."
Louis looked back at Olivia and nodded at her
"It's a coven thing." He said and turned. We walked out the back door
We use vampire speed to sweep the forest grounds.
We reach a rock type cliff a get a feeling. This is where it happened. My gut tells me.
Louis climbs up it helping us up.
"This is where it went down." Louis says
"Are we looking fir Harry?" I asked
"Probably something to burry." Niall says
"Ni. Stop" I said
"Liam, I hate to say it I really do but Harry....Harry I'd gone, there's nothing we could have done." Niall says
"There's always something." I said a low growl catches me off guard
"Guys trees now" I said Louis looks panicked and jumps up I jump up Niall has a late reaction I stick my arm our and lift him but the wolf jumps out and bites down on Niall's leg Niall screams in agony as the wold digs deeper
"Liam!" He yells I jump down and my Kick the wolf back Niall sits against the tree
"Get on my back" I said he held onto my wrapping his un injured leg around my torso and his SMS around my neck.
"Louis we need to head back something is wrong with Niall!" I said I see Louis nod I jump from tree to tree making her Niall won't fall.

We arrive at the house and I put Niall down in the room we used to deliver Harry Jr. and Tommy but everything is sterilized. Niall's whimpers and helps are like daggers to my heart.
Louis un in I rip off the leg of pant around Niall's wound it was a big blue bite mark with red around it.
"So that's hat a werewolf bite looks like." I said
"So what cream do we out on it? Or do we just wrap it?" I asked Louis who gives me a look
"I'm sorry Liam but werewolf bites are fatal...Niall only has a few days left...." Louis says
"What?!" I yell through new coming tears Niall clutches my hand
"I don't wanna die Liam." Niall said.
"I promise you won't die I'll find something Niall." I said Niall nodded. I used vampire speed to get to the bookshelf I looked at all books. When I looked at a very old book
'Werewolves' these were books that Louis has gotten passed down from his maker I sat down beside Niall and opened the book flipping through the pages nothing was coming up.
"Liam, Liam" Niall says weakly reaching for my hand I take the book and push it off my lap I take his hand and drop my head onto his chest and cry historically
"What happened?" I hear a voice I look over and see Ellie. She actually came out of Harry's room.
"Niall got bit by a werewolf." I said
"Why didnt it heal?" She asked
"Because werewolf bites are fatal.... Niall is going to die" her face turned sad and tears came to her eyes, other than Harry Niall was her best friend. She came Into the room she pushed the hair back from Niall's forehead and held his hand his weak ice blue eyes caught hers he started to cry the tears rolling off the sides of his face. He started to cough
"Ellie go grab some blood" I said she ran off down the hall towards the kitchen I tried to relax Niall he started to cough up blood.
"Ellie!" I yelled
"I'm here!" She yelled coming into the room handing me a blood bag.
I looked at the bag 'A Positive'
"This is A Positive" I said
"So I just reached on and grabbed a random bag and came running" she said
"What's wrong with it?" She asked
"N-Nothing" I stuttered I ripped off the corner and put it to Niall's lips I elevated his head with my hand allowing him to drink.
"Where's Louis and Zayn?" Ellie asked
"I'm right here" Louis says from the door.
"I know what I have to do" Louis says
"What?" I ask
"The forest there's gotta be some kind of herb. I'll take the herb hand book and a bag and come home and I will make a cure for you Niall" Louis says he came up to Niall who desperately reached for him Louis put his hand on his cheek
"Your not dying Niall, not here not ever. Forever and always remember?" Louis says Niall weakly nodded
"I'm going to kill those wolves." Louis says
"There's to many of them. Wait till Niall is better then ill go with you Zayn will come too" I said
"Sounds like a plan" Louis says his eyes flicking to me
"Just please Louis avoid them today." I begged
"I will Liam." He says
"Swear to me." I said Louis looked down at his hand and walked over to me. I got my hand ready.
Louis scratched his hand cutting it open I did the same we put our hands together.
"I swear on this blood oath I will avoid them. If I don't obey this blood oath my my blood ignite in fire." Louis said taking his hand away I nodded to him he took my leather back pack and grabbed the small herb book off the shelf.
"So long Liam. Make Niall a blood laced tea." He instructed before jumping down from the deckless patio french door. I saw him run into the woods.... By himself
"Please be safe" I whispered
"Did you hear what he said?" I asked Ellie
"Make him a blood laced tea on it" she said
"Thank you Ellie." I said I hugged Niall close to me.
"Niam for life eh? I wish that was a pinky promise I could count on. You better not die on me Niall. I can't live without you, your my best friend in the whole world...I need you"

(Louis POV)

I didn't hear any growling but I went up in the trees in case I sat on a branch with my back to the trunk and my legs stretched out along the branch. I opened the book to listed a bunch of herbs with pictures (Authors Note: all of these herbs I made up... So some of the names might be stupid sorry! ACTION)
There was all sorts of herbs here. I climbed down half way there was no growling... What is it? Grooming day? I laugh out loud in a little chuckle but stiffen because I could be being hunted. I see a yellow greenish herb that looks like lavender. I go forward using camera speed and put the book beside it
"Yep... That's MoonSpruce" I whisper to myself I take out one of the zip lock bags and the a few stocks of it. It says here it hurts werewolves. On second thought. I take every stock I can and out it in one of the baggies I drop it into the leather back pack. I move on and find a bunch of other herbs and stuff. I put then in zip lock baggies sandwich size ziplock bags and label them with a sharpie
Then I stumble across a blood red herb that looks like lavender and stands about half of my arm, I went forward examining it I didn't wanna gave to go back into the book and blah blah blah... I reached out to grab it when it burnt me I recoiled my hand and shook it
"Ow. Mother fucker." I said. I thought if stomping on the bush but then again the wolves could get there hands on it surely they were one step behind me finding out about this herb. I put my hands on side the sleeves of my denim jacket and picked up as much as I could fit in the little Baggie but then I filled another, what could I say? There was alot of this shit and the last thing I needed was their bites and them having their paws on Bloodrose. I chuckled again. I am on fire. Paws? There wolves? I smiled to myself I put the bags in my Liam's leather back pack and put the book in as well. I did up the bag and put it over my shoulders.
I started to walk through the woods when I heard a growl. I turned around to see about 3 wolves. I waved awkwardly
"Fancy seeing you here" I said the one in the front snarled at me but then halted halted his anxious wolves. He chuffed but then turned into a human clearly these guys didnt mind being naked because he stood right up no shame in flaunting around his family jewels
"Want some clothes?" I asked
"What are you speaking of?" He asks in a strong Indian accent
"See these? These are clothes..." I said speaking slowly like I was talking to a slow person I pulled on my top and my jacket he looked me over
"One of my culture should not wear any of that shameful objects" he says I brought my brows together
"Do you have women where you come from? Cause ya know they all walk around flaunting their-" he cut me off
"Enough you mindless blood sucker!" He yelled I jumped a little. He walked towards me I felt un comfortable. Please don't notice the bag please don't notice the bag.
"I will not harm you, not today." He said
Does that count as I shouldn't avoid them I remembered me and Liam's blood oath.
"Ok then same goes for you then" I said
"Why did you come to our woods?" The wolf asks
"Look pal I was here first. I was here before your mother pushed you out of her whom. If this is any of our woods it's mine." I said
"Oh really?" He says
"I'm not trying to provoke you or anything but it's true"
"My pack, was lead before me by hundreds of men. They go back for a total of one hundred years. How long have you lived your frozen life?" He asked
"139 years" I said
"It's my 140th birthday soon, maybe I could send you an invitation? Do any of you want one?" I asked the bear like wolves behind him they growled
"Watch your smart tone I'd hate to do what we did to that curly one." He said I felt my blood start to boil.
"That curly one had a name it was Harry. He also had a human girl who loved him dearly. He had a sister a mother a father. You killed someone who's life was taken from him without his consent it was not his fault he was a vampire you killed an innocent human trapped in a frozen at 18 year old body." I said harshly
"By you." He said
"You took his life." He said
"How did you know that?" I asked
"He told me"
"He what?" I asked
"Yeah. He old me all about your coven, lets see there's Liam the moral one. There's Niall the always blood thirsty blonde one the one James bit.. Then there's Zayn. The one who never comes out to play because he has a human daughter named Delilah."
"And don't let me forget your human lovers, Ellie who curly was going to turn and then there's you. Your the one who got a human pregnant and she gave birth to your two baby boy twins." He adds.
I look at him in shock. All of this information was recent. Harry was dead before Olivia even knew she was having twins. Harry was dead before Niall got bit.
"Are you confused on this information?" He asked
"No not at all... But how dud you know about my sons and Niall's bite?" I asked
"I told you how I got my information now if you'll excuse me I have business to do." He said turning back into a wolf and running with inhuman or wolf speed threw the woods.

(Authors note: Im going to do this more often... Suggest songs for the readers. The song for right now is Over Again by One Direction)

I stood there confused... He couldn't have known all that stuff. He must have a spy or something. Harry was dead....right? He died protecting me. I remember the heart breaking screams like it was yesterday. He had to be dead. As much as I hated to believe it.
"Harry!" I yelled as loud as I could dragging out his name
"Harry!" I yelled again looking up to the sky yelling as loud as my body would allow me.
"Harry!" I yelled once more birds flew out of the trees
"Harry! If your out there! Please show me!" I yelled nothing happened
"He's dead." A voice came from behind me I looked back to see another naked guy. Werewolf. He pulled on some sort of cloth thing to cover up his jewels which I silently thanked him for.
"He's dead." He repeated
"How do you know?" I asked
"Do you want proof?" He asked
"I would love some proof." He walked towards me and handed me Harry's bracelets he was wearing that day. My heart sank when I saw they were bloody. I felt tears well up
"He was your mate wasn't he?" He asked
"Yeah he was my friend." I said looking down at the string bracelets and the black blood stained links.
"I don't mean mate... I mean mate, mate. Like you loved him." He said I looked up at him putting the bracelets in the side pocket of the back pack.
"I did love him." I said as a tear rolled down my cheek a look of guilt passed through him
"You can come out now" he said slightly looking behind him
"What?" I asked as my heart rate quickened
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