I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



19. Seriously Fuck Off Louis

(Harry's POV)

I walk in the back door of the house I sigh as I see Louis in the kitchen he glares at me, I roll my eyes and walk up to my room I punch the wall making a big hole. My anger towards Ellie was just burning inside me. Who the fuck does she think she is telling me gat to do? I could rip her throat out before she could even shriek for help. I sat on the edge of my bed gripping my curls in my hands. I heard my door open I looked up and saw Louis
"I got a call from Ellie..." He says
"Cool" I said
"3 people?" He says
"I don't wanna talk about it Louis" I said not raising my head
"3 fucking people!" He yelled
"I don't wanna fucking talk about it!" I yelled back looking him dead in the eyes
"Is this how you look at your victims with hate in the eyes, your heartless, not even following my rules who do you think you are, the authority will come for you if you go over the edge Harry" Louis says
"Seriously go away" I said
"Harry I don't want that to happen we couldn't be a coven let alone a band with out you" he says
"Go away Louis, I can do what I want I, my own person" I said
"Your not a person your a fucking monster" he said coldly
"Seriously Fuck off Louis" I hissed he didn't leave
"Shame on you speaking to your maker like this-" I cut him off by throwing him against the wall and tackling him down straddling his waist her bared his fangs at me I squeezed his shoulders breaking them under my fingers he cried out in pain.
"Louis?!" Fable Olivia's younger sister at about 16 called concerned
"Fable stay away!" Louis hissed I smirked down at him
"No Harry no!" Louis says
"Shall I say hello to an old friend?" I said
"Harry she's your friend too! Don't hurt her" he says I smirk at him he takes my throat in his hands I don't react I'm to strong I take his wrist in my hand and squeeze it he whimpers
"Louis I'm coming in!" Fable says
"No!" Louis yells
"Why not I can help!" She says
"Fable No!" Louis says I smash his ribs with my hands and stand up
"Harry no dont hurt her!" He begs grabbing at my feet clutching his ribs crying now the blood tears rolling down from his eyes I use vampire speed I open the door and grab Fable as if you use her as a human shield
"Harry No!" Louis yells
"You want to control me?" I said Fable was crying in my hold
"While I'm this strong? You wanna stop me from feeding on human blood?" I said
"Please" Louis begs breathlessly
"Just try and stop me" I said as I snapped her neck and let her fall to the ground at my feet stomach first her face towards the stairs not looking at Louis
"No! You monster!" Louis yells I hear his bones go back into place he crawls towards Fable and turns her around he cradles her in his lap he gives her his blood
"What happened?" Liam says coming out of his room
"Liam fuck off!" I hiss he looks at me with curiosity
"Liam I said.. Fuck off!" I snarled
"Who are you?" He asked
"Your worst nightmare" I said he growled at me but left into his room Louis looked up at me wiping away his tears and glares up at me before I know it Louis tackles me over the railing the wooden railing making a horrible sound and we fall down Louis lands on me. I quickly reverse him and raise a piece of the broken railing over his heart
"No Harry my baby!" He yells I shake my head
"It's going to kill Olivia... But why wait once your gone theres no one to protect her" I said
"Harry please!" He yells
"Goodbye Louis" I said and went to stab the stake into his heart ending him when I felt a horrible pain go through me I dropped the stake my ears popping the stake landing with a thud I look down and see a piece of wood sticking through me I gasp for air coughing I fall off of Louis into my side I look up to see Olivia the little baby belly and all.
"That's for Fable!" She yelled I felt my my breaths shortening I tasted blood. I looked up at the ceiling feeling the blood drain from me I wasn't healing because of the wood,
"What happened!" I shriek said I look up and see Niall hovering over me, the knees of his jeans covered in blood same with his hands Ellie beside him crying
I reached out my grey hand to her
"I love you" I mouthed
"No no!" Se said taking it
"What did you do?!" Niall yelled to Louis my breath was shaking then and there I realized, I was crying.
"Harry!" More yells came Liam and Zayn most likely I heard thumps and they hovered over me
"What happened?" They all asked I looked around them all
"Lads Harry has been drinking human blood behind our backs" I saw Zayn and Liam's gazes grow dark
"What traitor" they said I tried to say something but I coughed up blood instead. I looked to the side I was growing a dark blue my veins popping my curls loosing color my eyes growing dull yellow instead of green
"Harry stay with me!" Niall begged I shook my head
"We can't just let him die! It's Harry!" He yelled to the others Liam gave the others a stern look and then leaped forward crashing to his knees getting blood on his black trousers and soaking his white converse he tried to pull out the stake that's when I made a sound a loud one a deep throaty scream
"Daddy?" I heard Delilah's voice
"Del-Delilah" I said looking up at her Zayn turned and saw her
"Delilah no!" He yelled I reached out my blod soaked hand. Delilah and I have grown very close she stood near the broken railing where Fable lay dead. Zayn used vampire speed to get up the stairs and take away Delilah from my sight
I saw a simple flash of guilt in Louis' eyes when I passed through them
"Harry I gotta take it out before its to late" Liam says
I nod squeezing my eyes shut Niall's hand slips into mine I squeeze tightly
"Don't pull it out!" Louis commands
"Screw what you think!" Niall says
"Do it Liam!" He says to Liam
"Liam don't!" Louis says
I look up into Liam's eyes he nods at me I squeeze my eyes shut again and then I feel the stake leaving my back scraping my heart. I've never been so close to death before. I gasp for air
"Why did you do that Liam?! He diserved it!" Louis hissed
"No one deserves death Louis" Liam said sternly looking down at me his newly re grown of hawk had a little bit of blood in it Niall looked down at me.
"Your not healing" Niall said
"He needs blood" Liam says
"I'll grab some blood bags" Niall says Liam grabs his arm
"Fresh blood." We look over at Louis
"Life and death" Liam says
"You decide the fate Of Harry it's your command Louis" Liam adds
Louis takes a draw of breath.
"Death" he says looking up at Olivia.
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