I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



24. Not In My Nature

(Harry's POV)


"Harry can I ask something big of you?" Louis asks I look at him
"Sure what do you need?" I asked
"I need you to keep a secret, a huge secret. Can you do that for me?" He asked. I nodded
"Yeah" I said he leans closer from his chair
"Have you ever thought of super natural beings?" He asked I swallowed hard my heart starts to beat fast.
"W-What kind of s-super natural b-beings?" I ask nervously stuttering.
"Vampires" He said I looked at him we were in my private dressing room. He was a Vampire?
"A-are you a V-vampire?" I asked leaning away swallowing hard.
"Yes" I went to move away when Louis used such speed to reach and grab my forearms
"Harry I'm still me" he said I started to shake and tears started to form in my eyes.
"I'm still me" he says soothingly I starts to breath heavily through my nose my breaths shaky.
"Don't be afraid" he said
"Are you going to kill me?" I ask hardly audible he looked at me questionably
"You really think I would do that?" He asked my silence probably answered the question for him.
"I would NEVER hurt you Harry... Never." He says I still just sit there staring at him trying to keep the tears back.
"That's what they all say" I said staring him directly in the eyes
"Please Harry you have to believe me when I say that." Louis says I bite my lip nervously looking at him. When I tasted iron I looked up at Louis I had bit my lip open. Louis slowly looks up at me a crackling sound comes fom him as cracks start to form under his eyes and on his cheek bones.
He wers his lips with the tip of his tongue
"Harry go" he said
"What do you mean?" I asked
"Run, I don't wanna hurt you" he said I started to breath heavily again.
"Go!" He yelled I sprang up from my chair and started to run tripping over the untied lace on my converse I fell to the ground quickly getting up I just got to the door when I heard something sounding like wind behind me. I felt Louis' hands on my stomach pulling me back towards him against his cold hard body.
I went to scream when a hand covered my mouth and pulled me back I felt a sharp pain on my neck I screamed against Louis' hand it was so painful.
His hand was still on my stomach as he drank down my blood. He was killing me. I felt my heart rate slow and my eyes got heavy.
I squeezed Louis' leg with my hand as I desperately tried to take his hand off my mouth I felt my life ending I felt heavy on my legs I let myself fall all my weight resting on Louis hand on my stomach he let go of me and I fell to the ground landing on my side my eyes were to heavy I let them fall my ears started to ring. I opened my eyes once again my vision blurry.
"Harry!" Louis said kneeling beside me his voice sounded like it was miles away I just looked at him
"I'm so sorry Harry!" He yelled I look of him having an idea went into his eyes he picked up my wrist and bit it. Pain shot to my hand
He fed his blood into my mouth after biting his own wrist I swallowed greedily his blood tasted do good.
He sat me up so I was sitting my back to his stomach I was sitting inbetween his legs as he positions his hands on my chin. He kissed the top of my head.
"I'm sorry it's the only way" he said and then he turned my head roughly everything when black.

(Louis' POV)

I kissed the top of his head positioning my hands on his chin.
"I'm sorry it's the only way" I said. I snapped his neck he went limp in my arms I had to turn Harry or else he'd die.
I hugged him over his shoulders rocking back and forth crying.
I had just about drained my best friend. I kissed the top of his head again
"I'm so sorry" I whispered. There was nothing I could do now Harry was like me. That's all.

(Harry's POV)

I flt my eyelids shoot open I sucked in a huge breath Louis' arms let go of me I clutched my throat feeling the burning feeling.
"Harry." Louis says I look at him
"I'm sorry" he said
"What did you do to me?" I asked
"I had to turn you, you were dying" he said
"T-turn me?" I asked
"Yeah your like me now" he said I launched myself at him I full mounted him and pushed his holders down
"You what?! How could you!" I yelled
"Would you rather be dead?!" he yelled back
I pushed his back down harder I sat back on his waist I looked around feeling my eyes fill up with tears.
"So I'm dead?" I asked looking back down at him
"Not entirely" he said
"What happens now?" I asked
"We live forever" he said
"What about the boys we have to turn them too" I said trying to getup Louis grabs my hand
"Just me and you" he says
"Just me and you?" I asked he nodded
"Why can't we turn them?" I asked
"I just want you forever." He says
"But I want them" I said
"Harry, do you know what happens when you become a maker?" He asked
"No, I don't even know what a maker is." I said
"I just made you a vampire, hence I'm a maker. I'm your maker. Do you get it now?" He asked
"Ok, so what happens when you become a maker?" I asked
"I become protective of you, You mean a lot to me. Love" he said
"Love?" I asked looking down at him again
"Love" he said
"Please, do explain more about the love part" I said crossing my arms across my chest I adjust myself on Louis' hips he groans.
"Love as in care. And...and...." He said nervously
"So what you love me now?" I asked tilting my head
"I've always loved you"
"You know what I mean" he said I sigh
"I need a better answer Louis" I said
"How?" He asked
"What kind if love?!" I asked impatiently
" I don't know Love!" He said.
"Louis." I said
"Harry." He said
"Louis seriously" I said pinning his shoulders down again I was hovering over Louis
"What kind if love?" I asked
"Love, as in I'll follow you till the end of time" he said it was silent for a minute as we looked in to each other's eyes
Louis leaned up after I released his shoulders he put his lips on my neck and started to suck I closed my eyes he put his hands in my curls pulling them lightly he started to trail kisses down to my collar bonehead sat up keeping me on his lap he lowered his hands from my curls to putting them on my jaw my earlobes in between his index finger and his middle finger on both sides he kissed around my Adam's apple and down the middle of my chest.
I've never felt gay or bisexual towards Louis until this moment, it made me feel weird.
"Louis" I said it came out kind of like a breath being taken
"Yeah?" He says
"How come I've never felt like this before but ever since you changed me I just wanna rip your clothes off?" I asked he smiled against my neck which he had just returned to.
"That's the maker bond between us, your my first fledgling. It's natural, it changes both of us." He says I took his face in my hands
"Nothing going to happen. Not here not now." I said looking him in the eyes
"I know lets just let our nerves cool down" he said
"After I'm going to see the boys" I said
"No." He said pushing my back to the ground as he had his hands on either side of my face my knees at the sides of his hips
"Yes" I said
"Your so stubborn" he said shaking his head, smiling.
"Your selfish" I said smiling lightly
"Hey, I am not I just want you all to myself forever."
"The more the marrier" I said smirking he shook his head
"Shut up and kiss me you fool." He said he leaned down and I felt our lips meet. This maker bond was something else that's for sure I used my new vampire skills for the first time strength by pushing Louis against the wall, speed by racing up and pinning him against the wall and letting our lips meet he pushed me back onto my vanity knocking everything off of it a d standing inbetween my legs he held me by the throat he leaned down
"We're not changing the boys" he said his lips brushing mine. He pecked my lips
"Yes we are" I said
"Convince me to do it" he said
"If you don't change them I'll never give you any sexual attention again." I said he shook his head and tightened s eyes at me slightly smiling
"That's no fair" he said I kissed him roughly our tongues brushed
"It is fair now who shall we go to first? Niall? Liam?" I said
"Zayn" he said
"Zayn? Ok but I'm not sticking around to watch you make out with him." I said as I pushed him off of me and got up
"Don't be jealous" he said
"Oh please it's not in my nature" I said as he pushed the doors open.


I felt Louis' hand slipping out of mine again the memory was over. I look down at him. I swing my other arm around and grab his wrist with both hands I started to pull ignoring the ice sound. Right now I only wanted Louis to live even if it meant me dying. He had a baby at home, what did I have? Nothing.
"Harry stop you'll die!" He called up to me
"I don't care" I said
"Why are you doing this stop!" He yelled
"As your maker I command you stop!"
"As your fledgling, I'm not going to stop" I said as the cracking ice sound got louder.
"Harry please stop" he said as I sat up onto my knees and started to drag him higher I heard a wolf behind me I kicked back wards and felt my foot come in contact with a skull and felt it break under my foot
"Your not dying here Louis. Just forget about me. You have a baby to look after" I said the snapping sound happening again.
"Harry" I got Louis up from the cliff
"Harry No!" Louis yelled as I used the strength I had left to hurl him threw the air getting him away from the wolves. And me.
There was too many of me for me to handle. I was going to die here and I couldn't do anything about it.
I felt tears come to my eyes. The end was near, I can feel it.
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