I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



71. My Heart Will Go On

(Louis' POV) 

I got out of the tent and quietly zipped it up, yes Niall and Hailey had built a shelter but it was only big enough for two so while they shared that I built the tent I had in my pack. 
I walked out towards Harry and Karleigh.
Harry had leaned up resting his elbows on his knees picking at a piece of grain. I sat down next to Karleigh. 
"So what are you two up too?" I asked 
"Nothing." Harry said as he searched the sand for most likely a rock. I focused on Karleigh she was innocent right I didn't think she was trouble but I gut told me something I chose to ignore it. The three girls who had joined us have been nothing but amazing to us. 
"I'm glad you don't think I'm trouble anymore Louis" Karleigh says as he started to draw in the sand with the tip of an arrow 
"How'd you...?" I was confused 
"I'm a mind reader" she said I concentrated on her 
"I think your power is amazing but if you'd stay out my head that would be amazing." I said she smiled 
"Sir yes sir" she said I nodded 
I kissed karleigh on the cheek goodnight and hugged Harry I quietly got back into the tent Liam rustled anxiously in his sleep beside Zayn. I looked at him until I realized he looked to be in pain I quickly got over to him and woke him up he looked me over panting 
"What was it?" I asked he looked up at me 
"It felt like what I imagined death to be like..." He said I took a deep breath and hugged Liam close to me 
"Everything's gunna be ok Liam, we'll be home soon.  When we get there we'll get in the cars and leave." I said 
"Where are we supposed to go? We can't just leave were famous people." Liam says I sigh 
"Liam I know that house is our home but I have a plan."
"To do what? Burn it down we can't just do that Louis" Liam begs as a few tears stream down his cheeks. 
I hugged him again 
"Liam I need you to understand if we stay here near these wolves and god knows what those panthers are able to do. I just wanna keep you guys alive" I said I looked over at Kelsey and then back to Liam. 
"We could do that at the house, we can get the panthers on our side. I don't wanna move I don't wanna live anywhere else." He said 
"Liam what if the panthers want us dead just as much as the wolves?" I asked 
"But if they wanted us dead why would that panthers help us? He told us where Zayn was" Liam said 
"Which almost killed me. What if that is what he wanted to happen? He knows I would never let any of my fledglings die no matter what. He knew the house was going to collapse he knew I would be in there then guess what? Me and Zayn would be dead and you guys would be emotionally damaged and vulnerable. And most of all you'd be clueless On my what to do." I said Liam thought it over he laid down again 
"Something just doesn't feel right. I feel like were missing a piece of the puzzle" he says 
"Maybe were missing the whole thing?" I said I nodded at Liam hugging him one more time and went back and laid down closing my eyes. 

(Harry's POV) 

Karleigh leaned over me as we kissed our pace was slow and gentle, my eyes were closed Karleigh pushed my back down onto the sand I smiled against her lips she straddled my hips and put her hands on my bare chest. I couldn't help but feel like we were the perfect couple the song from Titanic played in my head I smiled against her lips as she kneeled down to kiss me she leaned away and looked at me and tilted her head 
"What?" I asked 
"Why is the song My Heart Will Go On playing in your head?" She asked I smirked and then it turned into a full on wide grin I giggled and held her hand placing them on my chest 

(Play My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion :))

"I don't know..." I said giggling once more. 
"Wait do you smell that?" She asked sniffing 
"No, what is it" I asked attempting to sit up 
"Hold on." She said pushing my back down again. 
"No babe what is it?" I asked 
"It smells like... Blood" she said 
"Well Niall did spill blood on Haley's clothes and were in the water she washed them in..." I said
"No it's strong, I smell like a lot of it." she said 
"Karleigh.... Your freaking me out, should I get Louis?" I asked quietly 
"Look over at the tents" she whispered not even looking at me I looked over they were concealed by bush. 
"What's the problem?" I asked
"Wolves are near, we must hide quickly" she whispered I nodded I picked her up and ran across the rocks and jumped threw the water fall we landed on the other side, I held Karleigh against me as the wolves trotted into our camp the water up to Karleigh's breasts. 
"See? Their not here I told you." The one wolf said 
"Hey shut up. I know I heard something." 
"Your losing it man lets get out of here it reeks" the wolf said the other one chuffed 
"Fine, we'll keep heading east" he growled and they took off 
"Thank god" Karleigh whispered I looked down at her 
"I love you" I blurted out she looked up at me she weakly smiled at me I returned it I put my hands on her cheeks and kissed her she held my wrists and kissed me back with the same passion. 
It felt amazing kissing Karleigh I might have said that before but it did. 
I back her into a rock she smiled against my lips I lifted her up she hugged my waist with her legs 

(You don't have to keep playing My Heart Will Go On I know how annoying that song can get :)) 

"Harry?" Louis said I disconnected my lips I put my forehead on Karleigh's I pecked her lisp and led her out of the water we quickly swam to shore, my jeans clung to my skin my shirt stuck to Karleigh 
"Oh Hazz what are you going to sleep in now?" Louis asked 
"I won't sleep, I'll take watch until , clothes dry, Karleigh ca wear her shirt to bed while that one drys" I said 
"But you need your sleep" Louis said 
"I'll be fine I'll drink a blood bag in the morning." I said 
"Ok but if you feel like your gunna fall asleep wake me up ok?" Louis said I nodded 
Louis took off his wind breaker and un zipped his sweater handing me both of them, he knew we don't get cold. 
"Put these on, just looking at you makes me remember what being cold was like." He said I nodded taking the sweaters I landed a peck on Karleigh's lips she took off my shirt Louis handed her her's. she put it on and walked into the tent. Louis after her, in a few minutes everything went quiet. I was bored after a while I started humming songs and drawing in the sand. Bored. I got up I flattened all the sand out with a tree branch covered in leaves and took a stick and wrote down all the lyrics to "Torn" after that I walked along it whispering all the lyrics. 
I sighed at the end I quickly erased it with the branch and ran around vampire speed messing up the sand so it didnt look to neat. I hated having to cover up my tracks. 
I sat my back against a tree bored once again. 
I went around the shore line collecting pebbles. I threw them into the water. 
What am I supposed to do? I'm all out of things to do, I sigh and wish I had something to read or something to draw or write in.  My pants were pretty dry I ran around trying to get them to air dry, I stopped after 3 laps of the area and they were pretty dry. 
I sighed and kept going I started to hum Viva La Vida. Humming turned into singing and before I knew it I had completed 20 laps it may seem like a lot but when you run faster than a fighter jet it's not a lot. I could win a race against a race car on foot. 
The other boys weren't so lucky, some of them didnt get speed like me, Liam had speed when he was human you know being a track star and all... 
Your power grew with age, Louis is 139 years old in vampire years I'm 2 pretty much 3 and I can probably beat him in a race. But the odds are in his favor. When I got back to the beach I wasn't feeling tired any more I sprinted forward and did a front flip. I landed it a smiled I did a back flip, cart wheel a flip off a tree, I landed them all and in jeans... God I loved being a vampire. 
I did 3 front flip and landed perfectly I was having way to much fun for sleep I heard wolves in the distance I did a flip and climbed in to a tree just above the tents I landed my feet on branches it was those two wolves again
"I'm just telling you there's no one here." 
"Just shush ok Dennis?' The one snapped at him 
"Holy shit someone needs a nap" Dennis shoots back 
"I can't see anything with my naked eye, we'll bring Loren by tomorrow." 
"But Carlos, there's nothing here" Dennis says 
"Were bringing Loren bac tomorrow Dennis, ok? Don't you want that reward I want that vamp's head" Carlos says I knew they were talking about me I had the slightest feeling of fear. I missed my footing I dug my fingers into the tree holding on my feet dangling they looked in my direction
"Must be a squirrel lets go" Dennis said they ran away my fingers slipped from the tree I fell I broke my tail bone I heard the snap I snapped my wrist and broke my leg I closed my eyes I felt my tail bone snap back into place I grunted as I positioned my wrist allowing the bones to mend. My leg snapped back into place I got up I crawled into the tent my pants dry, I laid my chest against Karleigh's back I held her close to me and finally went to sleep. 

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