I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



67. Missed A Step

(Play Secrets by One Republic) 

(Niall's POV) 

I pushed the wolf I turned around the look of shock crossed Harry's face and then he jumped forward towards me reaching out his hand I was tugged down off the bridge I free fell until I crashed into the warm water. I desperately kicked at the rocks on the bottom. I heard the wolf howl as he fell down the water fall I desperately was kicking and grabbing 
"Niall!" Harry yelled I saw Hailey, Harry and Zayn's heads pop out I kicked and kicked surely if I had fed I would have been fine I felt zero energy left I still tried but I was moving with the current. Water splashing my face as I fought against the water.
"No!" Harry yelled 
"Niall!" I heard Zayn yelled I looked up to see Hailey do I flip off the bridge I was close to the water fall. She splashed in and surfaced 
"Niall swim to me!" She yelled I tried to swim to her I looked up at Zayn and Harry they got up 
"Don't you dare jump you two!" I yelled up 
"Were coming to get you!" Harry yelled 
 "No!" I snapped 
"Harry you have to get to Louis! Zayn make sure he gets there! Hailey and I will find you!" I called up. They looked at each other 
"Were coming back for you!" Zayn yelled and they were gone I focused on Hailey again I kicked and splashed. She reached out he hand she had Louis' pack hooked on a rock I noticed the strap slipping 
"Hailey the strap!" I yelled when it slipped off we were both trying now the pack floated by me I snatched it slipping it on my back buckling it over my chest I dived under the water grabbing onto a rock trying to rock climb under the water it wasn't working it was like the current was getting stronger and stronger. All we had to do was hold up until Zayn and Harry got back. 
Hailey missed a step and stumbled into the water I grabbed onto her hand as she went by it was to much weight for the rock that was holding me it gave out and we were pushed further down the river we desperately kicked at the ground hoping for a rock to catch us, it was no use but I wouldn't give up who knew what was at the bottom of the waterfall. I kicked I found a rock but it would only hold us for a few minutes maybe even seconds everything was happening so fast.

(Once again... Listen to Epic Blockbuster Trailer Music) 

I gripped onto a rock with my black supra under water I tried my best but my strength was to low I tried to get Hailey up to stabilize herself but it was no use. 
I had to pull the weight of first myself, Louis' pack and Hailey. It was a lot of weight for a vampire who hasn't fed yet. 
I yelled loudly trying to pull Hailey against the current when I heard an icy sound. Louis had told me about this. When Harry had tried to save him that one time his arms made an icy sound, it was confusing actually but I had no time to think about that. 
I looked back at Hailey 
"We can't stay like this forever" I said she looked me in the eyes 
"Let me go" she said 
"No" I said 
"Niall your to weak to hold me, just let me go" she said 
"No Hailey I'm not letting you go" I said 
"Niall, just let me go. Tell them I didn't make it but I was brave till the end" she said 
"Why are you still talking like I'm actually thinking about doing it?" I asked her 
"You deserve to live Niall" she said 
"Yeah I might but you do as well" I said 
She was about to say something when she looked forward 
"Niall look out!" She yelled I looked forwards and saw a big crate I was to late to move, the ox pushed me I got out of the way of it I tried to get my footing whn I was dragged off of the water falls ledge. I screamed. 

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