I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



73. Let Me Go

(Louis' POV) 

The rest of us reached the house, it was silent 
"Harry?" I said 
"Niall?" I looked in the windows I didn't see them I closed my eyes my maker senses told me they were inside I remembered I had the key I fished it put of my pocket and unlocked the door I walked in the others following me 
"Louis it's a tra-" Niall's voice rings out but is cut off with a hit sound and a grunt of pain. I walk threw the door way my heart sinks.. 

(Play Hurt Christina Aguilera) 

There were two big buff wolves holding Niall and Harry wooden knives held to their throats I swallowed hard I sent Liam and the others away keeping them out of the house I told Liam I would summon him if I needed him and the others 
"Just you?" The wolf asked I nodded 
"Please just let them go" I said stepping forward the wolf must have pressed the knife harder into Niall's throat he winces and grunted I stopped moving 
"How'd you get in here?" I asked 
"Oh please don't tell me you forgot about little old me" the female voice rang from my left, I looked over and saw Layla. Wielding a wooden knife she threw it at me I dodged it it stabbed into the wall behind me where my head would've been. 
"What do you want?" I demanded 
"Revenge you killed my father, my family so in return I get to kill one of your family members so, I'm giving you the chance choose one of these boys and I get the other one." She said I swallowed 
 "No" I said 
"Well of you don't choose I get both of them, you have 30 minutes tick tock... Make a choice..." She said I looked Harry and Niall over, of course I couldn't choose. 

(Zayn's POV) 

Liam led us up to the roof where the skylight was above Louis, Harry and Niall. 
"Liam the glass is reinforced we aren't going to break it." I said 
"We don't have to break it... We just have to remove it." Liam said looking at me he took the combat knife out of the case on his belt and started to scrape at the sticky stuff keeping the window down.

(Liam's POV)

Karleigh watched as the wolf held the knife to her lover. Then a thought sparked... Ellie!!!! I sent Louis a mind message 

"Ellie! Can you hear Ellie?!" I asked him 
"That's right! Ellie..." Louis shoots back into my mind I wait a minute still working at the window 
"I hear her, she's hiding somewhere, one of you need to silently climb down the chimney and find her" Louis instructed I looked at Zayn. 
"Go in quietly and find Ellie..." I said 
"Why is she important right now? We need to help Harry and Niall." Zayn said
I thought for a moment I just shook my head and worked on the window more.

-19 minutes later- 

I had the window done. Now it was to silently lift it. 
We tried to lift it but some sticky stuff still remained I swore under my breath and took my knife out again. I did another quick round and popped it up, Zayn and the girls lifted it up they placed it on the roof we positioned ourselves. Getting ready to jump. 

(Play Already gone by Kelly Clarkson) 

(Louis' POV) 

I stood when I heard hollers of triumph I looked up and saw Liam and the others they landed shocked the wolves didnt know what to do Harry jabbed the one guy with his elbow and punched his face snapping his neck and Niall took the other wolves arm and pulled him over slamming him onto his back then Niall stomped on his throat crushing it I saw Layla try to make a break for it I chased after her, her speed why supernatural making her a chase... 

(Play Radioactive by Imagine Dragons) 

(Harry's POV) 

There was no time for hugs more wolves dropped threw the sky roof wolf for, we all ran down a separate hall I took the back hall running my white converse squeaking on the tile floors I heard the thuds of the wolves after me I panted not knowing where to go I looked left to right I ran threw the right hall I hated how the house was so big. I jumped up pulling myself up onto the second floor my body collided with Niall's we fell down rubbing our heads. I nodded to Niall we got up running I grabbed Niall's waist 
"What are you doing?!" He asked I threw him up into the air he grabbed the third floor railing I took the pack of wolves that was chasing him leading them away from him, I ran as fast as I could I slid into a wall but kept going. I heard heavy breathing followed by a heart racing. I followed it why was a human in the house? 
I ran towards the heart beats. I quickly ran into a room shutting the door the wolves ran by I breathed heavily it was dark in the room I turned around and felt my face hit someone else's. a light flicked on and I was face to face with Ellie.

(Louis' POV)

I ran down a hall followed by wolves. I jumped down from the third floor landing hard on the kitchen counter I groaned I ran by grabbing the knife block I took a knife out and threw it behind me it went into a wolves skull I smirked and kept running. 
I saved the meat cleaver for last. I looked for that big white wolf 
I hid around a corner I wolf came slowly around I brought the meat cleaver down hard onto the back of his neck. He howled but fell to the ground I smirked I ran off again I went to run threw into the living room when I saw wolves standing inside the ran for me I yelped and slammed the door I ran down to hall I ran into Zayn's side falling down 
"Oh shit sorry" Zayn said I groaned 
"It's fine go ill lead them away" I said he nodded I took off down the hall. 

(Liam's POV)

I ran down the hall wolves hot on my trail I saw a bench I picked it up like it was nothing and turned around smashing it over the heads of three wolves in the front shattering their skulls I dusted off my hands but the other wolves came around the corner 
"Fuck" I said and ran down the hall full speed. 

(Play How You Like Me Now? By The Heavy) 

(Niall's POV)

I ran around the third floor I reached a dead end. I swore under my breath turning around I stripped myself of my wind breaker I tied it around the railing. I grabbed on and swung down landing on the second floor railing. I couldn't get my wind breaker back off so I ran without it. I jumped that railing landing on the main floor I got up and a pack saw me they charged at me I ran threw the double French doors into the dinning room I ran and slid along the 20 seating dining table that was set knocking the dishes and glasses off. I slid till the end and made a break for it threw the other door. I ran there was something about this that I found fun. I ran I grabbed a framed picture off the wall and threw it back it smashed off a wolf's face I laughed my signature laugh, I kept running I smirked and kept running. I saw the wall had been chewed by termites I got down and slid under it. I got up kneeling the wolves smashed into the wall leaving holes that's stop them for a while I ran threw the open door way. Laughing and giggling
"What's so funny Niall?" Louis' voice rang from beside 
"I don't know but you have to admit this is kinda fun" I said Louis smirked 
"Leave it to you to find something like this funny. We have to find a way to close that window on the roof, help me?" Louis asked  
"You got it, how do we get up there?" I asked 
"Find Harry, her him to do what he did to you throwing you up, yeah I saw that and yes it was pretty cool or we can just climb up." Louis said answering all my comments before I even said them. 
"I don't even know where Harry is so lets just climb" I said Louis nodded 
"Lets go then" he said 

(Play Try by Pink) 

(Harry's POV)

"How are you still alive?" I asked her 
"I've been hiding" she said 
"I mean food wise and all that stuff why didnt you leave? Did they kill Delilah?" I asked she looked at me 
"When Zayn dropped her off who ever was taking care of her came back a day later saying something came up I took Delilah back here and when the wolves came I hid her in the best place I could think off and hid myself." She said 
"You left her alone?!" I asked a little to loudly wolves started running towards us I groaned and kicked a hole threw the wall and ran threw it dragging Ellie by the hand. I told her to run down the hall to the secret entrance
"Harry! I've spent the last three months thinking you were dead do you know how much I've been threw? And your just going to send me off?" She asked I sighed I picked her up and ran her to the entrance she grabbed my shirt and kissed me with our eyes closed I felt my crackles come out, I wasn't use to kissing a human. I pulled away 
"Stay hidden" I told her I turned away from her starting to walk 

(Play In My Veins by Andrew Belle) 

(Harry's POV) 

"Harry" Ellie whispers from behind me I turned around 
"I'm pregnant.... It's yours" she said I stood tense 
Karleigh, Ellie... 
I closed my eyes I walked forwards lifting her up under her arm pits and put her in the secret room 
"I'm 4 months" she said I still hadn't said anything she grabbed below my chin and lifted my eyes to meet hers a tear streamed down my cheek I looked into her eyes. I still didnt say anything 
"Say something please." She said I opened my mouth to say something nothing came out. I felt dizzy I felt a storm of butterflies in my stomach.
"Harry" Ellie said impatiently I folded my lips together and leaned away from her. 
"Why aren't you saying anything?" She asked 
"I need to help the boys..." I finally got some words out. Ellie hooded I landed a shaky kiss to her forehead being away from Ellie for so long the amnesia had kicked in since she was human, but when I saw her I knew I knew her. And when she told me all of those things it all came flashing back hitting me like an 18 wheeler truck. 
I slowly backed away the secret door closed I stopped walking and punched the wall. I sank down the wall. Some part of me wished the wolves would find me. I didn't want a baby. I didn't want to have another person on my list to worry about. I didn't want another person to protect. I closed my eyes then it flashed. 


I had the little girl between my legs playing with her I could place her name, I sat by watching myself play with this beautiful little girl, her hair a chocolate brown her eyes as green as an emerald ring-pop. I held her tiny hands in mine. 
I was a figure in my own future, I couldn't be seen or heard. I didn't see Ellie anywhere I heard laughing and music 
"Is that Mommy?" I asked 
She made a cute baby sound I looked down at her my eyes examining her beautiful error-less face. 
"C'mon beautiful lets go" u sad picking her up and putting her on my shoulders I ducked low enough to get her under the doorway. I entered the room following myself. I looked around everybody smiled at the little girl on my shoulders. 
What was her name? Where were we? All these questions I couldn't ask. I was pulled out of my vision when I strong hand grabbed my throat and lifted me off the floor I pulled at him hand the other wolves opened the door tugging Ellie out 
"No no no!" I yelled before my head was smashed against the wall... 

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