I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



54. Last Breaths

(Louis' POV)

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Me and Zayn run through the woods I anticipated this moment for the longest time it was finally here. We were finally seeing Harry we were bringing him home. I couldn't wait for this moment. I couldn't wait to wrap my arms around Harry. I couldn't wait to take in his scent to feel his curls on my cheek. To know he was going to home again with us it felt amazing. Like the puzzle was complete.
This was happening my heart beat quickened
"Louis stop!" Zayn yelled I turned around but it was to late the wolves surrounded me.
"Zayn run!" I yelled
"No! I can't leave you!" He said
"Zayn run! Please just go get Liam and Niall!" I shouted Zayn shook his head
"I can't leave you it's not happening!" Zayn said
"Zayn go!" I shouted Zayn growled but took off jumping into the trees I looked around the circle of giant wolves.
I nodded.
They parted Chief Galasko walked through them his taller wolf body towering over mine I looked up at him
"You can hurt me just don't touch my family. I swear to god." I said
"Family? Do you really think they care about you?" He said I knew what he was doing
"You don't even know them! They care" I said
"Because they have too!" Galasko snapped at me
"Who do you think you are?!" I growled
"I think I'm the person who's opening your eyes. They are supposed to care about you. Your their maker they are your slaves they do your bidding."
"Do my bidding? Are you serious or are you just plan out stupid. I would kill my self before I let any of them get hurt."
"Funny you've got yourself in that situation haven't you. Now how old did you say you were?" He asks me
"I'm 139 years old" I said
"Your weak for your age" he said
"I'm strong enough to take you on" I said tackling him back he told his wolves to stay back as we faught I didn't let him get his teeth anywhere near me. We rolled and swatted at each other this fight was the most toughest one I've ever been in and I wasn't sure if I was going to loose or not.
Being in my situation I sent my last fledging away. I had to lure them away from Harry's position. I heard a water fall I looked behind me and saw a cliff and a rushing water fall. I swung myself onto Galasko's back riding him like a horse. He flung me off causing me to fly through the air I flew over to the edge of the cliff he slowly walked over to me he dropped his paw down on my chest I squeezed it with my hands breaking it I rolled away when he knocked me over the cliff I free fell down it was a long drop I was going back first I heard a bunch of celebrating howls. I guess they earned the right to celebrate I was a goner right?

(Liam's POV)

Zayn reaches us out of breath
"What's going on?" Me and Niall ask as we drop from the trees
"They surrounded Louis! They're gunna kill him!" Zayn yells
"No! They can't!" Niall said running
"Niall don't theres like 50 wolves" I said stopping him
"That doesn't mean we can just let Louis get thrown around!" Niall yelled
Then it hits me like a brick wall.

Louis getting hit off the cliff what he was feeling pure fear and sadness. As he plumits to his death. Back first.
"Grab onto the wall Louis!"
"Grab onto something!" I yelled
"What?" I realize I had yelled that out loud Niall and Zayn looked at me
"It's to late Louis' dead" I said sadly
"No!" Niall yelled
"Harry's next" I breathed out
"No way. I'm not letting this happen!" Niall yelled and before we could stop him he took off we had no choice but to follow him until we too were surrounded.
We stood together the wolves stared at us
"This isn't over yet guys we have a chance." Niall whispers low enough only for vampire hearing
"Niall protect us." Zayn whispers
"Liam look for a weak spot I got us shielded" Niall whispered I looked for the weak spots.
So far there was none, but my powers felt like they were weakening. Louis dying might cause our powers to dissapear if that's true then were all doomed.
I couldn't get the image of Louis falling out of my head it just kept playing in my mind I felt the tears fall from my eyes I jumped at the closest wolf to me out of anger when I felt the sharp pain in my side. It bit me. Deep.

(Niall's POV)

I saw Liam fall he had ran out of the shield.
"No!!!" I yell
"Liam!!" I yelled he fell to his knees and then onto his back I felt my whole world come crashing down around me. My maker, My curly firend and now my best friend? It's on!
"Zayn grab my hands" I instructed him he grabbed my hands
"On 3 swing me" I said he nodded
"1" I whispered
"2" Zayn whispered
"3" we yelled Zayn sung me around and my feet came in contact with 10 wolves' skulls I came back down back to back with Zayn again.
"Well that didnt do much" I muttered
"Didnt even make a dent" Zayn says I let out a sigh
"Lets do this Zayn." I said
"For Louis" Zayn said
"For Liam" I said
"For the Tomlinson Coven" we both said and I pushed my shield around us and we ran for the front wolves throwing punches and killing.

(Louis' POV)

I held onto the lose branch sticking out of the rock cliff as hard as I could. I swung my other arm up climbing.
I pulled myself up I climbed as quick as I could my maker senses told me one of them was in trouble
I heard voices in my head.
"The Phychic is dead" they whispered I growled no he's not dead.
I pulled myself up to the top I ran forwards only to be stopped again. Surrounded by more wolves.
"I thought we wouldn't have to deal with you anymore why can't you just die?!" Galasko yelled I glared at him
"Because I'm not done fighting yet" I said he growled and tackled me to the ground holding me down he snarled in my face
"Your alone don't you get that?!" He yelled I struggled under his weight
"Your group left you! Your all alone fighting for nothing. Don't you see that?" He asked
"He's not alone!" Someone yelled I recognized the voice chief Galasko was knocked off of me I looked around to only see.....Harry. He keeps Galasko pinned down to the ground Galasko's wolves still holding back under command Harry growls loudly in Galasko's face and then it happens he bites down on Galasko's necks loud howl comes from Galasko's mouth Harry feeds till Galasko turns into a human. Dead.
Harry turns around and wipes his mouth as the crackles under his eyes go away I was just about to hug him when the wolves surround both of us. We stand back to back.
"I have to say Harry you have impeccable timing" I said
"Thanks" he said
"The psychics dead" it echoed in my mind
"Harry we have to go" I said
"Where we don't have a clear path" he said
"Look up" I said he looked up into the trees
"There's your path" I said
"I'll follow you" Harry says I jump up and he follows me we jump in the trees towards the house when we see Niall and Zayn in a circle
"Niall!" I yell he looks up
"Louis!" He yells up punching a wolf
"You'll never believe who decided to say hello" I said jumping into the circle I see Liam laying against a tree about 10 feet from me.
After Niall and Zayn were done talking to Harry...
"I need to get to Liam does he have a shield?" I asked
"It's weak but he does, he's bitten. Did you bring the blood?" I asked
"Oh yeah Harry we have to talk when we get home" I said turning around to Harry he looked at me seriously
"Who says we'll make it?" He asked I look down he pointed out the negative
"Get my back?" I asked him he nodded
"I've got a bone to pick with these wolves." Harry says we jump over the circle of wolves and land infront of Liam Harry stands over me in a protective stance, as I dig threw my pack trying to find Taylor's blood I dig threw every pocket I must have given it to Niall.
"Niall Taylor's blood now!" I called he kneeled and opened his pack looking threw it.
"Up top!" He yelled Harry caught it in one hand and passed it to me I opened it and opened Liam's lips and poured some into his mouth I watched as his eyes slowly opened revealing his red eyes they weren't chocolate brown anymore they were red he looked at Harry and a smile spread on his lips
"Harry" he said pulling him into a hug
"Lets do this" I said standing up
"Louis look out!" Harry yelled jumping forward and pushing me out of the way as wolf jumped forward biting down on Harry's waist running deeper in the forest
"No!!!!" I yelled struggling to get up from the soggy dirt ground I just got him back!
He took that hit for me that should have been me. I start to sob
"Louis we need to help Niall and Zayn" Liam says
"Help them I'm finding Harry" I said putting the taylor blood in my pack and zipping it up and buckling it across my chest I run in the direction in which the wolf headed in
I followed the tracks.

(Harry's POV)

The wolf has it's teeth in my side deep, I aim for his head but miss the wolf's venom spreading quickly I keep swingly and eventually I get his jaw and he lets me go. He continues to run dazed when he smashes into a tree smashing his skull my vision is shaky and blurry I tried to get up but the bite paralyzed me I lay face down in the grass my head turned to the side as I looked back to where I came from my eyes barely staying open my ears were ringing loudly like a gun had been fired right beside me. I felt something warm flowing around me. Blood. My blood.
I heard feet moving fast against the twigs causing them to snap.
I look up to see Louis.
He stops and kneels down beside me.

(Louis' POV)

I got to Harry noticing he was bleeding. I put my hands threw my hair panicking I stroked his cheek
"I'm not going to let you die" I said I tried to flip him over but he let out a heart wrenching screech I flinched at the sound
"Harry I have to flip you over" I said
"No it hurts too much" he said I got an idea maybe if I pour the blood on the wound maybe it will heal?
"I wanna try something" I said
"Ok" Harry said he held onto the grass. I poured the blood onto the bite and an acid sound happened Harry screamed loudly clutching the grass and squeezing his eyes closed.
"Harry I'm sorry I said
"Hold my hand" I said
"Squeeze as hard as you need to when I flip you ok?" I said he slid his hand through the grass till it came in contact with mine he laced his fingers with mine I used my other hand to flip Harry he screamed and squeezed his eyes closed and squeezed my hand breaking it under his own. Of course it hurt. A lot.
As soon as Harry was flipped over and dropped his hand to his side I felt my hand healing.
I fed Harry the blood but nothing was happening
"What do I do?" I asked Harry looked up at me
"There's nothing you can do, I'm a goner" he said
"Don't say that I just got you back I am not loosing you again." I said shouting the last part. I thought a minute then I looked down at my wrist I pushed up my sleeve
"What are you doing?" Harry asked weakly
"Saving your life" I said biting into my wrist it hurt. I put it above Harry's plump lips his eyes flicked to mine before he held onto my wrist and drank the crackles appearing his eyes closed.
I have to admit it kinda hurt but at the same time it felt good. I but my lower lip. He took his fangs away and closed his eyes the crackles going away he arched himself up on his elbows it turns out I could heal him with my blood? Harry wiped his thumb along his lips wiping away my blood and sucked his thumb clean. It was quiet. I looked down at Harry he looked up at me
"Harry I have something to tell you" I said
"Tell me" he said
"Back when I was a young vampire I-" we were cut off when I heard wolfs coming towards us I put everything in my pack zipping it up. Putting it on my shoulders and helping Harry up
"Run!" I yelled me and Harry made a run for it being forced away from the others. We made a high paced run for it. Harry looked over his shoulder
"Holy shit there's tons!" He said I tugged him further. We ran and ducked under branches if you think about it vampires were kinda like ninjas and werewolves were kinda like the sloppy all muscle wrestlers. They were about force. But vampires we were about speed and invisibility.
Harry tugged on a branch causing us to stop
"What are you doing?" I asked
"You'll see!" He said pulling hard when I heard a cracking sound I couldn't believe my eyes Harry was pulling the tree down. The tree fell with a cracking sound we and Harry slowly backed away when the tree came down it crushed a few wolves but the rest jumped over it me and Harry turned breaking into a hardcore sprint once more. We ran down a hill I looked down at his feet to notice he was wearing BOTH white converse
"Hey did you loose a shoe by any chance?" I asked as we jumped over a log
"No why do you ask?" He asked
"No reason" I said we focused on running again. The wolves snarling and growling behind us, I've never had such an adrenaline rush. I worried about Niall, Zayn and Liam I focused on my senses they were ok.
We ran and ran for want seemed like forever. We entered a thick brush area I pointed up to the trees with Harry he jumped up with me the wolves kept running. Me and Harry sat on a log that was stick on two trees elevated 30 feet in the air.
When I hear the sound I catch the arrow in mid air were being hunted by something else.
"What is that?" Harry asked I put the arrow in my pack and we jump down running in the opposite direction we run through an area that hasn't had a trail made yet as we ran Harry tripped over a stump I helped him up it started to rain. I took off my wind breaker giving it to Harry I put up my hood on my sweater until we could find shelter this should keep us dry we come across a small opening I go in first Harry follows it's a cave we could live the storm off here.

"Liam where are you?" I send him a message.
"Safe don't worry about us. Did you get Harry?" It was cool having mind conversations with Liam.
"Yeah, were held up in a cave. Where are you guys?" I asked
"We found an underground type thing it's totally wicked"
"I'll check it out sometime but for now... Be safe."
"Gotcha same for you to keep me posted"
"Will do" I said.

"Hello is anybody in there?' Harry asked I looked over at him the hood of the jacket pulled over Harry's head his curls poking out.
"Yeah sorry are you thirsty?" I asked
"Yeah what do you got?" He asked I swung my bag off my shoulders Harry scoots over on his bum to me
"I got your A Positive" I said pulling out a bag he takes it smiling exposing his Styles Dimples almost like someone I used to know... My heart sinks thinking about her
"Harry I have something I wanna tell you" I said he looked at me while sipping the blood through the tube like a straw. He was so cute. I couldn't drop a bomb like what I was going to say right now.
"What is it?" He asked
"I um missed you so much" I said he smiled he finished s blood bag and hugged me tightly all of those flash backs I was having of how close me and Harry used to be I just wanted to kiss him this one time even if it was our last kiss.
He leaned back on the wall
"Harry?" I said quietly
"Yeah" he said
"Do you ever think about the way we used to be...?" I asked he looked over at me he tilted his head to the side pushing the hood down.
"Are you seriously asking me that question?" He asked I felt my heart sink all the way to my pinky toe.
I looked down frowning
"I guess not." I said lowly. I heard Harry shuffling when my chin my lifted up and Harry's lips came to mine our first kiss in a long time. He leaned away
"Does that answer your question?" He asked
"A little bit" I said
He shook his head smiling
"So what about this arrow?" He asked taking the arrow out of my bag
"It has a coven symbol on it." I said
"What symbol?" Harry asked I pointed out the symbol. It was carved into the arrow near the point and the end. "㊙"
I looked it over again I didn't understand. It was so weird.
I looked at Harry
"This symbol stands for Life" I said looking at Harry
"So?" He said
"This is a group of female vampires." I said Harry's eyes turn into a look indicating he knows something
"Hanna...." He whispers
"Who's Hanna?" I asked
"You don't know her" he says
"Come on you cant just drop a bomb like that and not tell me anything else" I said
"This girl a met her coven was "Killed"." He said using air qoutes on the killed part.
"Maybe their alive and she doesn't know.." He adds
"Harry do you know more than your leading up too?" I asked
"No why would you think Im lying?" He asked
"I never said you were" I said we moved away from each other
"No, Louis it sounded like you did like what else I'm I supposed to kn-" I cover his mouth
"I'm not going to fight with you Harry. I don't want to" I said said he nodded
"I'm sorry I accused you of lying" I said
"I slept with her" Harry said flat out
"You slept with who?" I asked
"The Hanna girl. I slept with her, twice." He says I nodded but then turned away and pulled out a blanket from my bag. I didn't need it it was just I needed one to feel comfortable.
"Can you take first watch? I'm pooped" I said
"Uh Louis..?" Harry says
"What?" I asked
"Your just going to go to bed?" Harry asked
"Yeah, like I said I'm tired" I said my back towards him as I used my pack as a pillow
"Ok I guess I can take first watch" he says with a sigh. I feel the tears roll from my eyes I thought everything was going to be pixie dust and fairies but truly it's just dungeons and tears.
I clutch the blanket to my side. Harry crawls over to see if I'm asleep of course I fake it. He stroked my hair and sings softly... I just wanted to sit up and ask him
"Do you love me or not?!" Because I was starting to get frustrated.
I decide to actually go to sleep. I let the walls of sleep coming in

(Harry's POV)

I had taking in a stick and I'm using the arrow to carve a fancy stake. So far I have an "H" carved in the top with a few fancy designs. I hear a snap of a branch outside my ears perk up I get my stake ready I sit on my but with my knees arched and the stake pointed in the middle.
A little bunny goes by I take a sigh of relief. Just a bunny.
Just a cute fluffy bunny.
I the morning me and and Louis set out for home well finding Niall and the others.
With the war going on it was hard. Me and Louis were jogging through the woods when the pack jumped out at us causing us to change course running through the woods we lost them after a half an hour we ran and broke through the forest to a huge meadow.
We walked onto it. About 25 wolves came out and surrounded us. We went back to back
"Ready?" Louis said
"As I'll ever be" I said
We attacked the wolves fighting it was like 30 to 2 it was un fair. When I was fighting a wolf it got me to the ground when and arrow went into the side of its head I pushed the dead body off of me and looked around still laying on the ground a wolf came at me I rolled out of the way and flipped onto my feet.
"Come at me" I said it ran at me I jumped over it and it turned back around I gave it a strong kick as it came close by jumping up and twirling around and landing my foot to its head. Louis was being pinned down to the ground I quickly ran over pushed the wolf off when an arrow entered its skull right between the eyes I was confused are they aiming for me or the wolves?
I was skimming the forests with my eyes when an arrow whooshed past me and I turned to see a dead wolf
"Thank you!" I yelled it echoed into the forest.
"Harry?!" Louis yells as he has a wolf in a head lock
"Am I interrupting?" He asked I smirk and punch a few wolfs heads. Louis struggles with a wolf when an arrow enters it's skull.
He chuckles
"I guess their on our side?" Louis asked a wolf runs up to him he tackles it down and holds it down by the head two arrows get shot Louis catches them holding the wolf's head down with his knee Louis stabs the arrows into the wolf's head making it turn human.
We looks around no wolves. We killed them all. Me and Louis drag all the bodies into the woods and go back out into the meadow we walk to the middle
"Why don't they come out?" Louis asked
I feel something and I catch an arrow just before it enters the middle of my forehead. I snap the arrow over my knee I around
"C'mon" I said dragging Louis by the arm
"Where are we going?" He asked
"Of they won't come talk we'll find them." I said
"Are you crazy they have bows!" Louis said
"We also have the hand eye coordination to catch them." I said Louis looked me

(Louis' POV)

"Do you really think it's worth the risk?" I asked him
"Jeez you sound like Liam" he said shaking my hand off his arm and walked towards the other side of the meadow I obviously had no choice but to got with him.
"Your sure about this?" I asked
"I've never felt more sure in my life Louis." He said
"We could be walking into a death trap I mean for all we know we could walk in there and it could be like some avatar shit the whole home tree and shit. What of they like hunt us and kill us?" I asked Harry chuckled
"Avatar is made by James Cameron does that make you feel better?" He asked
"What do you mean by that?" I asked him
"All of James Cameron's movies are fake. Fiction" Harry says I look at him as if he had three heads
"Have you ever watched any other movie by James Cameron other than Avatar?" I asked
"Yeah. No, not really..." He said
"What about titanic?" I asked
"Oh yeah that. My point still stands." He says
"Titantic isn't fiction! It actually happened!" I shouted
"Oh did it?" He said like he actually didnt know.
"Holy shit." I said sighing we came to the edge of the forest we walked in.
"Holy shit I think we just walked into some type of Avatar scene..." Harry says I looked around the forest and see a bunch of moss covered trees and it was weird I heard a tree branch snapping I stood infront of Harry
"Louis I know your trying to protect my but if they were aiming for my head id still get hit you know that?" Harry asked I turned around to look at him
"Do you think your death is a joke to me?" I asked
"Who said I do?" He asked
"I've spent the last few weeks maybe a couple months thinking you were dead and that was the worst feeling I've ever had to feel in my entire life. My entire life Harry!" I said angrily
"I'm sorry I didn't know" he said
"It's fine now lets go"
We ran through the woods reaching the opening only to come across another meadow.
"What the-" I'm cut off by having to catch an arrow.
"Nice catch" Harry jokes
"Lets go" I said we ran towards the other side if the meadow when Harry was shoved back threw the air landing on his back I growl at his assaulter it's a girl, a pretty cute girl too.
"What are you doing on our land?" One of them asked
"Your land?" I asked as Harry got up dead grass clung to his all black outfit.
"Yes my land." She said
"Well sorry I didn't know the land had been claimed." I said
"Yes and you've been dragging these wolves all over it" the women says throwing a pal that was cut off to my feet
"I think I'm gunna throw up." Harry said turning around holding onto my shoulder for support.
"Hey just thought I give you guys some food" I said she hissed at me
"Why don't you go back to your own land?" She barked at me
"Because my lands a war field!" I said loudly
"So that gives you the right to drag these wolves into my territory?!" She snapped back at me
"There wouldn't be any wolves if-" I cut myself off thinking about Liam, Zayn and Niall being stuck in the middle of it, I start to have tears in my eyes and I can't speak
Harry looks me over seeing the mess that I'm in.
"Listen, my maker here has 3 of us in the middle of that fight." Harry said the girl looked at him
"He can't handle losing them I mean he spent the last while thinking I was dead." Harry explains
"We can not help you." The girl says
"Yes you can thats the thing!" Harry says standing infront of me
"How can we help?" A little brunette asks
"You can fight with us, you have bows." Harry said
"Is to dangerous Karleigh" another blonde pipes in
"Hailey, Kelsey we have to try! There's three of them in there. We barely got away and we live in the forest. These are city people. They need our help." Karleigh says the other girls named Kelsey and Hailey just stood there looking at her. Karleigh sighed shaking her head she stepped over to Harry
"I will fight with you" she said
"Thank you" Karleigh came around comforting me
"We can't just leave Karleigh" Hailey whispered she crossed over shaking Harry's hand.
Harry looked at Kelsey. She glared at him.
"If any of my sisters die I will kill you" she said Harry nodded
"I promise they won't"
She walked over and shook Harry's hand but when their hands came in contact a bright flash happened. Harry dropped to his knees
"What happened?!" I asked panicking.
"What is happening?" Hailey asked.
"Louis I think your fledgling is getting a new power" Karleigh said Harry yelled out from his knees
"No she's hurting him!" I yelled Kelsey and Hailey held me back
"I swear I'm not doing anything!" Kelsey yelled

(Harry's POV)

We were perched in a tree we had just found where the wolves were keeping Niall, Liam and Zayn.
Louis almost jumped down to get them when I pointed out the guards
"There has to be another way" I said
"There can't be another way" Louis said
"They won't do anything they'll try to get us to come down its a trap" I said
"It's not a trap" Louis said. We looked into each others' eyes
When screams of agony sounded our heads snapped to the direction only to see Zayn and Liam with stakes in their hearts. Niall was on his knees
"Get up!" I wanted to yell
"Get up their gunna kill you" but he just sat there looking up at the wolf.
Then the thoughts came to my head
"I have nothing left to live for. Harry and Louis are dead, Liam and Zayn are dead..." It was like I was reading Niall's mind.
The wolf looked at Niall
"Make this one suffer" one of them said
I had to hold Louis back covering his mouth as he sobbed into my hand I felt his tears landing on the side of my hand.
The one wolf grabbed Niall by the still brown locks and threw him to the ground
"Come on fight Niall" I whispered
Niall wasn't doing anything he was just giving up.
Fight were alive Niall! I thought
Niall lay on the ground he wasn't even fighting back.
If me and Louis went down there we would for sure be next.
I just wish I could swoop down there and grab Niall.
The wolf brought Niall up to his knees
"No honor for those who bare fangs." The wolf started to chant when I saw it my eyes went wide Louis yelped against my hand. The wolf was holding up a sword.
"For those who has in human strength and speed. Does the devil's bidding" this was the last part of the chant I felt the tears stream down my face. The wolf raised up the sword as every one cheered.
Louis was full out sobbing into my hand reaching for Niall.
"Look away Louis look away" I said Louis hugged my nuzzling his face into my shoulder I covered my mouth with both of my hands I was shaking as the tears fell down my face
"For you shall be rejoined with the devil.... In hell!" The wolfs yelled and brought the sword down Louis flinched when the sword met Niall's skin I didn't even have time to close my eyes. I saw it all happen. I just saw one of my best friends be decapitated. Right before my eyes Louis moved I look
"'No Louis don't look" I said
"What happened?" He asked
"They killed Niall. We're the only ones left" I whispered through tears my voice shaking.
Louis sobbed into my chest as we both cried
I stared straight. The memory burned into my mind I couldn't get it out. How were we supposed to live? It just wouldn't be the same with out them. How were we supposed to be one direction?
No more. We were no more.. Forever without the ones we loved
"Settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in. Lie down with me... And hold me in your arms" I sang softly to Louis as I stroked the back of his head and rubbed soothing circles in his back.
"Keep going" Louis whispered I started to sing again
"And yours hearts against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck, I'm falling for your eyes... But they don't know me yet, and with a feeling I'll forget I'm in love now... Kiss me like you wanna be loved." I sang slowly
"I like when you sing to me" Louis said turning his head his head nuzzled under my chin I rested my chin on the top of his head
"Keep going, this song reminds me of the old times."
"You wanna be loved.... You wanna be loved... This feels like falling in love, falling in love. We're falling in love... Settle down with me, and I'll be your safety you'll be my Boobear." I sang changing the lyrics. Louis snuggled into me more I started to sing again
"I Was made to keep your body warm" I sang dragging out my voice
"But I'm cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms" I stopped singing and hugged Louis tight crying. We were alone. I closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes to find I was still in the meadow with Louis and the girls
"What'd you see?" Kelsey asks me
"Do you know?" I mouthed to her she nodded
"I saw a lot of stuff we should get going yeah?" I said standing up and awkwardly letting go of Kelsey's hand scarring the back of my head.
"Hazza what did you see?" Louis asked me
"I saw Liam, Zayn and Niall die." I said
"Their dead?" Louis asks panicking
"No. Harry is a future teller. Like me" Kelsey said
"He's what?" Louis asked
"He just got the power of being a future teller." Kelsey said Harry looked around I slightly smiled but then quickly frowned
"Wait if that's the future then that means their going to die!" Louis said
"Unless you change it" Kelsey said
"We can do that?" Louis asked
"Here's the plan" Kelsey said we all huddled.
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