I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



72. Keep Going!

(Play I don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith) 

(Harry's POV) 

In the morning I woke the first. I remembered what the wolves had said last night. 
I quickly woke everyone we packed up. We all gathered Louis counted us all. 
We heard a loud deep bark we looked behind us to see a big white wolf, bigger than the other ones, and of course a bunch of wolves. 
"Zayn lead us to the house, Go go go! Everybody move!" Louis instructed 
Niall picked up the pack putting it on his back he took Hailey's hand Zayn took off Liam helped Kelsey, I looked at Louis 
"I'm running at the back Hazza keep running" he said I looked at him but then ran, Louis at the back 
We ran fast all of us. The thud of the wolves behind us sounded like a herd of horses. 
I constantly kept glancing over my shoulder to check on Louis. 
"Keep going Harry, don't worry about me" he said I looked forwards agin but I couldn't resist the urge to check behind me. 
I kept my hand on the small of Karleigh's back making sure she'd stay paced 
"Go up more, get Liam to help you" I told her pushing her along she hesitated but kept going. I slowed and ran beside Louis 
"What are you doing?" He asked 
"Did you really think I'd let you run at the back without someone to get your back?" I asked 
"Your consistent I'll give you that." He said. 
The wolves thudded behind us in hot pro-suit 
"Zayn! Update?!" Louis called up 
"3 hour run!" Zayn called back. I knew for sure Liam and Zayn wouldn't make it that far they haven't been feeding lately. 
"Niall get them blood bags!" I called up to Niall. 
Kelsey paced to be behind Niall and reached into the pack Niall tripped Kelsey landed on top of him Louis tugged Kelsey up by her jacket and I tugged on Louis' pack on Niall's back he had dirt marks on his cheeks and dirt stains on his black jeans. 
There was no time to brush him off I dragged him along I took the pack from his pack and reached in grabbing two blood bags. I put the pack back on his back and pulled him along as I ran along handing Liam and Zayn blood bags. The girls have been feeding so they'd make it. Niall fed twice yesterday. So we were good. I think 

(Play Rock Me 1D) 

The wolves were relentless. 
"Kelsey!' Louis yelled 
"Got it!" She called back shuffling she ran back getting her bow off her back she jumped and wrapped her legs around Louis' waist their chests facing each other she shot at the wolves. Very smart idea. Since when have they practiced that?. 
I kept running though, I needed to concentrate. Concentration was the key to never tripping I thought.... Left, right, left, right. My feet carried me it was tempting to race forward and get to the house before every one but whats the point? 
"Good idea!" Karleigh called back to me 
"What?!" I called up 
"Harry it's obvious your the fastest, run ahead and board up the windows!" She came up with the idea from reading my mind.... 
"That is a good idea good job Harry!" Liam called back 
"Absolutely not." Louis said from behind me 
"Why?" I asked 
"Because, your #1 most wanted..." He said 
"Louis I'd be WAY ahead of them and plus I could get the house on lock down so when we get back they wouldn't be able to get it" I sad 
"We have reinforced windows remember?!" Louis said 
"No! I was missing for 2 months remember?!" I snapped at him 
"Fine go forward take Niall with you." Louis said I nodded Niall handed off the pack to Liam. 
"Niall take some of Taylor's blood just in case" Louis said Niall split the blood into two different bottles.
I nodded to Louis I ran past karleigh leaving a lingering kiss on her lips and ran holding Niall's wrist. 
"Tell me if you get tired!" I said looking back at him he nodded 

(Play Another World 1D) 

-3 hours later- 

We broke onto the gravel forest entrance the gravel crunching under my feet I saw the house over the trees, I was excited about finally going home it's been a while... 
I reach the back door Niall reaches it as well I try the nob the doors locked 
"Fuck!" I yell I punch the glass as hard as I could but it didnt shatter 
"Seriously?!" I shouted 
I looked around the house it was a series of balconies and seperate roof tops 
"Did Louis make all of the windows reenforced?" I asked Niall 
"Yeah Louis has the key to the house fuck, how could I have been so stupid we can't get in until Louis gets home" Niall says I examined the house again at the top of the 3 floors was a chimney wide enough for us to jump down. 
"We can climb" I said Niall looked up 
"We could give it a try." He says 
"Hold on I'm going to throw the pack up it'll make it easier." I said taking the pack off his back I threw it up landing it on the third balcony 
"Lets go" I said we started to climb I gripped the edge 
"You ok down there?" I asked Niall 
"Yeah fine" he said climbing up higher I began to climb up higher I held onto the railing of the first balcony and flipped up I tried the door, locked. I sighed Niall flipped over and  
"Is the door un locked?" He asked 
"Nope" I said 
"Another level lets go" I said 
We jumped up trying the second balcony nothing.. 
"Race you to the top" Niall said smirking I smirked back 
"Last one theres a rotting corpse" I said as we quickly climbed up laughing and giggling. When we reached the top I came out the winner I did a victory dance waving my arms up and done hopping ever so slightly, like I did at Louis' charity game. That seemed forever ago. Niall grabbed my arms and stopped me 
"Harry, look" he said pointing I gasped, you could see everything from here. 
"Without further time being wasted Niall would you like to go first?"  I said he smiled and jumped into the air and dove into the chimney I threw the pack down 
"Heads!" I shouted 
I stood on the chimney I looked over I heard a loud crash coming from inside the house and a muffled yelp I jumped down the house was a mess the floor was covered in a lair of dirt the house was torn apart. I looked around I saw the pack. 
"Niall?" I said I heard nothing but silence. 
"Nia-" I was cut off by a cloth being placed over my mouth and nose I jabbed my elbows but I didn't hit anything everything started to shake and then I felt to the dirty floor... 

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