I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



66. It's Just A Nip

(Play Radioactive by the Imagine Dragons) 

(Zayn's POV) 

We ran towards the house we were gunna make it.
Our only problem? 
The pack of 20-25 wolves behind us! 
Niall started to slow I grabbed the back of his hoodie pulling him along oh yeah another problem... The wolves learned how to shake us out of trees, some can even get up the trees. 
We were better off on foot. Harry the fastest runner next to Louis shuffled back and takes Niall's wrist 
"You ok Zayn?" He asked I nodded 
He tells Niall to hold on to him and to not let go no matter what. Harry gets Niall to hold onto him Niall was getting more tired I looked at Louis' pack that was still on Harry's back. 
I reached in and grabbed B Negative Niall's favorite I ripped it open and handed it to Niall he reached for it and grabbed it he tripped over a stomp causing him to fall and drop the blood bag he reaches for what left when Harry pulls him up 
"Leave it we'll be home soon!" Harry says tugging Niall. 
I hear a snarl and the wolves have no doubt recognized Harry. Harry continues to run 
"Zayn can you sense the house?!" Louis calls back from the front 
I try my best I feel a slight sense of home. 
"I feel it!" I called up I regretted my earlier idea to leave Louis. Indeed if it wasn't for his compassion and strength I would be dead. Gone. 
I looked over at Harry and Niall. Niall was getting weaker I could feel it. 
"Harry he's gunna collapse" I said 
"How far are we from the house?" He asked 
"I don't know but I can feel it. We must be close. Just slow so I can grab the pack ok?" I said he nodded he slowed his pace to my level I reached in and grabbed a random blood bag I bit it open and my crackles appeared but Niall needed it more than I did I reached out my arm for Niall to take it when the three of us were pounced on shoved off course I heard Louis' yelling the others came into view Harry tugged up Niall and pushed him long same with me 
"We'll meet you there!" Harry yelled Louis hesitated but took off with the others we started to run Harry was limping I looked down to see him bleeding badly 
"Harry the wolf bit you" I said 
"Its just a nip" he said pushing me along 
"No we need to stop and get some of Taylor's blood in your system!" I said 
"Taylor's blood doesn't work on me" he said my heart sank 
"Then who's blood works?" I asked he looked at me 
"Louis'." He said I looked in the direction Louis ran into I wanted desperately to call after him but I couldn't. Niall had lost yet another blood bag. 
"We should intercept the other at the next round off" Harry says as he started to run limping again. Niall and me followed him.
I could see the fear in Harry's eyes. The fear of death. I looked down at Harry's leg and noticed the increasing amount of blood
"Zayn never mind the bite just keep running" Harry said. 
I heard howl towards where Louis led the others I got worried I tried t sense Liam's essence I did. 

(Harry's POV) 


The howls were loud. I flew into a vision one word was whispered in my head like a scary movie "Separation" I flashed then I saw it. 
Louis holding onto Kelsey's hand running I didn't see Liam, Hailey or Karleigh it worried me. I then flashed to Hailey alone but she was up hiding in the trees she was smart then I had an over whelming urge to help karleigh she all alone. Next was Liam, he was panting as he ran threw the thick brush. And for our future all I heard was running water and it confused me. But then I realized I was back in reality I was running with Zayn and Niall. Then I saw it, the source of rushing water a river and at the end of it a water fall. We stood on the  high bridge only to be ambushed by wolves. Only about 15 of them. We were about toast when Hailey jumped down joining us. 
We killed them all Hailey turned to us 
"I found you guys we were separated" she says 
"I know Karleigh and Liam are alone and Louis and Kelsey are together." I said a frown formed on Haileys face. Niall stepped forward 
"Guys we need to find the others or were all gunna die" Niall said jumping to conclusions. 
"Niall were not going to die" I said he frowned
"How do you know this could be your very last seconds or word show do you know Harry?  He asked gently I frowned just then I loud snarl echoed a wolf jumped for me Niall threw me out of the way I crashed at the other side of the bridge Niall pushed the wolf off the bridge in the rushing river Niall looked at us I was to late for my to grab him when I realized the dog had bit into Niall's sweater. When the wolf went down so did Niall. 

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