I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



23. I'm Not Going To Leave Without You!

(Harry's POV)

I sit Ellie on my lap she puts one leg on each side her knees at my side I put my hands on her lower back she puts her lips on mine and we begin a heated kiss.
My lips go along her jaw and find their way to her neck I bite gently and take sips of her blood as she moans. Her blood is the sweetest ever. I pull her against me
"I've missed you" she says it sounds like a moan.
"Your blood is amazing" I said gulping a few times
"Maybe you've had to much I'm feeling light headed." She said I surprised my self when I stopped I bit my wrist and she drank some of my blood to make her wound go away.
I kiss her and she has her blood on her lips I lick her lips
"Yum" I said she licks my lips and sucks on my lower lip
"Turn me" she said
"I will, but not today." I said
"For now just let me have passionate vampire-human sex with my human girlfriend." I said
"Your a vampire, what a shocker!" She said sarcastically I smirk and use my vampire strength to rip her shirt off of her I kiss her roughly as I flip her over she keeps her knees against my hips as I rip the remainder of her clothing off but her under garments which will come off in time
There's a knock at my door
"Harry?" It's Louis I sigh
"This may be a while El, don't worry I'll be back to continue this." I said winking
"Lets go for a walk." Louis says I nod we walk out into the forest...

-15 mins later-

Me and Louis have been walking and talking about the situation. Wait no ARGUING about the situation I don't think I will ever be friends with Louis ever again.
I hear a growl and I know we are way to far to make it back to the house
"Louis when I tell you run, were being hunted" I said lowly I heard a per growl I grabbed Louis wrist I would have to tow him he's to weak without the fresh human Ooo'd to out run these wolves.
"Run!" I yelled tugging him I pushed up front ahead of me I kicked a wolf back and ran after Louis who was struggling to remain a pace.
I grab his wrist again
"Come on run!" I yelled pushing him forward again
"Go I'll hold them off!" I yelled
"I'm not leaving with out you!" He yells
"Just go Louis!" I said he looked down at me from the rocks
"I'm not going to pussy out!" He yelled
"Just go Louis! Your too weak!" I yelled I kicked and punched at the wolves. Louis groaned but took off I heard a thud and a scream of agony I kicked a wolf's windpipe crushing it I climbed up the brick wall and saw Louis holding back a wolf by its jaw as it tried to bite him I quickly launched myself at it and hit it into a tree I smashed it's skull in killing it
"Louis are you ok?" I asked
"Yeah I'm fine" he hissed I glared at him I heard thuds of the paws coming up the side
"Their coming ill help you up" I said sucking out my hand he swatted it away and got up
"Lets go" he said rudely I sighed loudly
The wolves rounded the corner we ran forward I was still towing Louis we jumped up a cliff leaving the wolves helpless at the 30 foot drop Louis' cliff bank breaks and he stumbles down I catch his wrist like a friendship grip he desperately holds onto me I groan he's panting as the wolves try to jump up and grab him he starts to slip from my grip I try to pull him up when I familiar ice sound starts to happen my arm will break off I look down at Louis our eyes meet
"Hold on" I said starting to tug him
"I'm going to die anyways Harry, just drop me" he said
"Drop you? Do you really think I hate you that much?" I asked
"I can see it in your eyes you hate me."
"I don't hate you Louis." I said he starts to cry I hear wolves coming behind me
"Looks lie were both going to die Louis" I said
"We've had a good run you and me." He says I nod as tears start to come down from my eyes
"I've never thanked you Louis." I said
"For what?" He asked
"This. Making me stronger faster and better." I said
"What can I say I wanted you all to live forever, so we could be together forever" he said
"Louis I just want to say your my best friend" I said he nodded as tears stream down I try one last desperate attempt to tug him up but the snapping sound tells me to give up. I look down at Louis he nods I feel the thumping off paws behind me. Louis' hand starts to slip from mine I desperately try to hold on Louis closes his eyes
"Your my best friend Harry" he says
"And your mine Louis" I said closing my eyes holding on to Louis' hand I embrace the fact of that I'm going to die
"Good-bye" I whispered before hearing the snarling sounds dangerously close.
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