I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



16. I'll Leave This Coven

(Harry's POV)

I saw Louis on the couch alone and I took this as my opportunity
"Hey Lou, can we talk?" I asked
"Yeah sure Haz come on in" he said and patted the spot next to him I sat and looked at him
"I wanted to let you know me and Ellie have decided to take it o the next level of our relationship" I said
"That's awesome, what does that mean for you guys?" He asked
"I'm going to change her" I said he stood up
"What?!" He shouted
"Jeez I thought you'd be happy for me" I said
"You can't change her!" He yelled
"Why not?!" I shouted standing up now
"Because there's going to be a baby soon we can't have a new born vampire as well are you crazy?!" He barked at me
"Why do you get to make up the rules of the house we ALL own?!" I shouted
"Because I'm the maker of this Coven!" He yelled
"Oh yeah well I'll leave this Coven!" I yelled
"No you will not!" He yells
"What are you the boss of me I can leave if I want!" I shouted
"I'm your maker!" He shouted
"Fuck that maker shit!" I yelled that's when he punched me right in the faces I hardly felt it because of the fresh blood in my system but I had to make it look like I was on blood bags I fell to the ground (Faking it duh haha) I got back up and punched him. We broke out in a huge fight he pushed me up against the wall
"You don't even love her she's just something to sleep with and to feed on to you!" He yells that as when I loose it. I run up to him grab him by the neck and smash him down back first onto the wooden coffee table it break under him I stand over him
"Don't you dare ever say that again!" I said balling my fists
"How'd you over power me I'm older than you?" He asked
"You may be older but I'm stronger" I said and walked out
I walked up to me and Ellie's room and saw her in a beautiful peach dress strapless and flowy I quickly walk up to her and put my hands on her warm cheeks and kissed her gently
"I love you, you know that?" I said resting my forehead on hers
"I know that and I love you more" she said
"Not more than I love you" I said pecking her lips gently
"Harry are you crazy?!" Liam says walking into my room
"What did he do?" Ellie asked
"Him and Louis just had a fight down stairs and it got bad they broke the table and broke a hole in the wall" Liam said
"Harry?" Ellie says looking at me
"Long story" I said
"I'd like to hear it actually..." She said crossing her arms
"Shit" I muttered under my breath
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