I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



31. I Can't Loose Any More Of You.

(Louis' POV)

(Play Skinny Love by Birdy)

I looked over at Liam his back to me as he lay still. Too still.
"No!" I yelled I ran towards him power sliding to his side I turned him around his face and body were blue and his veins were popping out the pencil in his heart. His eyes were closed. I put my hand on his cheek.
"Liam" I said as I started to cry my chin started to wobble as tears formed rolling off of my bottom lashes I put my hands on his chest as I started to cry coughing lightly over my tears
"No." I whispered.
"Louis?" Niall croaked
"No Niall don't look!" I yelled Niall turned around facing towards me
"No! Liam!" He yelled but started coughing
"Niall I can't loose any more if you. Where is Taylor's body? I can get some blood from her body" I said
"Wait... Harry took her blood." Niall said
"He what?" I asked
" he took a bottle filled with her blood. Its here in the house." Niall says
"Where is it?" I asked
"Harry hid it." Niall says
"fuck!" I yelled
"But. I know his hiding place" Niall said tell me Niall
."the third shelf on the main bookcase there's a hollowed out book. I believe he hollowed out... Ink heart, the big old thick one," Niall says
"Ok, I'll be right back." I said I looked back down at Liam his hair was loosing its shiny brown color and was going to a dull dirt color. I stroked his forehead with my hand
"I'm sorry Liam." I said I got up walked towards the door I used vampire strength to kick Olivia out of my path.
I went down the stairs and went to the main book case, I searched the shelf and found ink heart. I ripped it off the shelf and opened it up sure enough I found a Nike bottle filled with a scarlet red fluid.
I smiled to myself.
"Harry and his hiding places." I whispered to myself
"Zayn!" I yelled
"Yeah?' He said c,ONG out and looking over the railing at me
"Get Olivia's body out of here" I said
"What happened?" He asked
"I killed her" I said examining the fluid inside the bottle
"What? Why?!" He asked
"She was with the wolves...she was the spy they tried to trick me into thinking Harry was alive. He's not. He's gone."
"I'll get Liam to help" he said
"Zayn." I said getting up Zayn looked at me.
"No not Liam" Zayn says
"She killed Liam" I said
"Olivia?" He asked
"Yes" I said
"I'll get rid of her" he said walking away from the railing I used vampire speed to get into the room I looked at Niall he say the blood his face brightened up. I grabbed a medicine cup and filled into with Taylor's blood. I brought the cup over I sat on the edge of Niall's bed and elevated his head I let him drink and he laid his head back I looked him over and his eyes got brighter and his skin got lighter. I looked down at the bite and it started to heal. I looked back at his face his cheeks got rosey again.
"Oh my god Niall!" I said slightly smiling
"What?" He asked
"Your hair! It's brown!" I sad his quiff was a full chocolate brown. He out his hands in it.
"Is it?' He asked
"Yea I guess the venom of the bite got rid of all the dye." I said
"Go eat changed ok Niall?" I said he nodded he walked out of the room I looked over at Liam I picked him up cradling him his head rested against my chest his newly grown fo-hawk tickling my chin. I laid Liam down on the hospital bed I stood looking at him when I heard a sound
"Louis" something whispered it sounded like the wind I looked around
"Who's there?" I asked
I heard another sound I looked back at Liam the pencil was slowly leaving his heart. It came all the way out and what ever it was the took it out threw it and it stabbed into the wall. I saw hand prints on Liam's chest near the wound. I blinked in disbelief. This was not happening. I was watching Niall came back into the room and rushed to Liam's side he went to stand across from me when he ran into air and fell backwards
"What the hell?" He said rubbing his head
"Are you ok?" I asked
"Yeah I'm good" he said he stood at Liam's head instead.
"What happened why did you take the penci-" Niall was cut off by Liam shooting up with a loud gasp he started to pant I looked at him in disbelief I walked around to the other side and tried to find the ghost or apportion whatever helped Liam come back to life.
When I found it I found it's waist like area and hugged it it hugged me back the feeling of this hug was oh so familiar
I let go and was just about to confront it when it disappeared right put from under my arms.
"Louis" Liam said
I ran forward hugging him
"I thought I was dead" he said
"You were"
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