I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



36. Hope

(Wesley's POV)

Curly got to his knees just as a bunny was sniffing near a thing of flowers he used his speed and grabbed the bunny feasting on it. It made me sick watching someone feed on an animal. His eyes were blood red as his face crackled up I felt myself shiver. That's just disgusting.

(Louis' POV)

(Play Written In The Stars by Tinie Tempah)

I gripped onto the trunk of the tree night has fallen.
Me and the boys had stopped to put our head band flash lights on it made it easier to see. I hope Harry is ok.
We find a tree with branches for us to sit on and we sit and rest opening blood bags and drinking thirstily.


(Play They Don't Know About Us 1D Obviously. :D)

I sit on the couch with Harry were facing each other. We've been having a rough go.
I lift my hand up like for a high five but Harry knows what I mean by this gesture.
He raises his hand to mine and slowly laces our fingers together. I smile at him
"I'm sorry" I said I hugged him close to me he hugged me back
"I'm sorry too. Will you forgive me?" He asks
"Me? Forgive you? Obviously... Friends?" I said
"Forever." He said
"I never wanna loose you Hazza" I said
"I'm not going anywhere not here not ever." He says I give him a tight squeeze he makes a slight groan noise that I find adorable I snuggle into his neck nuzzling my head in his curls.
"I could hug you for an eternity." Harry whispers to me. I smile against his neck
"That could be arranged..." I teased he squeezed me. It was my turn to make the groan noise.
Harry nuzzled into me getting comfortable. After a minute or so his breathing smoothed out, he was asleep.
I smiled and leaned back he was laid on top of me as I stroked his curls and found myself dozing off.


(Play Always Be Together by Little Mix [Whoop Whoop! Little to the Mix!!! <3333])

I sighed, me and Harry used to be so close. Ever since he went rogue. By rogue I just mean moody. After his first few months of being a vampire his emotions became heightened.
Curious, Compassionate, loving and most of all... Anger. He got angry SO easily, it was always hard to calm him down too. Even when it came to me. We began to fight a lot and eventually the closeness faded away. Me and Harry's intimate relationship has ALWAYS been a secret to the other boys. They might have found it a bit weird.
With heightened emotions there was some other emotions. It's not just Harry it's every Vampire, we get horny a lot as well. Believe it or not but Zayn is the most horny but he's began to control it. Liam hasn't had sex with a human since he became a vampire let alone kissed one (Authors note: Thats what Louis thinks... Remember Liam kissed Ellie...) he was always to afraid he might hurt them. That's Liam for you. Super caring as a human and extremely caring as a vampire. Boarderline supernatural. But as I was saying, Harry used to be horny a lot. I've never went too far with Harry. This may be un comfortable for you but we've never actually entered each other....
But one night after the boys left to go to the theme park Harry attacked me, pushing me up against the wall and up the stairs taking me up to his room. We went wild that night. He ripped my shirt from my body like full out ripped it off my body...
All these memories of Harry brought a pain to my chest. My beatless heart. Broken without him.
"Louis." Niall whispers I shuffled over to him
"Harry may have rejected my shield but I put an areal shield around him. Well I sent it to him.
He could possibly reject it." Niall whispers in my ear. I nod
"Good work Niall" I said I signaled him to lean to me I cupped my mouth with my hands
"I think the wolves are basing their attack on us." I whispered
"Why?" He asked
"Because your the shield. The key to Harry's safety if you die the shield disappears. The wolves know Louis would never let them kill you so evidently they kill you as well. Leaving me and Zayn clueless." Liam says joining the conversation
"How'd you know that?" Niall asked
"I'm psychic remember?" Liam said pointing to his brain I chuckle I look over at Zayn leaning against the trunk sleeping
"I can't let any of you die. I'll protect you even if it kills me." I said they nodded they each cuddled up to me as they went to sleep.
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