I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



60. Here's a little tip Hazz

(Listen to Two Steps From Hell by Heart Of Courage ONE HOUR EXTENDED EDITION the caps are in the title....) 

(Harry's POV) 

I woke up being nudged I looked up to see Zayn. 
"Hey wanna go scope the area?" He asked 
"What time is it?" I asked 
"It looks and feels to be about 7am" he says 
"Ok, let go" I said I got up I stripped the jacket Louis gave me from my shoulders putting it in Louis' arms as he slept 
I got up joining Zayn as we walked out. 

It felt like summer out here. Had we really been out here for the whole season of spring? I really hope Paul had our backs with a cover up story.
Me and Zayn walked threw the woods carefully stepping.
"What were those things last night?" Zayn whispered 
"I don't know" I lied I don't know if Louis would want me to tell anyone yet. 
"C'mon I know you know Harry... I'm a sensor remember I can sense when people are lying and your like hitting a bullseye with a dart." He said 
"Ok, well I don't know if Louis wants you guys to know but it's Werepanthers" I said Zayn looked at me but then snorted and started laughing. 
"You've gotta be kidding right?" He asked still chuckling 
"I'm not. I saw it. They want a piece of the war too." I said Zayn got serious again his eye brows coming together 
"Well screw them! This is our war! We can't handle anymore of this shit!" Zayn yelled punching a tree his fist going right threw it. His strength was pretty much boarderline supernatural like mine. He breathed heavily as be took his arm out of the tree. 
"I've got a bone to pick with all of these were creatures" Zayn says 
"I know we'll get rid of them when Louis' ready lets just go home" I said trying to control a very angry Zayn. 
"No I don't wanna wait until Louis is ready. Fuck that!" Zayn said I turned around 
"Are you coming or not?" Zayn asked
"I can't Zayn, just wait till Louis is ready ok?" I said Zayn shook his head 
"I should have known you wouldn't come... You've always gone under Louis' rules. Here's a little tip Hazz, if you stick with him any longer you and the rest of the vampires in there are just chow to the other werewolves." He said slowly backing away 
"Make a choice flip a coin I don't even care just think it over?" Zayn said 
"You can't leave us!" I shouted 
"Too late" he said before he could run I tackled him down we rolled down I hill grunting and fighting. When we reached the bottom I had grass and little twigs in my curls so did Zayn but in his quiff. I had him pinned 
"You can't leave do you know what that would put Louis threw?!" I yelled 
"Do you think he cares about me? Or the other boys? It's always been you. Only YOU. He doesn't want any of us and you knew that from the day he turned you. You had to pretty much BEG him to turn us too." Zayn says his voice tougher from trying to fight me off 
"That's true but do you know what he grew to love you guys as well. It's not just me anymore" I said my voice coarse as well. 
"In what world? You ARE Louis' World." Zayn says 
"Zayn please stay" I begged 
"Begging? That's not going to get you anywhere Hazza" Zayn said flipping me onto my back over his head 
"Strength is" Zayn said as I laid looking up at him my back hurting he might have fractured my tail bone. 
He took off into the woods 
"Zayn no!" I yelled but it was too late Zayn was gone. Out into the un safe death trap of a forest he banished into the green trees I had to get the others. There was NO WAY IN HELL I was just going to let Zyn run off into a death trap. Over my stone cold dead fucking body.

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