I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



22. Fuck This

(Harry's POV)

Niall and Liam kneeling beside me look down at me guilt fills Liam's eyes.
"Makers orders" Liam says
"Fuck this" Niall says gently sitting me up and putting an arm around his shoulder I whined and winced.
"Niall stop" Louis commanded
"No" Niall said
"Niall don't make me hurt you" he says
"You can't do that Louis" he says
"And why not?" Louis snaps back
"I've been feeding on fresh blood with Harry" he says Louis' mouth makes a perfect O shape
"I can't believe you Niall" Louis says
"I'm just doing what my kind was supposed to do, if you all don't start feeding on fresh blood your gunna fade..." Niall says looking Liam again
"Are you going to help me or not? Remember this is the same Harry you met on the X-Factor he'd do it for you" Niall says Liam slowly nods and helps Niall lifting my oth arm over his own shoulder
"Traitors" Louis mumbles
"We're not the traders Louis, your trying to be human again by not feeding on them. News flash were forever vampires, we have to feed in human blood" Niall says
"He's right Louis" Liam says
Louis just shook his head and turned and walked out of the foyer punching the wall.
"Man were gonna need gallons of plaster." I saw to Liam a hint if a smile appears in his lips
"More like tons" he returns I try to push up the corners of my mouth but fail miserably I limp along into the forest they set me against a tree trunk a few miles into the forest I sit my legs spread out Liam's sweater pressed to my wound.

"I'm going to go hunt but I'll meet you guys back here Liam guard him" Niall says Liam nods Niall speeds off into the woods.

-Half an hour later-

"Please I beg you please don't kill us" I hear a voice I look up to see a girl about 18. My age. For the rest of my life. With a boy I guess her boyfriend I swallow hard hearing the blood pump through them. The guy looks up at me
"What's with you?" He snaps at me
"Are you on drugs or something?" He asks starkly
"Come here and I'll tell you" I weakly said he looked from Niall to Liam and leaned in to me I acted like I was going to whisper in his ear and I bit into his neck gulping down his sweet blood. His blood was like tea. His blood type was B negative Louis' favorite my heart sank... Louis, my Ex Bestfriend. I drank until he went limp in my arms I felt myself slowly healing I pushed him off of me once my wound was completely healed Niall threw him in the scented if the cleared out spot
I looked at the girl she was staring forward and crying I tilted my head
I opened my arms she just gave me a questioning look
"I'm not going to hurt you" I said
"Much" I muttered she didn't hear she sprawled over to me I took her into my lap and cuddled her when her neck was close enough I it into it she screamed loud and I clamped my hand over her mouth I drank till she fell back Niall stacked her body on top of the boys and took a match box out of his pocket. He lit a cigarette and took a puff from it and threw the match on top of the bodies they ignited
He handed the cigarette to me I took a lung full and breathed it out with a slight cough handing it back to him he gestured it to Liam who nodded and took it.
"How long has it been since you've had human blood?" I asked Liam he handed me the cigarette after taking a puff.
"About a month" he said
"Liam you have to do what you were built for, drink fresh human blood from the vein" I said taking a puff and handing it to Niall who joined us on the ground. The bodies were producing a lot of smoke. Niall shook his head and flicked the cigarette into the fire and looked us over.
"Alex, Henry!" A women's voice called me and Niall heard it but Liam didnt cause his hearing was down from low amount of vein blood
"Liam come on" I said I threw his stained sweater into the fire we walked towards the voice. We came to a nice house it was one of those houses made by man no one really knew about put came the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen in my entire life, black hair Green eyes she wore a bright color of lipstick, hot pink like Nicki Minaj she cupped her hands over her mouth to amplify her voice
"Alex!" She yelled she looked over at her Mum.
"dibs" I whispered to the boys Niall swore
"Me and Liam got the Mom maybe there's a dad in there or something" Niall said
"Ok, wait a little bit" I said

-15 Minutes Later-

After they went back inside and the girl I called dibs on went up to her room and started to play music I told Niall to get Liam to drink the blood and I climbed up the tree beside the girls' window her back was to me I licked my lips to wet them as they had dried blood on them I wiped the remainder of this girls' sister's blood off my mouth and silently swiftly opened the window I slid in I quietly walked up behind her I poked her shoulder and she turned and was just about to scream when I covered her mouth she did her make up beautifully her thick long lashes fluttering. I out my finger across my lips
"Are you gonna be quiet?" I quietly asked she slowly nodded I took my hand off her mouth
"Your-Your Harry Styles" she stutters I nod
"And your fit" I said smiling she blushed and smiled
"Thanks" she said I lifted her face with my fingers and sat next to her on her bed
"Your eyes are stunning" I said
"Same with yours" she said
"Why thank you" I said smiling again
I put my hand on her knee she looked down at it and then back up at me she looked into my eyes
I looked into hers and then we quickly leaned in our lips connected I pulled her onto my lap her legs wrapping wound my waist I laid her back on her back she kept her legs wrapped around my waist as I hovered over her buzzin' body. She moaned loudly as I kissed her neck I wasn't done with this human girl I wasn't going to drain her not today.
"What are your friends like?" I asked as she grinded her hips on mine.
"They're like me" she said
"What do they do for a living?" I asked
"Pretty much nothing living out in the woods is pretty bori-" she gets cut off by an un controlled moan escaping her lips we were so close our stomachs were rubbing together.
"This what I want you to do" I said. You know what happened next ;)

I looked her in the eyes after I slid my pants on she slid her pink panties up her legs. I was getting tired of listening to her blood pump
"Come here" I said making the signal with my finger. She slid towards me
I acted like I was going to kiss her neck but my face crackled and I bit into her neck letting her blood drain into my mouth the sensations making me moan against her neck she tried to push away but she ended up taking her last breath over my shoulders I threw her back onto the bed and kissed her forehead I ran my finger down her body and walked out of the room my shirt in my hand. I waved down the stairs wiping my finger along my lips and licking it clean
"Enjoy yourself?" Niall asked smirking
"Maybe" I said
"Liam fed." Niall said
"Where is he?" I asked
"Getting gas"
"We're going to burn the house, I brought the other bodies in to ,are it look like a wild house fire."
"Good idea" I said Liam walked in with jugs of gasoline we went to work.

(Ellie's POV)

I couldn't stop crying ever since Harry left I hope he's ok.
"Ellie, get up we have to clean." Louis says with out any sympathy I get up
"This is all your fault." I said and slapped his face his face crackled and I glared at him
"Your an asshole Louis." I said he rolled his eyes and pushed me towards the stairs
"Go." He said I glared at him and went up to Harry's room and slammed the door with all my strength and went and laid on Harry's bed taking in his scent I began to cry again.
Will Niall, Liam and Harry ever come back?
"Ellie?" I hear Olivia's voice from on the other side of the door
"Fuck off Olivia and take your demon baby with you" I said
I didn't hear anything after that so I guess she got the hint. I hope she dies giving birth to that demon and leaves Louis with it. I hope Louis gets a burning stake right threw his black heart.

(Harry's POV)

Me , Niall and Liam stood in the woods looking at the house which was burning down at a fast speed.
We heard sirens and made a run for it at top speed. We ran through the woods. When I came to a stop Niall and Liam stopping I looked up to see about 10 huge wolves about the size of a bear.
I jumped over them Niall and Liam following we landed and they turned around it was clear they were sent to kill us.
We ran through the woods jumping over fallen logs and ducking under thick branches I was leading I was the fastest runner out of the five of us. Faster, Stronger, and Angrier.
I stopped while Niall and Liam kept running and landed a hit to one of the giant wolves a crushing sound at its neck indicates I smashed it's windpipe it fell over but the most disturbing part the body turned into a human boy.
"What the...?" I said the wolves started to catch up I quickly turned and ran up to Liam and Niall
"I killed it but it turned into a human!" I said
"What?!" Niall says while we all duck under a branch Liam jumps over a log
"Werewolves?" Liam asked
"Yeah! I guess so this is fucked we gotta tell the others" I said
"Harry the others don't give to shits about us!" Niall says
"We still have to warn them, come on it's on our next left. Left we tell the others and save their lives right, we run to Canada and start a new life pick one boys" I said they both thought they didn't make a decision I tugged them left we broke through the forest the rest if the wolves still hot on our trails
"Through the balcony!" I yell we jump and smash through the balcony windows and crash to the floor of the foyer which it was really to soon to return to
"What are you doing here?!" An angry Louis appears
"There's werewolves!" Niall says trying to catch his breath.
"What?" Louis snarls
"Werewolves they exist" Liam says were at our feet now I don't even say anything to Louis
"This is our house too" I said pushing through him going up to my room.
I see Ellie she jumps up from the bed and jumps and wraps her legs around my waist hugging me.
"I thought you were dead!" She said hugging me close to her I hug her back
"I am" I said
"What?" She said
"Vampires aren't alive" I said winking at her
"Don't be a smart ass"
"It's in my nature."
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