I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



35. Focus On Your Surroundings

(Louis' POV)

(Play Radioactive by Imagine Dragons [My friend showed me these guys and omg they are amazing! Don't be surprised if you see a lot of their songs in the next few chapters.] yeah so Radioactive by Imagine Dragons)

"So why exactly can't we go look for Harry right now?" Niall asks me as we walk back into the living room.
"Everyone stay still be quiet ok?" I said the house fell silent.
"Zayn, Liam. Niall... Focus on your surroundings... What do you hear?" I did as I told them and all I could hear was the thuds if the werewolves's footsteps and the slight growls and chuffs.
"They have the house surrounded." Zayn says Niall steps up grabbing our attention.
"So? Why don't we just fight our way threw?" He asks
"Ni, that's suicide. Theirs to many wolves." Liam says standing up I nod.
"We wouldn't make it five miles." I said with a sigh
"Do what the chief said..." Zayn thought aloud.
"What?" I asked
"Stay in the trees." He says again we all look at him.
"It could work..." I said playing with my lower lip.
"Liam." I said turning to him
"Can you maybe tell if the odds are against us?" I asked him he nodded
"Zayn. Arrange for someone to take care of Delilah." I said turning to him I turned to Niall.
"Niall, check on your shield around Harry." I said
"What are you going to do?" Liam asks
"I'm going to go pack 5 bags filled with things were going to need." I said he nodded and sat down massaging his temples his eyes closed. Zayn was on the phone with some one and Niall was staring forward his ocean eyes wide open he didn't blink. Once.
I turned and used vampire speed to grab 5 back packs out of the closet. I went to the kitchen putting the entire bins of blood bags into the certain coven members back pack.
I packed other things like flashlights, batteries, headband flashlights, Harry's A Positive blood bags I split them into equal amounts.
I put in extra clothes and such. I put the bottle of Taylor's blood in my bag in case he might have been bit in the last few days I walk back putting each of their bags beside them.
"Lou is going to watch Delilah. Since Lux is like the same age as her. I can drop her off later today." He said
"Might wanna go get her all packed up and ready..." I said he nodded I turned towards Liam who snapped out of his mind and looked up at me
"How are things?" I asked
"Pretty good I guess. As long as we stay in the trees." Liam said
"Niall?" I asked Niall didn't look at me or blink
"I need a little more time ok?" He said I nodded.


(Never Say Never, The Fray [Louis' fav band!!!! :)])

(Louis' POV)

Zayn has dropped off Delilah at Lou's house. so our plan was being put to motion it was time to save Harry
"Niall?" I said Niall looked at me
"Louis, Harry rejected the shield he doesn't know it's me." Niall said my heart sank
"What do you mean he rejected it?" I asked
"He pushed it away, he doesn't even know it's me." He says looking like he was going to cry.
"Niall, we'll work things out. Now, grab your pack and lets go!" I said handing him his pack we each had thin windbreaker coats on. We don't get cold but it never hurts to wear one right?

(Play Chasing The Sun by The Wanted. Just do it, they aren't that bad. Well Max is. Maybe even a bit Tom as well. BUT thae song is perfect for these moments.)

(Louis' POV)

I open up the door.
"I'll go first." I said half reassuring them and half commanding myself. The pack had called more wolves in from different packs and all this Vamp vs. Wolf activity has made more men turn into wolves. It's a mess, and since Harry rejected Niall's shield we have to move. Fast.
If the wolves find out Harry rejected the shield he's a sitting duck in a field of mines.
I step out onto the gravel. It crackles under my vans. I look around I hear a branch crack as Liam steps out. I hear a growl close by Liam steps out more a loud growl sounds I use vampire strength to push Liam back into the house he knocks down Niall and Zayn in the process. Zayn hasn't ever been in contact with these wolves before he has no idea what to expect.
A wolf jumps out at me I grab at it's neck and find its windpipe I break it in my hand it drops to the floor turing human. I roll my eyes. He was alone. The wolves are farther back than we thought.
"I don't wanna risk any of you guys. Get up in the trees ok?" I said
"Ok" they all said

(Wesley a Pack Member's POV)

"Chief the leader, the two others and another vamp we've never seen before have just left their house. They killed Yoko." I whispered to the chief
"They must be going to look for him. Tell the others to keep a close eye on them. Tell them only to turn when threatened. They can be easily spotted when wolves." Chief Galasko instructs
"What about Yoko?" I asked
"We have the numbers to no longer be concerned about deaths" he said
"We can't just not care." I said he turned and hit me in the chin with his staff
"Be aware of where you stand boy. I am chief of this pack and what are you? One of the wolves I command. I am the Alpha you are the Omega, I suggest you act like it." He said I nodded holding back my anger.
"Yes Chief." I said
"Now. What kind of shield did Blondie put in our Friend here?" Chief asks

(Play Wide Awake by Katy Perry)

I look out and see the curly vampire sitting against a tree. Me and the chief had been stalking him since the leader of the vamp group turned down chiefs offer. But one of the members sent out a shield protecting him.
"A very powerful one sir. We can't hurt him." I said. I know al,past everything about Vampires, before I transformed into a wolf I used to research about them all the time.
"Can a shield be broken?" Chief asks
"Yeah." I said
"How?" Chief asks
"The projector has to be killed." I said
"Proceed with all attention on Blondie then." Chief said
"But the leader will need let one of his own die without a fight." I said
"Then proceed full attack, all attention on the leader and the shield. Leave the psychic I have plans for him." He said I nodded I ran back to the messenger and passed along the message
"Full attack on the Leader and the Shield. But leave the Psychic." I said he nodded heading away I return to Chief as we watch curly.

"Do you think he will make it?" I asked
"Well he's gone two whole weeks without Human blood." He says
"How is he alive then?" I asked
"He's been feeding off of animals." Chief says

(Play The Veldt by Deadmau5)

(Louis' POV)

Me and he boys have been jumping trees for the last half an hour. We've been searching mostly north. The wolves are at every tree I jump on. It's like their targeting me. They do it to Niall too. I grew suspicious, I jumped onto Niall's tree.
"Have you still been trying to send more shields to Harry?" I whispered lowly
"Yeah but he keeps sending them back. We better hurry." Niall whispers back.
I jump back onto a separate tree and lead them forwards more.
Where could Harry be?
How far was he?
How hurt was he?
Was he ok?
Was he savable?
Is he dying?
Has the amnesia kicked in?
If Vampires don't have enough blood amnesia starts to kick in meaning Harry will forget me and the boys. Forever.
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