I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



74. Finish It

(Harry's POV) 

(Play To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra) 

I lifted my heavy head up and looked around I saw all of us tied to chairs with Bloodrose laced ropes. 
I tried to move but the Bloodrose burned at my flesh I looked over across from me and saw Karleigh and right next to her was Ellie. I felt tears come to my eyes. 
"Harry" the Irish accent whispered Niall was to my left 
"Niall" I whispered back we were low enough so only vampires could hear us. 
"They... They found us" Niall whispered weakly I was confused
"We found us?" I whispered 
"Our black cats..." Niall whispered 
"Niall can you shield us?" I whispered 
"I can try" he said he tried to push a shield out a wolf came up and stuck a needle in his arm injecting something into us blood stream Niall yelled out in agony. Bloodrose.
"Stop" I yelled only to get a punch to the face. 
I felt hazzy again 
"Hello vampires and vamp-whores, tonight we have quite the spectical planned" the buffets wolf of all of them most likely the white wolf said he came over and pulled me off my chair I was tied around my ankles and wrists he picked me up 
 "Here" he said 
"We have the demon who killed our chief" he said he dropped me to the floor. 
"And here we have a fine selection of his mates." He said gesturing to Ellie and Karleigh. 
He stood behind them 
"One Human, One Vampire" he said pulling their hair as he said their kind I felt tears come to my eyes I was pulled to sit on my knees. I looked at Ellie and Karleigh I prayed that wolves didnt know about Ellie's baby. 
"What's that?" The buff wolf said 
"I didn't say anything" I said
"Yeah but you thought it, saying how you prayed we don't know that Ellie is pregnant? Well now we do. But isn't that impossible?" The wolf asked like he already knew the answer 
"It's not remember the two little boys you killed? The two little boys that were Louis' children?" I snapped coldly I looked over at Louis who was looking down now sad. 
"We had reasons" he said 
 "Yeah bullshit reasons. You call yourselves life savors when you do nothing but take lives. Your worse than us." I said he came forwards he grabbed my jaw in his hand
"Listen to me you in grateful piece of shit, I'm the only thing that stands between you living and you dying so I'd do yourself a favor and cut the attitude, got it?" He said he roughly let go of my jaw. 
I glared at him 
"So as I was saying. It's time to pick a mate curly" he said 
"I won't" I said 
"Don't worry we'll kill them very humanely I will snap the girls neck" he said 
"Pick Karleigh, of he snaps her neck she won't die, she'll come back to life." Louis spoke to my mind 
I closed my eyes going into the future, I opened them after everything seemed to have flies smooth 
"Karleigh" I breathed out karleigh knew what I was doing. I looked into her eyes 
"Wait! Harry stop him! Quick!" Liam yelled into my mind 
 "Why?!" I asked his mind 
"He's got a stake he's one step a head of us! Stop him he'll kill her!" Liam yelled into my mind I broke the ropes around my ankles and plowed at the buff wolf knocking him into the wall I broke the ropes around my wrist the wounds form the burns slowly healed. I kicked the rest of the human form wolves down the boys and girls broke free I straddled the wolf guy punching him. 
"Harry!" Karleigh yelled I looked over muscles pushed me off him I got up running towards karleigh I ripped her ropes burning my fingers, I pulled her away. Niall jumped on muscles back and reached to snap his neck when muscles reache snack and pulled Niall off of him and threw him to the floor Niall groaned muscles grabbed the stake for, the waist of his pants and brought it down when a loud wild cat roar echoed out a black panther jumped out of the darkness biting down on muscles muscles blindly stabbed the stake into Niall. It went into his stomach not his heart thank The Lord. The panther made muscles run out of the house turning into a wolf the other wolves chased after. more panthers came out. 
"We'll lead them away, fight off whats left of the wolves in your home" the panther said Louis thanked him 
"Your welcome back anytime" Louis said 
"Surely these wolves won't let up, I and my army will fight by your side Conrad, you are a great ally," he said he ran off after the wolves. There was still plenty wolves in the house I looked behind me 
"Hide" I told Ellie she nodded I looked down at karleigh when she stood at my side 
I looked behind me Ellie was gone already hiding. 
"You have some serious explaining to do" she said I shook my head and leaned down kissing her, I no dought knew Karleigh was right for me. 

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