I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



2. Delilah

-Zayn's POV-

Me and Liam are going hunting I clear our heads when we found a group of hikers about a handful we speed up and snap there necks a women is trying hide in the bushes hen Liam takes and feeds from her neck I do the same with others we finish I hear a whisper from the bushes I go over and ip the bush from the ground and see a little girl about two years old, she has pink track pants on a matching pink sweater with a 1D white shirt under with black converse on I swear under my breath
" Liam" I say he comes up the look of shock goes through him
She looks up at me
"Your Zayn Malik" she says, I nod
"Yes I am"
"My mommy's dead" she says my heart sank.
I picked her up and held her to my side her long wavy blonde hair flowing I clutch her head into my shoulder and we run with vampire speed back to the car I sit in the back putting my arms around her. When we arrive at the house I carry her in
"Just what we need another human" Louis says walking down the stairs not looking at us he gets to the bottom and looks at the little girl in my arms shock goes though him too.
"What did you do?" He asks
"We were hurting and they're were these hunters and we fed but we didn't see that a mother put her in a bush to hide her from us" I explain
"So why did you bring her here?" Louis asks
"I am going to take care of her" I said
"Do you have any idea what Niall will do to her" Louis snaps he gets in my face
"Zayn she's just a little girl drop her at someone's doorstep" he says
"She is not staying he-" Louis stops once she starts to play with his sweater strings he looks down at her and into her light brown eyes
"What's your name love?" He asks
"Delilah" she says
"Hey there Delilah" Louis sings lightly I could tell he loved her as soon as she said Delilah.
He looks at me and takes her out of my arms and into his he tickles her she laughs
It was nice to see Louis' sweet side again.
Harry comes down the stairs followed by Ellie
"Um Louis why is there a kid in your arms?" He asks
"She's Zayn's" he says Harry looks at me
"You stole a kid?" He asks
"Well it's a long story..." I trail off
"Well me Zayn I guess if she staying here we got some shopping to do.." Louis says
"Really thank you Louis" I say
"Wait your treating her like a dog she's a human being" Harry says
"We know that's why we're going shopping for her" I say Louis gives Harry the "Stand Down" look as we walk out Louis still holding Delilah. He sits in the back with her I drive to the department store and we get out Louis gets a cart and outs her in the front she plays with his sweater more we go to the clothes section Louis checks the tags in her out fit he tells me the size and we go crazy on clothes we even get her a few pairs of shoes, we also got her a onesie.
Louis took her to the food section as I went to get a stroller and a car seat

-Louis' POV-

Delilah and I went over to the baby food section I opened a jar and let her smell it she shook her head I smelt it too
"Nope" I say I out it back I crack open another one and let her out her finger in it and taste it she shakes her head I put my finger in it
"No" I say she giggles I pick up a strawberry and banana one she stuck her finger in it and tasted it and smiled
"Yeah" she said I nodded and grabbed a few jars and out them in and Zayn came around the corner with a stroller a really cool one and a car seat sitting in it
"Ready to go?" He asked
"We need a crib" I say we walk over and order a dark wood crib and the best mattress they had and sheets and stuffed animals when we left with everything we loaded up the car with the stuff Zayn installed the car seat I buckled her in we both sat in the front this time.

When we arrived I carried Delilah in along with some bags I got the boys to come out and help us Niall took the crib in the good thing about being a vampire is strength so he did it alone, Liam stocked up the cabinets with the food we had bought Delilah. We set up the crib in the guest room and decorated it with the decorations we had bought and let her play with her toys me and Zayn sat leaning against the crib watching her when Niall walked in I felt Zayn tense up
"I just wanna meet her" Niall says Zayn nods he sits on the ground infront of her and she smiles
"Hello" she says
"Hello" Niall says
"Nice to meet you Delilah I'm Niall" he adds
"I know that silly" she says and giggles, Niall looks up at us
"I like her" he says we nod and smile Niall begins to play with her

-Ellie's POV-

Me, Harry and Liam walk into Delilah's room and stand Louis looks at me
"Ellie do you mind since your the only female here bathing Delilah after dinner?" He asks
"Yeah I can do that" I said kneeling and Delilah crawled over to me nd handed me a teddy bear she was so adorable if only she knew what the boys were.
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