I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



3. Changes.

-Harry's POV-

Zayn and Niall went out to get Delilah a toddler bed and me and Louis stayed back and took down her crib Niall and Zayn came back with a pink princess bed and they set it up at vampire speed a d they put princess sheets on it with a light purple comforter on top Louis gave her a 1D pillow
Delilah was growing up so quickly
Zayn came back in her room she ran for him and he scooped her up she snuggled into his chest
"I love you Daddy" she says we all stop what were doing and look over at a sleeping Delilah
"What?" Louis mouthes to Zayn
"She just called Zayn Daddy" I whisper to Louis he smirks
"Your officially a father Zayn" he says Zayn smiles and tucks Delilah into her new bed and turns in the lamp on her side table we leave and shut the door

-Zayn's POV-

I walk down the stairs into the kitchen and grab a blood bag out of the hidden drawer and rip the top tube part off and pour it in a cup and put it in the microwave
"Me and the boys are going to hit the clubs you up for it?" Louis says poking his torso in the doorway
"Nah I'm going to stay here incase Del wakes up" I said
"Alright suit your self watch our humans" Louis says and they face out if the house
I walk into the living room and sit next to Ellie as she watches Intervention
"Should I let him do it?" She asks we turn our heads to look at each other
"Let who do what?" I ask
"Harry turn me" she says
"Ellie if it was me I would-" I couldn't finish the rest because Delilah called for e down the stairs
"Daddy!" She yelled I nudged my head for Ellie to follow and we walked up and sat on either side of her
"What's wrong Del?" I asked
"I had a nightmare" she said snuggling into me
"What was it about?" I ask
"Oscar the grouch" she says I chuckle
"He was so mean and scary" she says
"It's ok I'm here now so go back to sleep" I say soothingly laying down with her hugging her

-Ellie's POV-

Zayn fell asleep beside Delilah I shut the door as quiet as I could and walked down the stairs I reached the bottom when Louis comes in with some girl and they are making out like crazy
"Ooook...." I say as he picks her up and takes her into his bedroom at vampire speed
Harry comes in and hugs me Liam and Niall follow and go right to their rooms
"Harry can I ask you something?" I say
"What is it love?" He says
"Is vampire sex as good as everyone says?" I asked
A smirk plays on both of our lips

-Louis' POV-

I wake up naked next to the girl from last night her name is Olivia I knew her from when I was younger and I guess you could say we had a good reunion... I get up and walk to my bathroom not bothering to get dressed I start the shower and get in and wash my body and get out wrap a towel around my waist and blow dry my hair when Olivia walks in her long blonde wavy locks hanging loose she's on,y wearing the t-shirt I wore last night her green eyes locking with mine through the mirror I nudge my head nd she walks up to me I out my hand in the back if her neck and kiss her she un tucks the edges of my towel and it falls to the ground I lift up her leg to my side and repeat last night all over again.

-Harry's POV-

I wake up and hear moaning from the next room Louis was seriously already having sex with Olivia again I covered my ears with my pillow damn this vampire hearing... Ellie moans beside me I look under the blankets and see were both completely naked I hope she removers last night she rolls into her back and looks at me I smile
"Hey" I said
"Hey" she said she pecked my lips I smiled and she kept her lips pressed to mine as she hovered over me still kissing me.

-Zayn's POV-
I wake up next to Delilah and she's cuddling the 1D pillow Louis have her I get up and walk to my room I shower and dress and wake up Delilah I let her pick out her out fit and help her get dressed
She gestures for me to pick her up I do so and take her downstairs to get some breakfast started with the help from Liam with cooking and Niall plays with Delilah to keep her occupied.

-Louis' POV-

Olivia and I dress she wears her skinny jeans from last night and I let her wear on on my shirts she slips on her toms and brushes through her damp hair form the shower she just took I dress in blue chinos with a grey t-shirt and black suspenders and grey toms I roll the ankles of my pants up I do my hair and we walk down the stairs Delilah hugs my leg and gestures for Olivia to pick her up Olivia does so and Delilah plays with the necklace she has on
We sit and Del refuses to leave Olivia's lap to go in her high chair so Olivia being the a,axing over son she is shares her breakfast with Delilah.
Harry and Ellie walk down the steps
"Hi I'm Olivia nice to meet you"
"Hi I'm Ellie nice to meet you too" they start to talk as Ellie sits with her plate I make funny faces at Delilah and she giggles I chuckle
^^That Night^^
Olivia is staying the night again I suggest we go to her house to get clothes and she says she wouldn't want to cause me he trouble of driving so I chuckle and use vampire speed to run to her house and pack a bag of stuff and we go back she's smiling when her feet touch the ground she kisses me
"Lets have a bath" she says I pick her up and lay her on the bed and start to run the tub I grab a bottle of red wine and to cups and we get in the lavender scented bubble bath I pour her a glass of wine and myself one and put the wine bottle at the side of the tub she's laying with her back against my chest as I kiss her neck I feel my face crackle Olivia knows about me... But I still look like a monster I turn my head away from her and wait for them to go away when I turn back Olivia shifts position she sits on my lap still but she's facing me and her legs are wrapped around my back I pull her close to me and kiss her.

-Harry's POV-
Me Liam and Zayn just finished telling Delilah a bed time story we left her room and went back to our own and we t it bed

^^The Next Morning^^
-Louis' POV-
I wake up and smile at Olivia as she smiles back she's wearing her PJ shorts and a tank top I'm just wearing track pants she covers her mouth and run to the bath room I use vampire speed to get to her and see her hunched over the toilet I walk over and hold her hair back for her rubbing her back she stops minutes after and sits back onto my lap
"Are you ok?" I ask
"Now I am" she says I give her a piggy back down the steps and sit her on the counter and make her a cup of tea and hand it to her
"So vampires can eat and drink?" She asks
"It helps curve the cravings" I said making myself a tea and putting two crumpets into the toaster
"It must be nice to never grow old" she says
"Sometimes you wish you could just have one more day as a human..." I trail off
"Is that what you'd wish for?" She asked
"I'd wish for an eternity with you" I said we smiled
"Your so sweet for a vampire"
"And your strong for a human"
We smile and sip our teas
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