I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



63. Branches & Birds (Kouis)

(Louis' POV) 

I followed the bird chirps. And found a tree I had found her, I climbed up the trunk and sat behind her. She was examining the birds. 
"So you like birds?" I asked she turned around 
"Yes, I do" she said I nodded I sat down beside her looking at the nest all of the babies and the mother and father nursing them. 
"This is the first nest I've seen where the mother AND the father are nursing." She said I smiled at her cuteness 
"How long have you been living?" I asked 
"37 years 38 this year my sister Karleigh is 36 and Hailey is 36 also our cousin. I call her  our sister because she's just like my sister." She explains I smile 
"Your a pretty good caretaker, for an old women" I said 
"Hey hush mr. 139. Your older than me grandpa" she said I smiled and laughed with her.
"Ouch" I said 
"Aww do you want your mommy to kiss it better?" She teased 
"No but I'd like to kiss you" I blurted out like an idiot 
"What if I don't let you" she said 
"Stop me anytime" I said I leaned in looking at her lips and flicking to her eyes she hasn't stopped me yet which is pretty good considering our lips were just inches apart. 
When our lips met I felt sparks her lips were soft and sweet. 
I heard foot steps and leaned out of the kiss 
Zayn came down the path 
"Liam and Hailey caught some duck and are cooking it want some?" Zayn says 
"Real food? I'd kill my first born to have some. I picked some tomatoes the other day chop those and put some on the wood slabs." I said we had gotten thick pieces of wood and sanded them down to be mouth nd cleaned them and are using them as plates we even have bowls because of Harry and Niall's carving skills.
"Ok. See you guys back at the hideout" Zayn said running away. 
I turned to Kelsey 
"I really liked kissing you" I said shyly she smirked
"That makes one of us" she said hopping from the tree. I landed behind her I tugged on her arm
"Don't act like you didn't kiss me back" I said she smirked at me I found it really sexy. 
I pushed her against the tree and trapped her between my body and the tree trunk out if breath from shock I kissed her again but this time more playful she scratched at my back causing me to unlink our lips she made a run for it. I chased after her laughing and giggling. 
She ran under a little water fall the water pulling off of her leather jacket but her hair was soaked. I walked under soaking my hair but my windbreaker kept me dry. I had her surrounded in a cave now her damp blond hair growing wavy 
She smiled at me as I backed her into the wall she felt the damp rock wall behind her as I walked standing infront of her dangerously close I put my hands on her butt, she gasped at my sudden movements I smirked she put her hands on my bum as well. I chuckled she tried to push me away giggling when I pulled her against me and backed up into the wall trapping her our lips met moving in perfect groove. she held at my sides as I had my hands on her cheeks. Kelsey then pushed a shoulder of my jacket off with her hand I smiled against her lips she returned it. 
She pushed the other shoulder off my jacket falling off of my arms and landing on the ground. I rested my hands on her hips my fingers in the loops of her black jeans 
I reached up and un zipped her leather jacket pushing it open to reveal a top that was cut just above her stomach. I pushed the jacket off of her shoulders she turned her head away from my lips I kissed at her neck and backed up nuzzling our heads together 
I still had my hands half way up her shirt. She was pulling on mine. 
She put her hands threw my hair. 
"What am I gunna do with you?" She whispered I smiled. She leaned down grabbing my jacket for me. I grabbed hers I put mine on and held Kelsey's for her she took it and zipped it up half way to de her belly top I smiled I smacked her bum as we were walking out 
"Lead the way" I said she smiled
"Fleas before beauty" she said I smirked and lifted her up over my shoulder I was walking when she started to hit my back 
"The wolves I can see them they don't see me" she said I got under a rock ledge and covered Kelsey's mouth as she stood against the wall she let a tear drop from her blue eye. 
I looked into her eyes I held her back against my chest now trying to comfort her. Still had my hand over her mouth though. The wolves came and went. We stayed a few more minutes just to make sure they were gone then we ran back to the cave.

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