I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



27. A Positive


(Louis' POV)

I go to the fridge and take out a bag of blood, I've been thinking about Harry non-stop.
How intimate we used to be. That all disappeared. He was my everything, he just never knew. I can't live my life without him he was just such a huge part of my life.
I loved him. He was my first fledging through thick and thin I've always loved him that was the bond we HAD to share but I wasn't complaining, he meant everything to me. My best friend.
"Louis?" I heard a voice I looked over and saw Olivia her big belly she's 8 months the twins should be here any day now.
We've got one of the names down but we don't know another one. It's two boys Tommy is one of them but I don't really know what to name the second baby.
"Yeah?" I said
"Are you ok?" She asked
"I-I'm fine" I said feeling tears swell up in my eyes
"No your not come here" she says I look down at the blood bag and I hear foot steps I look up and see Harry.
His eyes looking into mine as he tilted his head to the side I moved back startled. I stumbled and fell to the ground Harry used speed to get to me but when Olivia came he turned to dust and floated off in the air
"Waht happened?" She asked
"Something spooked me" I said looking where the source of Harry was. My imagination was killing me these last few days. I still sat on the kitchen floor. My back against the cupboards Olivia handed me the blood bag from the counter
"Here you go, I'll give you some space." She said I nodded taking the blood bag.
I ripped the corner off of it and started to drink it down in sips as images of Harry went through my mind little pictures and clips of him some of him laughing and some of him just laughing.
I let tears fall down my cheeks I wiped them away as I finished the blood bag I got up and threw it in the trash and shuffled out of the room I went up the stairs Ellie has kept herself locked in Harry's room cuddling his pillows while wearing his clothes.
I went into my room I decided to watch a movie or two. I went through my shelf of movies when a few fell out I sighed and sat I looked threw them. I looked at the cover of a movie. Me and harrys favorite movie to watch "Titanic"


Harry sat on the other end of the couch his legs stretched out across my lap.
"This is bullshit there is enough room for the both of them on that piece of wood she's just a greedy bitch." Harry says I smiles and turn my head towards him smiling his eyes go to mine his head not moving he slightly smiles at me
"Isn't it bullshit though? Like Jack could have lived, but, NO Rose had to be a greedy bitch." Harry says I just smile at him
"Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked slightly smiling
"No reason" I said Harry smirked but used vampire speed to push my back against the couch and straddled my lap he started to tickle me as I laughed I took his face in my hands and pulled him down kissing him lightly no tongue but our lips were moving after everytime Harry would tug on my lip or I'd tug on his. Our lips making a clicking sound as they un connected and connected once more.
"Don't ever leave me" I said inbetween kisses
"Never" he replied
"One way or or another I'm find ya, I'm gunna get cha get cha get cha" Harry sang in his deep voice.
"One way or another or another I'm gunna see ya" I sang back he rested his forehead on mine
"I love you" he breathlessly said kisses me again our lips squishing down on each other I kiss him back breathlessly my hands on the back of his neck.
"I love you too" I said between kisses.


I look down at the tear stained DVD case.
"I miss you so so much Harry, almost as much as I love you." I whispered.
Olivia came into the room
"Hey babe" she said
"Hey" I said wiping away my tears and putting away the movie
"Are you ok? You scared me earlier" she said I nodded
"Yeah, I'm good" I said
"I'm sorry about Harry" she said
I looked up at her and back down at the movies
"I appreciate the sympathy Olivia" I said as I started to put the movies away clutching titanic to my chest
"Hey, um I think I'm gunna have a nap. Can you tell Liam that were short on blood bags?" I said she nodded she kissed my forehead I kept looking down I waited for her footsteps to fade as I ran into Harry's room grabbing one if his shirts from his closet and getting our before Ellie could even notice I was in there. I got back in my room and shut my door I slid the movie into the DVD player and laid on my bed taking in Harry's scent as I watched the movie.

(Liam's POV)

Me, Niall and Zayn were in Della's room when Olivia came in
"Hey Liam, Louis wanted me to tell you your short on blood bags." She says I look at the boys Della puts a Barbie on my lap
"I'll go later, you ok?" I said she nodded
"I'm just going to go make some tea, any takers?" She asked
We all refuse and I pick up the Barbie Della had placed in my lap
"How come I have to be Patricia?" I asked
"Because I'm Sammy and Daddy is Zoey and Niall is Kelly." She said I pulled her against me and started to tickle her
"St it uncle Liam!" She said giggling
"Say I can be Sammy!" I said tickling her she shook her head
"No" she said I laughed


I put the black leather back pack over my shoulder I opened up the back door
"Liam!" Niall stops me I turn back he s,I vs a bag over his shoulder
"I'm coming with you, it's to dangerous out there for you to be alone, Louis lost his best friend that doesn't mean I'm gunna lose mine" he said I smiled at him
"Very deep Niall" I said he shrugged
"Is no secret that your my best friend, remember Niam for life" he said wrapping his pinky against mine like I was pinky promising him.
I chuckled
"Ok let's go the hospital closed 15 minutes ago" I said me and Niall walked out the back door shutting it we started with a walk I heard a few growls behind us
"Niall up in the trees now." I said I jumped up a tree climbing it like a monkey. Niall did the exact same on a tree beside me.
Wolves growled at the bottom of our trees we leaped from tree to tree till we reached the forest edge where the wolves couldn't come out any further.
We ran down the roads at vampire speed we reached the hospital and climbed up the edge I opened the window and swung threw Niall followed me. We walked into the blood drive the well lit up room with bags of blood.
I picked up my favorite type, Louis' favorite and Zayn's. Niall got his favorite. He picked up a bag of
A Positive.
"This was always Harry's favorite type..." He says I nod he puts a few bags in the back lack he had
"Might as well try it" he says zipping up his bag I take one to go and hand Niall one of his favorite type we got back into the woods after and swing onto our lawn.
I open the door for Niall and we out the blood in the fridge down stairs sorting the bags in the bins with our names on them.
We closed the door and walked up the stairs.
"Where's Louis?" I asked Zayn when I saw him sitting on the couch as Delilah sat on his lap they were watching teletubees
"He's in his room holding onto Harry's shirt and watching Titantic." Zayn says adjusting Della on his lap.
"We got the blood, here's a bag" I said handing him one he siganled for me to take Delilah I did and carried her up to her room I looked at my watch
10:34 pm
"Time for bed anyways Della" I said laying her in her bed
"Can you read me a story?" She asked I nodded
"What one?" I asked
"Cinderella" she said I nodded and picked up the thin pink book with the picture of Cinderella on the front and the title in fancy letters I laid down beside Delilah and opened the book.
"Once apon a time...."


"The end" I said finishing the story I closed the book noticing Delilah was asleep
"Good night" I whisper
"Uncle Liam?" Her quiet sleepy voice comes from on her pink princess pillow.
"Yes Della?" I said
"Why don't you have a Cinderella?" She asked
"What do you mean?" I asked she looked up at me
"Louis has Livy, Harry has Ellie and you, Niall and Daddy don't have princesses, where are they?" She asked
"No Della Za-Daddy has a princess" I said
"Who?" She asked
"You" I said tapping the tip of her cold nose with my fingertip.
"Do you think I'll ever have a Mommy?" She asked
"Of course, Z-Daddy just has to go to the right ball that's it." I said
"But how is he supposed to go to a ball when he's constantly taking care of me?" She asked he was so smart for her age.
"I don't know Delly, I guess me and you are going to have to spend a lot more time with each other do Daddy can meet his princess." I said
"I'm ok with that." She said I chuckled
"Good-night Delilah." I said getting up from her bed.
"Wait, Uncle Liam?" She said I turned on my heel
"Yeah?" I said
"Is Uncle Harry ever coming home?" She asked I swallowed hard
"I don't know, that's up to him." I said feeling my heart sink I turn and walkout if her room I shut the door and walk into my room I log onto twitter and look at all the requests for a follow I go onto a fan page it said "Harry/5" I felt my stomach drop I followed her too and logged off I laid down my my bed stomach and face down being a vampire means you don't have to breath so I stuck my face down in my pillow I couldn't believe how shitty my life has gotten.
Ever since Louis and Harry walked into my dressing room.
I screamed into my pillow and violently cried it felt weird bit having Harry's room beside me have the sound of music blasting and laughs or even sexual noises. I just missed his room being loved in.
No one has seen Ellie since a week ago when Harry died. She never comes out of his room but then again she just lays there or showers but that's pretty much it. I sometimes slip in and get her to eat some food but that's pretty much it. Speaking of which she hasn't eaten in a while I gotvpband went down and cooked some fried ham and microwaved a potato and put butter on it. I poured a glass of apple juice and walked back up the stairs I walked into the room her eyes opened her hair damp from her recent shower
"Hey love" I said
"Hi" she said sitting up Harry's plaid shirt was the on,y thing she had on except for panties I didn't know if I should look away or not she ate a few slices if ham and drank half the cup of apple juice I sat and made sure she ate.
She out the dishes on the side table I took her hand in mine
"Things are gonna get better Ellie." I said she looked up at me
"Harry was gonna turn me ya' know" she said I looked up at her.
"He was going to turn me. Louis said no that's heat started this whole thing between them. Harry wanted me to be with him forever. He loved me" she said starting to cry I squeezed her hand.
"Everything is going to be ok Ellie, more people in the world love you." I said she looked up at me I hugged her and rested my forehead on hers
"Things have been rough but were working it out." I said she nodded keeping her forehead on mine.
"I just hope I can find some one like Harry." She said our eyes connected
"Some one will love you like he did, your a very lovable person" I said
"Your pretty lovable yourself Liam." She said I nodded
"Thanks" I said both our hands were linked together in the middle of our legs I was trying my best to comfort her it was silent in the room all I could hear was the steady breathing coming from Ellie.
She slid her face up her nose against my cheek when I felt her warm lips graze over mine I tried to think of it as an accident.
But when her bottom lip went between my still lips I knew wht she was doing she put her hands on the back of my neck pulling me in deeper I rested my hands on her hips our lips came apart with a click.
When we looked in to each others eyes. It wasn't the attraction between me and her that was drawing me in, it was the fact that I still haven't ever kissed a human in my vampire years. It felt amazing I roughly and breathlessly out my lips back on hers moving her hips down so I was hovering over her as we kissed she arched her back moving our stomachs together.
The kiss ended when I flew back into the floor stopping myself. This was Harry's girlfriend. Not mine.
I quickly got up and walked out of the room. What have I done?
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