I know what your thinking... Just another one of those fan fictions where the boys are Vampires and you might think they are dumb but some are good and I hope you choose to give mine a chance.

Ellie is your average girl surrounded by One Direction fans she's a fan too but she never thought she'd really meet them but she never knew they had a dark secret and an uncontrollable Blood Lust



30. A Gift

(Listen to God You're Beautiful by Chester See)


"Catch me if you can!" I yelled as Me and Harry ran through the woods I was ahead of him I tripped over some type of log and rolled onto my back Harry used vampire speed to straddle me he pinned down my hands and laced his fingers with mine
"Why must you always run from me?" He asked looking into my eyes
"It's fun when you chase me" I said he shook his head and leaned down kissing me tugging on my lower lip. I put up my knees pushing him up a bit further his face wasn't leveled with mine. As he put his forehead on mine still kissing me. He let my hands go and put his hands in my wind swept hair back in the "one thing" days. I put my hands in his never changing curly hair kissing him deeper. Our kiss intensified as I tugged off his blazer his necklaces fell from inside his shirt landing on my throat. He leaned away smiling at me, I pulled him back down by his necklaces. He tired to push the wool sweater off of me I sat up allowing him to do so leaving me in my bare chest he kissed down to my neck nibbling. Then he went down to my chest he left kisses trailing down my chest he stopped just above my belly button and came back up connecting out Lips again I got hold of the bottom of his shirt on his back I tugged it off over his head he helped me get off of his arms kissing me again after. He trailed his hands up along my abs and kept them on the back of my neck as we continued to kiss.
"I love you Louis" he said disconnecting his lips from mine
"I love you so much more Harry" I said as I kissed him again.


(Now you can play Moments by One Direction)

"You can come out now" he says slightly looking behind him
"What?" I ask as my heart rate quickened. Was he talking to Harry?! A woman with a braid down to her hip and tan skin. She was wearing a piece of cloth that was tied around her chest covering her breasts and a piece of cloth covering her area and her back side.
"Why do you think this has any meaning to me?!" I asked getting upset
"She is the only female werewolf. She also happens to be the chief the man you met earlier... This is his daughter. She is yours to take. Do what you wish with her, kill her sleep with her drink from her. Do what ever you wish. It's a gift from me to you." He said
"Wy would you give me a gift?" I asked
"I'm on your side" he said
"Ok then" I roughly took the girls arm
"Thank you" I said he turned to leave
"Wait!" I called he turned back
"How do you cure a Werewolf bite on a Vampire?" I asked
"The blood of a Swift." He said
"A Swift?" I asked
"You must find someone from the Swift blood line. Their blood is the only way of survival." He says
"You mean Swift as in Taylor Swift?" I asked
"I do not know who you speak of but they are your most reliable try." He says turning away again
"Thank you." I said. He nodded he turned into a wolf and ran off
I tugged in the women's arm dragging her behind me. I now had leverage. If they wanted to keep wether Harry was dead or alive from me then I would have his daughter an I will do what ever I wish with her same with the boys I get in the house I take her right down the the basement and put shackles on her ankles I brought a chair and roughly put it on the forums infront of her
"What is your name?" I asked she didn't say anything I shook my head and reached in my bag I took out the Moonspruce. I put it against her cheek
"I'm not playing around answer me and I won't burn you!" I yelled in her face taking away the Moonspruce .
"My name is Layla..." She says
"Alright Layla, do you know of a vampire with curly hair?" I asked she didn't answer I put the Moonspruce on her cheek again
"I won't tell you anything more!" She said I took the Moonspruce stock and slowly trailed it down her chest till I reached the line of the cloth covering her... You know.
"Where is he?!" I yelled in her face she spit on my face I wiped it away and grabbed her by the throat lifting her up off of her feet I bared my fangs at her my face crakling.
"Louis!" I heard Olivia shriek from the doorway
"What?!" I barked at her
"Put her down" she said harshly to me
"You don't understand Olivia. She knows where Harry is" I said
"Harry is dead!" She yelled harshly at me she came clicking over to me on her heels
"Now put her down!" She yelled
"No! Get out of here I'm finding out where Harry is" I said a sharp pain went through me when I realized she had stuck a pencil in my side, I dropped Layla to the floor
"I said drop her!" Olivia said as I tried to pull the pencil out but it was in to deep.
"You don't know anything! Harry is alive the wolves must have him or something but he's alive!" I said
"Enough Louis! Just let him die! He's dead" she said harshly
"Shut up" I said but regretted it once she stabbed another pencil into my rib cage I gasped I noticed her back pocket filled with pencils. What?
"Why do you care about him so much?! He tried to kill you!" She said
"He was my first fledging I love him no matter what" I said she stabbed a pencil into my leg I fell to my knees gasping for air.
"Why are you doing this?!" I said to her she stabbed a pencil into my back right below my neck I yelped
"Because you have feelings for him. More than me. What do I have to do to get you to realize that he's dead?!" She said
"Please stop. I know he isn't dead I need to save him" I said she stabbed a pencil into my stomach I started to get angry
"I swear to god Olivia I will hurt you if you don't leave." I said
"Really cause it seems to be me hurting you" she said
"Why are you doing this?" I asked she stabbed another pencil into my lower back I yelped
"Because Louis. I'm not on your side." She said
"What?" I asked
"I'm not on team Louis coven." She said
"Then what team are you on?" I asked
"Team Wolf" she said
"What? Why?" I asked
"This is their woods, Vampires need to be sent to hell. Werewolves are just doing a good thing for humans by killing you all, and im going to start off my list of Vampiresi killed with you." She said rasing a pencil to my chest aiming for my heart. She let her hand go directly towards my heart. I caught her wrist just before the pencil entered my skin I shoved her back into the wall knocking her out.
I summoned Liam he came running.
"What happened to you?!" He asked
"Olivia, she's not with us. She's part of the Wolves" I say taking the pencil out of my leg
Liam helped me get them all out
"can you bring her up stairs?" I asked Liam nodded. He took Olivia up the stairs I looked back at Layla,
"This isn't over. Don't think about turning into a wolf I have Moonspruce" I said
"I will not as long as I'm away from my pack I can not turn." She said
I got up and used vampire speed and went into the fridge I grabbed a blood bag and ripped off the corner drinking it down feeling so much better I walked into the room Niall was in I saw him laying weak and fragile on the hospital bed. I walked over to him he looked up at me I took his hand I saw Liam holding Olivia
"Are you ok?" I asked
"Liam keeps making me teas, they make me feel a bit better." I smiled down at him
"I found the cure Niall" I said
"What is it?" He asked
"Liam I need you to find out where Taylor Swift is located I gotta give an old frenimie a visit." I said
"Why?" Liam asked
"Her blood is the cure." I said a look of relief goes through Liam I have found a for sure cure from a wolf himself.
"Wait Louis." Niall coughes
"What is it?" I asked
"It's to late" Niall says
"Why?" I asked

(Play Rock Me by One Direction... You probably knew that...)

"Harry and I already killed her."
"What?" I said my brows coming together
"Harry wanted to get revenge for her talking shit he fed on her" Niall explains
"Isn't that just fucking great!" I yelled I pushed away the medical table I punched a hole through the wall and then another
"What are we supposed ovfucking do then?!" I yelled punching through a cabinet.
"Louis calm down" Liam says
"No Liam I can't claim down! My fledglings keep dying! I can't even handle loosing Harry! Just imagine the damage it will do to me if Niall died!" I yelled tears coming to my eyes
"We'll figure something out" Liam said when he screamednin pain I saw the pencil in his chest
"No!" I yelled I saw Olivia running towards the door I caught up to her and smashed her head off the stainless steal counter top. She fell over and blood started to ooz out I looked over at Liam his back to me as he lay still. Too still.
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