Fall: A Niall Horan FanFiction

Abby O'Callaghan is an 18 year old Manhattan girl who just happened to strike up a friendship with the one and only Niall Horan of One Direction over twitter. She and her best friend Anna finallly meet Niall and the boys at One Direction's New York show, and strike up an immediate friendship. They become progressively closer and closer, especially since Abby and Anna are moving to London to go to University. As both Abby and Niall realize their feelings for each other and a relationship blossoms, the past that has haunted Abby her whole life comes into play. Will Abby be able to reveal her past to Niall and put it behind her? Or is she damaged beyond repair?


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two




Niall's POV


I was really excited for tonight. Not only were we playing a sold out show in New York, but I was finally going to meet the girl I'd been dm'ing on twitter for the last months at soundcheck. I sent her a quick message, saying : "Excited for soundcheck?" I really liked this girl. Her name was Abby, and a few months back, I had randomly followed her on twitter. She direct messaged me the next day, and though I didn't usually answer a lot of fan's dm's since they're usually just fangirls freaking out or people telling me to follow other people, her's caught my eye. All it said were two words: "Sup prick?" I replied, and we got to talking. I'd only ever seen one picture of her, but it was her profile photo, and it wasn't exactly the best representation of what she looked like. The photo, she explained, was taken at a halloween party she and her friend Anna had been at this past halloween, and she was dressed up as Eminem. Her costume was actually really, really good. Her hair was covered by a du-rag and a baseball hat, and she was dressed in baggy 90's rapper clothes, and was also flipping off the camera. But she'd refused to send me an acturate picture of her, since she said that she was the world's least photogenic person and always looked horrible, which was obviously not true. Abby had told me, though, that she was very pale, had blue eyes and long red hair which was really straight, and that she had a tiny star tattoo on her collarbone as well as a few other tattoos and always wore a gold shamrock necklace she'd gotten in Ireland. She had a great personality too, and I could tell she honestly listened to every word you said to her. I knew that I'd never actually met her in person, but it felt like we had been friends forever. She had told me about her aunt, who seemed like a really nice person, and I'd told her all about my family. I always wondered why she never wanted to talk about her parents, her childhood, or much about herself in general.

I looked back down at my phone, immedialtey opening the message Abby had sent me back.

"Soo excited :D can't wait to meet u at soundcheck!"

I smiled, and messaged back:

"How will I kno its u?"

She answered right back:

"I'll be in the front row w my friend Anna, and I'll yell sup prick?? At u when I get in! hahaa"

I laughed, and wrote:

"Lookin forward t it !"

She sent back a smiley face, and I closed out twitter and went to find something to eat.


Abby's POV


I sent back a smiley face to Niall and put my phone on sleep. It was exactly 12:30, and I was siitting in Starbucks, sipping my delicious mocha cookie crumble and waiting for my best friend Anna. We had arranged to meet at our favorite place (Starbucks of course) and then go shopping, since apparently Anna had to get a new outfit or ten for the concert tonight. I checked to make sure I had my credit card and took another sip of my coffee. Aunite had given me the credit card when I was ten, telling me to buy anything I wanted or needed and that she would pay it, since my parents weren't exactly good at providing for their child. I loved my Aunt, as she had been a lot more of a parent to me than my mom or dad were combined. Since I was five, she'd taken me to stay with her on the weekends, which allowed me to escape hell for two days a week. I knew that she felt horrible that I couldn't come to live with her all of the time, but my parents wouldn't allow it. My mother and father cared so much for their only girl child. Not. But my aunt did actually care for me, and to try and make me feel better, she had given me the credit card. I knew she could afford anything that I could've possibly bought, considering she was a multi-multi-millionaire, but I didn't love her for her money and because she bought me stuff, but I loved her for saving me and for being my parent. Anna was the only person I'd ever told the full story of my past to, and I'd told her everything. I told her about the domestic violence, my dad's abuse of my mother and my mother in turn verbally abusing me, their horrible alcoholism, and how Auntie had saved me. I told my friend how I now have some trust and commitment issues because of my parents, as well as all about my abusive ex-boyfriend who I'd ended it with last year, which she'd been a witness to, plus what had happened after the breakup. I apoligized so much afterwards, but I knew she appreciated that I had opened up to her after always bottling everything up inside.

"Abby!!!" I was torn from my thoughts when my blonde best friend sat down across from me, holding a frappuchino in a cup as big as mine. We hugged, and the coffee addict stood up again.

"So where are we going?" I asked, standing up as well and walking out of the Starbucks with my friend.

"Anywhere!" We both grinned. Anna's family always had a ton of money, which was why Anna was just a little bit of a shopping nut. She wasn't a shopaholic, she just really liked shopping, whether we were just window shopping or actually buying stuff.

"As long as we're at soundcheck by five. We are NOT missing it!" I said as we crossed the street.

We began conversing about One Direction, and excitedley made our way through tons of designer stores and boutiques. It was only 3:30 when we were done. We caught a cab back to me and my Aunt's penthouse in SoHo and burst through the door of the apartment. My Aunt walked out of the living room when we came in noisily.

"I don't think I've ever seen so many bags!" she laughed.

"They're heavy!" Anna and I answered, and the three of us went off to my room so my Aunt could examine Anna's purchases. I had only gotten a couple of things, since I never really liked not paying for my own stuff. We showed Auntie everything, and she picked out some things and suggested them for the soundcheck and concert. Of course she was right. Most thirty-eight year olds didn't know how to dress teenagers, but my Auntie definetley could.

I took a shower and washed my hair, and put on my mascara, which was the only kind of makeup I wore, or owned for that matter, and threw on the denim skinny jeans I'd gotten today that my Aunt recommended I wear. I paired it with a form fitting gray One Direction tank top and the sleeveless zip up hoodie that I'd also worn shopping. I brushed and blow dried my hair, which I had curled so that it would be wavy, and put my black Yankee snapback on again. Abby's Outift: http://www.polyvore.com/abby_outfit/set?id=56374869#stream_box I checked to make sure my necklace was still on, put the hood over my snapback, and slipped my feet back into my black Supra hightops. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs. Anna still needed a few minutes so I took the VIP passes and the concert tickets and sat at the kitchen island, eating an apple as I waited. I saw a direct message from Niall lighting up my phone, and looked at it immediatley.

"Soundcheck doors closes at 5. Dont b late !" It read. I replied and looked at the time. It was 4:15. Anna came down, and my Aunt followed her. My friend looked amazing in a navy blue and white striped summery dress and TOMS, whereas I probably looked like a slobby punk. Anna's Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/anna_concert_outift/set?id=56838859

"Have fun girls!' My Aunt waved to us as we left.

We took a cab to the venue, and it felt like butterflies were having a party in my stomach as we drove. I was about to see One Direction at soundcheck and then in concert, and I was meeting Niall freaking Horan, who I'd had a crush on since the boys were on X Factor two years ago.

"Excited to meet Niall!!??" Anna nudged my arm, grinnning like a crazy person.

"You're meeting him too, remeber, and you're definetley going to pass out." I answered.

"Probably. Maybe one of the boys'll give me mouth to mouth!" She bounced on the seat excitedly, and I rolled my eyes.

We arrived and paid the driver and got out.I took a deep breath, staring at the arena. Anna had begun jumping up and down. "Calm down!" I said, steadying my friend and laughing. We headed to where the VIP's were allowed being allowed entry and walked inside. We went straight to our front row seats and waited for the boiys to come out. I put my feet up on the safety gate thing in front of me and tried to control how excited- and neverous- I was. I was doing a much better job of it than Anna, who was still bouncing,

The other VIPs were seated and the One Direction band came out. Anna and I grinned excitedley, especially when Josh Devine, the boy's drummer, came out. Anna had always been quite taken with him. Suddenly, I saw the boys at the side of the stage, and then they walked on. Louis and Harry came first, followed by Liam and then Zayn, and finally Niall, the superstar I'd befirended over the past few months. He was even more attractive than in pictures. My breathing shallowed. Without even registering what the hell I was doing, I cupped my hands around my mouth and yelled towards the blonde Irishman.


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