Fall: A Niall Horan FanFiction

Abby O'Callaghan is an 18 year old Manhattan girl who just happened to strike up a friendship with the one and only Niall Horan of One Direction over twitter. She and her best friend Anna finallly meet Niall and the boys at One Direction's New York show, and strike up an immediate friendship. They become progressively closer and closer, especially since Abby and Anna are moving to London to go to University. As both Abby and Niall realize their feelings for each other and a relationship blossoms, the past that has haunted Abby her whole life comes into play. Will Abby be able to reveal her past to Niall and put it behind her? Or is she damaged beyond repair?


7. Chapter Seven


Chapter Seven








Liam’s POV




The boys and I all sat in Abby’s lounge, drinking tea and watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on the gigantic TV that was mounted on the wall. Zayn turned the volume down and we looked at him expectantly.


“So what do we think of Abby?” He asked.


“We LOVE Abby!” Louis answered perkily. Everyone agreed.


“Good, so do I. She’s very nice.” Zayn added.


“What do we think of Niall and Abby?” Harry asked. Louis began making whipping noises.


“Remember when his face always lit up when he found that she had dm’ed him and how he would always start randomly laughing because she tweeted something funny?” Louis added.


“Mate, he still does that.” I pointed out.


“Remember that time when I almost fell down the stairs and then my pants ripped and my drink almost got spilled on Zayn’s hair and he tried to kill me and then I lost my mobile for like an hour—‘’ Louis began to ramble.


“Lou shut up we all remember.” Zayn cut him off, chuckling at our friend.


“But wasn’t that weird? And then I think Harry tried to take some of Niall’s food and Niall tried to eat his arm as revenge…” The Doncaster boy continued.


Niall and Abby then walked in, Niall looking particularly happy. Abby must be a good cook.


“Whatcha guys talkin’ about?” The ginger girl asked, sitting on the floor by my feet.


“Lou’s being talkative.” I answered truthfully.


“There’s a surprise!” Niall commented. He sat on the floor as well and leaned up against the sofa. “The Fresh Prince? Love this show!” My Irish friend commented.


“Me too! My second favorite show! I love Will Smith!” Abby agreed. Yup. Abby and Niall could definitely work out.




Abby’s POV




I spent most of the day in the penthouse with the boys. We had all made heroes for lunch, which were delicious. The word “hero” caused some confusion for the boys though because apparently Liam thought that we were going to make little Batmans for ourselves and got entirely too excited. Instead, we made actual heroes, which were sub-style sandwiches that were called “heroes” in New York. And they were wonderful. We watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother, which was my favorite TV show and the boys loved it, and then a lot of Family Guy, which was Harry’s favorite show. When that was done and the boys decided they wanted to watch a movie, Louis and Niall deemed it time for an Abby interrogation session while the others went through movies to watch on demand.


“Five fears.” Louis said. The three of us were sitting on the floor, Louis and Niall opposite me.


“Planes, roller coasters, bugs, snakes…oh and water. I can’t swim either.” I answered.


“Hey! Me too!” Zayn cut in. We high fived.


“And Harry’s afraid of rollercoatsers!” Louis announced.


“Shut up, Louis.” Harry reached over to flick him, but failed and almost fell off the couch.


“What are your favorite things about me and Niall?!” Louis asked excitedly.


“Wait, don’t I get to ask you guys a question?” I asked.


“Nooopppeee.” Louis answered in a sing-song voice.


“He asks all the questions in his version.” Niall explained. “You probably know everything about us anyway.” My irsh friend grinned, bouncing in place slightly. He had entirely too much energy.


“Alright.” I relented, letting out a dramatic sigh. “My favorite things about you two doofuses are… Louis, your loudness, your humor, our shared love of Starbucks, and your dashing good looks.” I batted my eyelashes at him exaggeratedley and smiled. The Doncaster boy pretty much tackled me, hugging me and yelling “I LOVE YOU TOO ABBY!”


Niall pulled him off of me as I choked on my laughter and Louis prtested.


“But she smells like flowers growing in a meadow!” He complained, tyring to hug me again.


“Louis what have I told you about hugging people just because they smell good?” Liam asked his bandmate.


“They may find it startling or think that I’m trying to rape them…” He answered, giving up on hugging me again. Niall looked relieved for some reason.


“Do me now!” The blonde boy said excitedly, changing the subject.


“That’s what she said!” Harry, Louis, and I all said at once. Zayn chuckled at our immaturity.


“Okay, anyway Ni, my favorite things about you are…” I looked into his enchanting crystal blue eyes, getting lost in them for a moment before recovering and continuing on “…Your eyes, your AMAZING Irish accent, your laugh…your sweetness, and your funniness.” I finished, blushing. Wait, why was I blushing? Sure, I had a crush on Niall, I’d had one on him since the X Factor. But blushing? No. I don’t blush. I glanced at Niall, and he face was bright red, which made me feel better. Maybe there was some sort of virus going around. Anyway, I didn’t want to be a relationship that could lead to something that could be serious. I didn’t want to get another Tyler. Stupid fucking Tyler. Man, I hated him. And if nnot taking the risk of being in another serious relationship again, so be it. Anna’s words from the day before creeped into my mind, making me doubt myself. What if you take a chance, and find everything you’ve ever wanted?


Louis’ voice snapped me out of my thoughts. He had asked me another question. Besides, we just met for Christ’s sake. Niall doesn’t like me that way anyhow.


Author's Note: Been a while since an update, basically I've been really busy. So yeah, hope you liked it!

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