Fall: A Niall Horan FanFiction

Abby O'Callaghan is an 18 year old Manhattan girl who just happened to strike up a friendship with the one and only Niall Horan of One Direction over twitter. She and her best friend Anna finallly meet Niall and the boys at One Direction's New York show, and strike up an immediate friendship. They become progressively closer and closer, especially since Abby and Anna are moving to London to go to University. As both Abby and Niall realize their feelings for each other and a relationship blossoms, the past that has haunted Abby her whole life comes into play. Will Abby be able to reveal her past to Niall and put it behind her? Or is she damaged beyond repair?


5. Chapter Five

Chapter Five




Anna's POV


Tonight had been incredible. One of the best nights of my life, definitely.

“So you and the drummer, hmm?” Abby teased, waggling her eyebrows and nudging me with her elbow. We were in the cab, on the way to my building

“I guess…” I answered. I could feel the blush creeping up my cheeks.

“You go girl! Dayummm!” My best friend grinned at me. I laughed and tried to change the subject away from embarrassing topics.

“So what about you and Niall?” Well, away from embarrassing topics that involved me.

“What about us?” Abby questioned. She looked genuinely confused, but at the mention of the Irish boy’s name her already rosy cheeks were turning red.

“Oh come on Abby. I saw that second hug!” I poked her shoulder.

“He’s a friend!” The ginger giggled, but her face turned a bit more serious. “Just a friend. It’s best that way.”

“Abby, I love ya, but you have to let go of the things that one person did in the past! You might ruin something that’s really special for yourself if you’re not careful.” I sighed. Abby had sworn off serious relationships. She was convinced that she’d either end up like her parents, or get another Tyler. The only serious relationship she’d had was with a guy named Tyler, and he had left her- quite literally- scarred. He was a nightmare so much so that it took his death to get him away from her. But even when he was gone, Abby was so messed up from that relationship and witnessing his death that her Aunt sent her to Ireland to live with her grandparents over the summer. When she came back from there, I hadn’t seen her that happy in a long time, but she’d already condemned serious relationships. After that, the ginger hadn’t had a boyfriend for longer than three months. That’s also when the redhead had started the whole I’m-independent-I-don’t-need-anyone persona, when in reality she’s just a ridiculously stubborn softy who honestly just wants to feel loved and secure. But of course she’d never admit that.

“I don’t want to end up like my parents. And I don’t want another one of him.” My friend said quietly, bringing me out of my thoughts.

“We both know that Niall is the exact opposite of what he was.” I answered. “Tyler” was a forbidden word; we never used it ever.

“I know, I know, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just not willing to take the risk of being in love that’s all.” Abby explained.

“Oh, so you looooove him??” I joked, lightening the somber mood in the cab. Abby laughed and tried to backtrack, but it was too late. The cab came to a stop in front of the building where my parents, baby sister and I lived in our big penthouse apartment. I got out, and paid the driver, but leaned in the window to add one last thing.

“Abby, just think. What if you took the risk, and got everything you’ve ever wanted?” I straightened up and walked into my building, leaving Abby with a surprised expression on her usually sarcastic face.


Niall’s POV


I smiled to myself as Paul drove me, the boys, and Josh back to the hotel after the girls left. Abby was an awesome girl. Somehow she’d dominated our sick nerf gun warm with Harry’s perverted assistance, and then just hung out with me and the lads like we’d all been best mates for years.

Harry broke me out of my thinkning-ness. Yeah. “Nice one Josh, by the way. She’s fit.” He said, flashing his signature cheeky grin at our friend.

“What?” Josh asked, even though he clearly had heard what Harry’d said.

“Josh likes the Americans, yeah?” He waggled his eyebrows at our drummer.

“You mean Anna? We’ll see what happens with her, we’ll see.” He answered.

“Mate, you can’ expect to date a girl who lives on a completely different continent. You would never see her. It just wouldn’t work.” Louis commented.

“Her and the ginger, Abby? Are moving to London for Uni.” He answered nonchalantly.

“What!??? Oh wait, I already knew that…” I exclaimed, a little too loudly and a bit too excitedly. Everyone was now staring at me. Fuck off guys. Don’t judge me. Oh look a turtle! I lied. There wasn’t a turtle. And now I’m talking to myself again. In my head. Shit. Thankfully, the van pulled up to the back of the hotel at that moment and we got out and headed up to our floor and to our rooms. As I was having a late night/ early morning snack I got a text from Abby:

Hey Niallerrr wassuupp do you n the boys wanna come over to my humble abode tomorrow n have a sleepover type deal thing?

I yelled to the others from my doorway. “Did Abby text you guys? Are we going?”

“Of course we’re going. Now go to sleep, it’s late!” Liam yelled back from inside his room.

“Just makin’ sure!” I answered, going back into my room and shutting the door behind me so Louis wasn’t tempted to sneak in and do something mischievous to my things. I put on some pajamas and pulled the covers off of the room’s king size bed and crawled underneath. I quickly fell asleep.


Abby’s POV


I was really happy to hear the boys were coming tomorrow. After I got in the door of the penthouse and had a complete fangirl freak out session, I saw that my Aunt was all packed and had to go on business trip that had just popped up. She was a fashion editor for Vogue magazine, and even though they were based here in the city, she was always jetting off to somewhere. Auntie’d be gone for the next week, leaving me by myself until the day before Anna and I leave for England. I figured I’d invite the boys over, and my Aunt was in full support of that (she never really liked that she had to leave me by myself so much, especially after certain events that had happened in the past which I don’t wish to elaborate on right now). The boys said they’d come at around eleven tomorrow. I decided to try and get some sleep, since it was something o’clock in the morning. Yeah right. I woke up four and a half hours later, which was pretty normal for me with the nightmares and all, and looked over at the clock. It was six thirty a.m. Well, at least I was waking up at six thirty instead of going to sleep then like I had yesterday.

I got up, knowing all too well trying to get any more sleep would be a waste of time, and threw on sports bra with a Batman t shirt that hung off my shoulder over it and a pair of cropped yoga pant-type-things. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56376117 My Aunt had left about two hours ago for LA, so I was alone. I moved all of the furniture to the edges of the living room and rolled up the rug which lied over the hardwood floor. I put on ‘My Chick Bad’ by Ludacris and Nicki Minaj, and started doing the dance routine me and the girls from dance had been practicing the past month. I had been doing hip hop dancing for a really long time and it was really important to me. Dance is actually how I’d gotten in LaGuardia High School here in the city. LaGuardia was one of the most prestigious performing arts high schools in the U.S, or maybe the world, I don’t know. Dance also helped with soccer, which was my favorite sport to play. When I’d practiced the routine several times and was sure I’d done it to perfection, I moved everything back and decided to go for a run. I retrieved my white iPhone 4S from my room and plugged my headphones into it and got my Nike running sneakers too.

The morning air was refreshing, and I was glad I had decided to go for a run. After running all the way to Central Park, which was around five miles away from SoHo, I slowed to a walk and headed back home. It was almost nine o’clock when I returned, as I’d made my usual Starbucks stop on my way back. My normal morning shower was especially necessary today, since I was a sweaty mess and was even less attractive than normal. I got out and ran my hands through my wet hair, letting it air dry, and made my way to the kitchen. I wasn’t big on brushing my hair thoroughly, and always just kind of ran my hands through it to get the knocks out and wore it messily. It was good too, because my hair looked wavy when it was like that, and I was sick of my naturally super straight hair. I constructed a big breakfast and scarfed everything down. I was clearly not anorexic. Heading back upstairs, I put on a Yankee shirt I’d gotten at Pink by Victoria’s Secret and a pair of cut-off denim shorts. I never wore shoes unless I was out in public, and today was no exception. http://www.polyvore.com/abby_outfit/set?id=56472854#stream_box I left and went to the garage, which was underneath my building, and sat on the hood of my red Porsche Cayman. I put my headphones back on and texted the boys to let them know to come down to the garage. With that, since no one else was there, I closed my eyes, leaned back against the sportscar’s windshield, and sang along to the music playing into my ears.


Author's Note:

So bottom line, school sucks. I know like noone reads this part, or this story for that matter, but I enjoy writing it so whateves. Comment, vote, fan, la la la. As always, I'll also post the outfits (and the links to new chapters) on twitter, @AbbyOCallie! Pretty clever of me to take the twitter handle my character uses don't ya think? Hehe. Ok whatever bye ;)

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