Fall: A Niall Horan FanFiction

Abby O'Callaghan is an 18 year old Manhattan girl who just happened to strike up a friendship with the one and only Niall Horan of One Direction over twitter. She and her best friend Anna finallly meet Niall and the boys at One Direction's New York show, and strike up an immediate friendship. They become progressively closer and closer, especially since Abby and Anna are moving to London to go to University. As both Abby and Niall realize their feelings for each other and a relationship blossoms, the past that has haunted Abby her whole life comes into play. Will Abby be able to reveal her past to Niall and put it behind her? Or is she damaged beyond repair?


8. Chapter Eight


Chapter Eight








Niall’s POV




There could definitely something between me and a certain ginger girl. I knew she could feel something too by the way she blushed as she said her favorite things about me. I didn’t know what to do. Shit. I didn’t expect this.


Louis continued asking his questions, being the nosy boy he was.


“Where are living when you’re in London? Josh told us you and your friend were moving there.” Lou asked.


“Um, my Aunt already had a like six million dollar house in Primrose Hill that she signed over to us as a gift that we’re moving into. I feel bad though ‘because it’s such an expensive house.” She answered.


“Damn you’re rich!” I commented, but she shook her head.


“I’m not, my Aunt is though. Good job, owns a restaurant here, and made a lot of really good investments. Take notes boys.” She chuckled.


“Why do you live with your Aunt?” The Doncaster boy asked. Abby noticeably stiffened.


“Because I want to.” She answered tersely. Louis didn’t seem pleased with the answer, and pressed on.


“Where are your parents?” He pressed on.


“No. Next question.” Her tone was neutral, almost cold. The Doncaster boy looked taken aback.


“Um, ok…” He said, thinking of a new question. “What’s your favorite thing to do?”


Her happy demeanor returned as she answered. “Dance and fashion. Dance is what I do. Professionally. But I’m going to school in the UK for fashion though.”


I exchanged looks with Louis, and also with the other boys, who had been listening while still trying to choose a film.


“Professionally? Who have you danced for?” Liam asked, interested. Seems like Danielle is going to have a new friend.


“Um, well, I dance regularly for Justin, and I’ve been in some of his videos.” Abby answered.


“Wait. Justin? As in Justin Bieber?” I asked, shocked. Of all the girls on twitter, how did I manage to find one who dances with Justin Bieber? Abby nodded.


“How did that come about?” I was still shocked. She’d never mentioned that during our conversations.


“Um, my Aunt does the Vogue stuff, and he was in her office with Scooter one day when I came crashing in, fresh off from dance class. It was really embarrassing actually.” She laughed, and continued on with her story. “I was in my dance stuff, meaning a pair of cropped sweatpants and a t shirt that was cut off so you could see most of my stomach and I come like barreling in in all that to bring my Aunt a coffee ‘cause I stopped at Starbucks on the way there and Justin Bieber’s just sittin’ there across from her!” She kept laughing.


“How old were you?” Zayn asked.


“I guess, let’s see… it was 2010, so I was sixteen. And the next thing I knew, I was apologizing because I had just come from dance, and then trying to leave and he was like wait, hold up, are you good? Lemme see you do something. We need a couple more dancers for the tour. And yeah, I ended up going on tour around the US with him and we’ve been friends ever since.” Honestly, how the hell did I find this girl? What are the odds of that? Just as I picked my jaw up from off the floor, where it had dropped to, Louis’ mobile phone rang. He picked it up and went into the kitchen. He soon came back in.


“Change of plans lads, we have to go back to the hotel. Management doesn’t want us disappearing like we apparently did.” He sighed. We all looked at each other confusedly.


“So you guys have to leave, like now?” Abby asked. Louis nodded. I didn’t wanna leave…


“Wait, how ‘bout you come back to the hotel with us? We can continue our sleepover there!” I suggested to the red head.


“That’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?! Fuck you Niall!” Louis answered jokingly.


“So what do you think of that?” Harry asked the ginger. She nodded, accepting the invitation. She got up from the floor.


“Just lemme get some stuff if I’ll be staying over!” She started running to her room, but ran smack into a wall and fell back. We all rushed over, where we found her lying on the hardwood floor laughing at herself.


“Are you alright?” Liam asked. He helped her up while she kept laughing but assured us she was fine.


“Bring a swimsuit; we’ll go to the hotel pool!” The Wolverhampton boy instructed as she continued her way up to her room, disappearing after turning a corner.


“You found a special one there, Ni.” Zayn chuckled, returning to the couch.




Abby’s POV




I grabbed my backpack that I used for school and started loading it with stuff I’d need for the night. Cell phone charger, hairbrush, mascara, makeup powder, toothbrush, gum, headphones… What else was there? I just started shoving in random stuff I may need. I changed my clothes as well, putting on a robin’s egg blue bikini on underneath my beloved Ed Sheeran paw print sweatshirt and “groupie” shorts, as they were called. The shorts were just denim shorts with classic rock band names written all over them. All of this I did without falling over, might I add. I grabbed my snapback, my Ray Bans and the backpack and ran out to the boys. Abby’s outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56832785


“Ready? Paul’s waiting outside.” Liam said. I grabbed my favorite bag from off the dinner table (I don’t know why it was there), and nodded.


“Is that Prada?” Louis asked. “Wait, I shouldn’t know that. Monster trucks!”


“It is, Lou, you have a good eye.” I answered, impressed. I slung the backpack over my shoulder and slipped on a pair of flip flops before turning everything off in the house. I followed my five friends out the door and out of the building. It was only 5:00, so the day was young.


“Hello lads! And lady!” Paul greeted us when we piled in the black van.


“Hey Paul! We missed you!” Louis answered.


“Hi Paul, I’m Abby.” I waved a little at the bodyguard.


“Nice to meet you. Ready to go?” He asked. For some reason, the boys cheered, and we drove off to the hotel.


So bit of a filler chapter, but you find out more about Abby! So yeah, have a happy Thanksgiving! Outfits and chapter updates posted on the story's twitter, @AbbyOCallie. Thanks!

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