Summer Love

My name is Lauren Horan yes The Lauren Horan and me and my best friend Jess Morris are going to go see the boys for the summer you never know we might see some relation ships get broken or even fixed. Could one summer become forever?


3. Video Games and Ice Cream

                            Zayn P.O.V


We were playing mario cart and i was winning like usual unless Lauren was playing she was beatiful but suprisingly great at games. The girl's walked in, i was watching her through the corner of my eye then she giggle gosh her giggle was so cute. "Ha i win again, in your face"

I said laughing at all of them “you will never beat me zayn” she laughed “fine I challenge you to a game of call of duty then missy” I challenged her with a smirk on my face “ok Mr Malik I accept your challenge” she smirked at me. Louis got up still watching us for anything else then jess giggle very quietly but every one heard her and all our eyes shoot at her even Louis’ from putting the disk in so Niall whispered to her “never giggle at their challenges” “whoops” she looked down. Getting back to the game I threw a remote at Lauren and we started playing.


                        Lauren’s P.O.V

“come on that’s our fifth game and you have one them all” he whined to me all I could do was laugh everyone was either on the floor holding their stomachs or on the couch in a ball holding their stomachs but zayn was sitting in the couch with his lip pouted out so I went over there to comfort it “it’s alright you might win one day” I said between laughs hugging him from the side but he didn’t mind “wanna go and get some ice                

Cream and we’ll get some for the rest of them” he said looking at all of them laughing I giggle and said “ok guys we’re going to go get some ice cream we’ll get you guys some” I said happily getting off the couch dodging everyone one on the floor grabbing my keys and wallet and spout the door.


We walked into the baskin robins I looked around there was no there yes I looked at zayn and giggled at him in his funny hat and sun glasses “ok well I know jess’ favourite is double choc and mine is cookies and cream, what are the boys” I asked “well mine is cookie dough and Louis’ is rainbow, Niall’s is mint, Liam’s is strawberry and Harry’s is hokey pokey” he told me smiling gosh his smile “well you can order cause you lost me at mine is” I said laughing.


                            Zayn’s P.O.V     


We got home and Niall run up to the door yelling “ice cream ice cream ice cream” I looked into to Lauren’s eyes and we bursted out laughing walking to the door and giving Niall his ice cream. Lauren walked in with jess’ and her ice cream and sat on the couch after giving jess her ice cream so it looks like you haven’t changed since last time I saw you” Lauren laughed and looked at Niall all he did was give her a death glare I just laughed again. It was about seven so harry cooked tacos we watched about ten movies every one was asleep and Lauren was laying in my lap it didn’t seem like she care she looked so beautiful when she slept I looked around and every one was asleep so I decided to go to sleep.


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