Summer Love

My name is Lauren Horan yes The Lauren Horan and me and my best friend Jess Morris are going to go see the boys for the summer you never know we might see some relation ships get broken or even fixed. Could one summer become forever?


5. Shopping

We walked into Harrods we already have a couple of bags each. El and Dani are really nice once you get to know them. “hey that dress is pretty” I called to them from where the dresses are they all came over “that would look good on you jess” Lauren said pointing to a purple knee length strapless dress “ok ill go try it on” I said grabbing the dress and walking to the change room. *two minuets later* I came out in a beautiful dress “woah that looks great on you” El said “yeah Niall will like it” Lauren said to me I just looked at her confused “I’ve known you since kindagarden I can tell when you like someone I knew when you liked Zac and Harley I think I will know when you like my brother” Lauren explained “well if I get a dress for Niall you have to get one for Zayn and you two have to get one too” I told them “fine” they all said together and we went looking for dress and Lauren bought a turquoise knee length v-neck dress. Dani bought a maroon short bandage dress. El bought a white short one shoulder dress. And then we went home with all of our bag we got a couple of things for the boys to.


                           Niall’s P.O.V


We were in the car going back to the house and it was silent until Louis screamed “when are you going to ask out jess and when are you going to ask out Lauren” “I was thinking tonight” Zayn said “im going to take her somewhere in a couple of days and ask her out there but im going to ask Lauren where I should take her I have no idea how to ask her lou, li help” Zayn asked “maybe you could have picnic on the beach but at night” Liam suggested “yeah ill try that” zayn said happily. The car suddenly stopped we must be there I looked out the window and the girls were walking inside with lots of bags they must have had fun. We walked inside and the girls were already on the couch, chatting “hey Lauren can I talk to you for a minuet” I asked Lauren “yeah” she replied getting up and walking behind me to the kitchen “ok well I like jess but I don’t how to ask her out but I was thinking taking her out somewhere and asking her out there. Where should I take her” I asked scratching the back of my neck “she loves camping you could take her to the forest” she suggested “ok why dont we all go and we will leave in a couple of days I told her and we walked back into the lounge room and sat down.

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