Summer Love

My name is Lauren Horan yes The Lauren Horan and me and my best friend Jess Morris are going to go see the boys for the summer you never know we might see some relation ships get broken or even fixed. Could one summer become forever?


4. Pancakes and A Couch Tackle

I woke up and Lauren was in zayn’s lap and everyone was awake but where was Harry I thought “PANCAKES” Niall yelled I guess that where he was in the kitchen. “well good morning sleepy head” Lauren chucked a pillow at me “HEY” I yelled and giggled. I got up and walked into the kitchen and heard harry yell “NO you’ve already had five plates of pancakes” “yeah leave about three plates for me and then you can have the rest” Niall and Harry just looked at me shocked “what never seen a girl eat three plates of pancakes” I questioned smiling “LAUREN” Niall yelled I looked at him confused he just smiled “yeah” she walked in confused just like me “you come she comes” he looked at her serious then stole  a plate of pancakes and ran out of the kitchen screaming “you will never takes my pancakes away from me” running up to his room and locking his door everyone was now in the kitchen laughing their buts off.


After about ten minuets of laughing we sat down and had our pancakes while Niall was in his room eating he soon came down and stole the last pancake and I got up and ran after him yelling “Niall give me the pancake it was mine” he was fast but he stopped so I stopped he was now on the other side of the lounge room and I was at the door way he smiled “here you want it you’re the guest” he said with his hand out gesturing for me to come get “to bad you wont get it” he said shoving it in his mouth “NIALL” I yelled at him before tackling him onto the couch laughing.

                                                       Niall’s P.O.V 


After our little tackle I won of course I got up satisfied and walked to the kitchen where the boys were talking to Lauren so what are we going to do to day I asked well niall paul just called and he said we have to be ready in about an hour to go to the studio and record another song for the new album and the girls” Liam stopped not knowing what the girls were going to do while we were gone “can go shopping” Louis said cheerfully “yay shopping, hey Lou can you call El and Dani  and see if they would like to come” Lauren asked “sure” Lou said walking out the door probably to go call El and Dani “well I’m going to go tell Jess Niall what did you do to her” Lauren asked me “nothing” I said 


                                               Lauren’s P.O.V


I walked out of the kitchen and yelled “JESS” like I normally do when I her cant find “in here” she yelled back from the lounge room I walked in and told her about El and Dani coming with us and all I got was “wait Eleanor as in the Eleanor Calder and Danielle as in Danielle peazer ” I totally forgot the she hasn’t met her yet “yeah you get to meet them today if she is coming” I told her “LAUREN” I heard someone yell then I thought about it how is as loud as me Louis defiantly Louis “IN THE LOUNGE ROOM LOU” I yelled back then Louis walked in “is it alright if they stays the night to” he asked obviously talking about El “sure” I said excitedly he walked out and came back in with El and Dani “EL, DANI” I yelled and ran to them for a hug “LAUREN” they yelled back hugging me “El Dani this is Jess, she is new to all of this” I explained to her “hi Jess I’m Eleanor but you can call me El” she Introduced herself “and I’m Danielle but you can call me Dani” “and I’m Jessica but you can call me Jess” she said “well I have to go to record a song  have fun shopping” Louis said kissing El on the lips “so where to first” I asked.





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