Summer Love

My name is Lauren Horan yes The Lauren Horan and me and my best friend Jess Morris are going to go see the boys for the summer you never know we might see some relation ships get broken or even fixed. Could one summer become forever?


7. Packing To Leave


                                             Lauren's P.O.V


I woke up really excited cause Niall and I were going to tell everyone we were going camping. We were going to The Garden Blooms Campsite, I look next to me and Zayn was there asleep I nugged him and his beautiful brown eyes fluttered open "morning beautiful" he said sleepily "morning come i've got an anouncement" i replied getting out of bed and getting dressed. "I'll meet you down stairs i have to wake everyone up" i said walking out to Louis and Eleanor's room 'knock knock knock' i knocked on the door "Lou El" "come in" El said through the door. I opened the door and walked in "hey guys Niall and I have an anouncement be in the lounge room in 5 minutes" I said and walked past Niall and jess'room she was with him cause it was either him or harry and she chose him. I walked to Liam and Dani's room and they werent there so i went to wake up harry. Once everyone but Liam and Dani were down stairs in the lounge room the door opened and a cute little husky puppy with bright browneyes and soft, silky black and white fur "hey guys this is Loki our new puppy" Dani explained where they had been all morning "ok well Niall and I have an anouncement" I said getting up from patting Loki to stand out the front of everyone "ok well we are going camping at The Garden Blooms Campsite, and we can bring Loki, the campsite allows dogs "yeah they all yelled exitedly and then Loki barked and everyone just laughed. Everyone got up to pack "pack warm and cold" I yelled walking up stairs with Zayn "hey Zayn do you have a suitcase i can borrow" "no but we can share" he said hoping i would say yes I thought about it whynot "yeah". I started packing my stuff and in about an hour I was done we were going for a week.


                                       *Authors  Note*


sorry I havent updated in a while i've just been so busy with school and my friends im on holiday now so i should get some more chapters in anyway bye guys luv ya

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