Summer Love

My name is Lauren Horan yes The Lauren Horan and me and my best friend Jess Morris are going to go see the boys for the summer you never know we might see some relation ships get broken or even fixed. Could one summer become forever?


2. Meeting Eachother

                                       Lauren’s P.O.V

Madison screamed a deafening scream “Madison just get out” I said getting out of the car holding my ears “LAUREN” Niall yelled running at me “NIALL” I yelled back running at him then hugging him “how are you” he asked me “I’m so happy I’m 19 soon what about you” I replied “I’m great and so happy you made it how was the trip” he asked “great” I said hugging him one more time before going to say hello to the boys “hey guys” I said giving all the boys a hug “hi Lauren” they all said together I smiled “come on Madison stop starring come meet them” I yelled at her “Lauren would you care to explain” she asked me hopping out of the car

                                         Niall’s P.O.V

“Lauren you haven’t told your best friend” I complained to Lauren “ummm no” Lauren said "Lauren well im Niall Lauren's brother this is Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn and you are madison I've heard so much about you" I introduced everyone " yeah my name is madison but you can call me maddi" she replied and hugged all the boys i swear that she hugged  

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