The Hunger Games Book 1

In this version of The Hunger Games we are changing the characters' endings. now shut up and read.


4. Well, This Has Been Interesting.

Haymitch came into my room with his usual glass of wine in his hand. It annoyed me to death when he just welcomed himself in, as if I wanted him near me.

"I think that we need to buckle down and train." I said to him, standing to make myself more intimidating.

"Well, this has been interesting!" Haymitch started to walk out, but I grabbed the corner of his jacket and pulled him back. I was glad I was wearing my t-shirt, since it made him able to see the muscles in my arms. Hopefully he would shut up and listen.

"I'm not done. You need to put that wine down, first off." I backed off and waited for him to get rid of it. He gulped and looked at his drink.

He drank it as fast as he could. "Down the hatch!"

I took the now empty glass and put it down.

"Ok, you train with Katniss. I want you to do something. Make sure Katniss is really good. Forget about me. Tell her you're training me too, but don't actually do it. I want her to have a better chance."

"Son," I shifted on my foot. "You're a good boy. I'll train you both, but I'll make you do it mostly alone. You're strong." He leaned down and grabbed the picture of Katniss and I. He handed it to me. "If you have this with you, you'll never give up or feel alone. Don't forget her. You've got the world if you've got her."

I didn't want to do it, but I started to tear up.

"What a wimp." I heard him say as he left. I smiled and shook my head to myself.

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