The Hunger Games Book 1

In this version of The Hunger Games we are changing the characters' endings. now shut up and read.


5. Punch the Crap Out of It!

It felt strange, training with a sober Haymitch. He kept saying things like "Stupid boy-why does he-he doesn't have-what if she-" I had no idea what he was talking about, and as I braided my hair, I came to he conclusion that it was between him and probably Gale. They haven't been getting along very well.

"Are you serious?" I half laughed as I looked at the punching bag that Haymitch put in front of me.

"I knew that's what you'd say." He looked at me, as though summing me up. Was I tough enough to punch it? "Ok." He moved to the other side of the bag. "Punch it."

"I can't just punch it."

"Good. You can't give an empty punch. There needs to be a reason. What makes you mad when you think about it?"

"I-I can't share with you." I don't want to get all personal with Haymitch, the drunk. He left, and Gale came into the room.

"Ok. I've been told to make you beat the crap out of this."  He threw a punch at the bag. "So, Katnip." He looked at me seriously. "What one thing makes you mad when you think about it?"

"It's stupid." I said quietly.

"Tell me." He sat down on the floor and waited.

"I get mad that my dad died." I started to tear up, which never happens to me. "I'm mad that he left me to be in charge. That he left me." Gale stood up and looked at me.

"Punch it. Punch the pain out, Katnip."

So I did, I threw such a hard punch that it almost knocked the bag off the hook.

"Think of that every time."

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